That quasi-fairy reality is just an angry word. This time, I came to find Jade Duxiu to resurrect my younger brother. I can’t really turn against Jade Duxiu. Seeing Jade Duxiu’s scruples, I am hesitant to turn against Liu Zheng. If I start my own plan, I will even go bankrupt. If I don’t start work, I will not be able to speak well of a junior in the realm of nature.

Don’t wait for Liu Zheng to think clearly that Jade Duxiu has made an instant move.
The blow seemed to be the stars falling for nine days along a mysterious avenue trajectory, wrapped in a horse’s mighty force, hitting Liu Zheng and coming to the virtual capital. In this blow, Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles of vitality gathered crazily
"Mom, is this little crazy? How can you beat the old intention without saying anything?" That Liu Zheng got a fright. The attack firmly locked in his hasty roots and avoided the difficulties.
That Liu Zheng was blown thousands of miles away by Yu Duxiu’s single blow, and the blood fog was exploded. A congenital immortal light was distorted and the blood fog was reorganized.
The Avenue of Stars chosen by Jade Duxiu is unusual. If the ordinary star track contains the force of the avenue, it will be impossible to allow the fairy to reach the quasi-fairy. This realm is shattered. It is also a common thing for Jade Duxiu. With the help of the star track, there are 365 oldest stars in a week, which will not change forever. Nothing can stop them from rotating. Nothing can make them divert their course more than the godfather can resist the force of the oldest 365 stars.
The symbol of three hundred and sixty-five stars is three hundred and sixty-five eternal laws of heaven. Unless the sky collapses and the world is destroyed, three hundred and sixty-five ancient stars will never shift beyond these three hundred and sixty-five oldest stars, which will suppress the laws of heaven and earth.
"Small you die really when bodhi old zu gives you a few minutes of good face, you will be dyehouse." Then Liu Zhengxu reorganized himself and looked at Jade Duxiu sullenly.
"Get out of here. I’m too lazy to see you tell you to get out. If you don’t get out, you have to force me to make moves. It’s really a bitch." At this time, Jade Duxiu shook her robe sleeve, and the immortal spirit of King Kong was constantly devouring and forming doom.
It is the fate of one’s own flesh that kills the ancient stars. Jade Duxiu has to bear the anti-itself force of the ancient stars even with the help of the partial projection force of the ancient stars.
Good Jade Duxiu has a diamond-cut protector, otherwise Jade Duxiu would have swallowed its own flesh and instantly collapsed into ashes.
"You want to die"
At this time, the great powers of the days will gather their eyes here. Many godfathers, demon gods, Long Jun, quasi-immortals and quasi-demon gods are all paying attention to this place.
While talking, I saw that Liu Zheng’s palm stretched out from the five elements of heaven and earth, and his hands were constantly surging with breath to form a five-element circular millstone that was crushed towards Jade Duxiu.
"There is some meaning but no power to destroy the world, but it is far from it." Jade Duxiu’s mouth is moving but unambiguous, and his hands are in a mysterious trajectory, and a star is in the virtual shadow. Jade Duxiu’s palm slowly forms and collides with the millstone.
The five elements of vitality were instantly turned into dust by the stars, and Jade Duxiu held the stars’ virtual shadow in his hand as if a high-speed train had instantly broken down and came to the front of Liu Zheng, where the stars had been projected, and the virtual solidification firmly locked Liu Zheng, as if an amber had been instantly hit by the stars and turned into dust, and suddenly it exploded again, and blood and fog flew all over the sky.
"So much for a quasi-fairy."
Jade Duxiu’s voice is indifferent without any waves. Such domineering words reverberate in the days. All ears are full of horror. The beautiful quasi-immortal can’t walk out of a round. It’s incredible when the immortal quasi-immortal is so powerful. Has the world changed or is that guy too abnormal?
Listening to Yu Duxiu’s overbearing words in his ears, the heavens suddenly became silent. Even the ancestors, demon gods and Long Jun remained silent for a long time. If the two ethnic groups fought against the ancestors and demon gods, who is this small enemy?
Wouldn’t it be said that this can push the enemy on the battlefield?
This is a guy who can reverse the race war. Unfortunately, his life is short, and he can sigh gently for several days. Although he is shocked by the double fighting power of Jade Duxiu, the thought that Jade Duxiu will die soon has no idea in everyone’s mind. Even if his fighting power goes against the sky and he has no permanent life, he will eventually be eliminated by the times.
Taidou avenue
Grandfather Tai Dou looked at Jade Duxiu with a pair of sparkling eyes and cursed in his heart, "Is his mother the way of the Old Star Avenue or are you the way to prove it? How do the immortals feel that this little platform is more powerful than the bodhi old zu?"
Grandfather Tai Dou had a whisper in his heart. That’s the original 365 main stars. Grandfather Tai dared not touch those 365 main stars easily even if he got the certificate of Star Avenue. The more he knew about the power of Star Avenue, the more taboo he became.
Although Tai Dou’s ancestor was indignant at this time, he had to praise that this little platform means Star Avenue is really higher than himself, and it is worth learning. This means immediately called Tai Dou’s ancestor to shine at the moment and suddenly clap his thigh. "I dare not touch the three hundred and sixty-five main stars, but with the help of the projection power of the stars, it will not have much influence on the three hundred and sixty-five main stars."
The godfather looked at Jade Duxiu with a pair of eyes, and watched every move of Jade Duxiu constantly absorbing the essence of Jade Duxiu’s tactic.
I have to say that the grandfathers were able to stand out from the world for the first time in those years, and it was really remarkable that they had such a learning mentality to learn from each other, and they did not despise them because they were not as good as themselves.
"It’s no wonder that terrible young people are called outshine others." Once again, after being blasted by Yu Duxiu, Liu Zheng’s body was reorganized in vain, but he was seriously looking at Yu Duxiu’s whole body with a divine light flashing faintly. Today, I’ll show you what a fairy is good at. "
Talking kung fu saw that Liu Zheng’s instantaneous body disappeared into a bright divine resonance between heaven and earth.
Looking at the bright divine light, it seems that nothing in the world will be more dazzling and brighter than this divine light.
"Shame that life flashes to deal with a godsworn in the realm of nature is a shame. It’s really a shame to lose our quasi-fairy face." When I don’t know the sky, I don’t know that there is a lot of sound in the field, but all the people in the sky can hear it clearly. At this time, my hands are holding my arms and I didn’t mean to shoot.
"Hum, the wonderful show once killed two quasi-immortals by thunder. I don’t know if it will be like this again." The Hunger appeared around Yu Duxiu and obviously got a lot of benefits.