The sword god asked, "He was caught by the emperor’s magic statue in the palm of his hand. I don’t know where he was caught. We searched the heavens and the earth and couldn’t find any trace. The situation is more complicated than we thought. I have an intuition that the six worlds and the three sacred realms are not the only battlefields, and it must be more terrible."

Okay, we can’t imagine fighting! "
Blood people said
What? They were all taken aback.
Chapter five thousand two hundred and sixteen Forbidden Area
It’s hard to believe that the bloody words shocked everyone.
"The emperor magic statue actually took the bone god? This … how is this possible? "
Everyone looks shocked.
The emperor’s magic statue is called Taigu Sanjie. Although it is also a superb means in taboo, if it is worse than the bone god, I don’t know how far it is.
"A lot of things have happened. It’s a long story. There are some things that even we don’t know. I can tell you that the current emperor’s magic statue is suspected to have entered the taboo realm."
Blood people said
"taboo Lord?"
Everyone’s face changes.
Star Luo Shen said, "If he really enters the taboo, the Lord will be a great boon to us. I hope all this is true."
Suddenly he frowned and asked, "where are the old man and two adults on a page?" Are they still alive after so many years? "
"No one can kill them, but now they are caught in a mystery with the God of Bone, and we can’t contact them."
Blood people shake head a way
They were all surprised.
Even they were taken away, so there is no taboo in the two universes.
"We won’t worry about things if there is no taboo," the sword god said with sharp eyes.
"Even if the situation is not so optimistic, we are afraid that there is another person who is even more terrible and secretly observes all this. With this person, our situation is even more critical."
Mysterious road suddenly sighed
"Who is it?"
Star Luo mouth asked
Mysterious and sophisticated dignified way
Everyone is a face change. I can’t believe I heard it.
"Fuzu, is he … still alive?" ? A taboo shivered and said, "The bloody people shook their heads." We can also determine whether he is sitting or alive all the time, but the bones and gods are alive, and it is so easy to die when we came to Fuzu. How many strong people did we spell out when Zuzu and Zuzu died? That is our most.
The original two taboo Lord "
They were all silent and recalled that the face of that terrible scene changed.
"Well, don’t think about it any more. Whether Fuzu is alive or dead, I won’t escape again this time. If I die, I will die!"
Suddenly the ancient beast Tuoshankou drink a way
All eyes flashed and took a deep breath and nodded.
"You go back with us and find a place to stay."
Mysterious old road said
"Okay, let’s go!"
Boom! ? Huge warships move and break away directly into the distance.
When the warships roared away, they immediately realized that they had been following Xiao Yu’s monty ancestor’s body, and their eyes couldn’t help flashing and they strafed up.
"Brother Xiao Yu doesn’t know that this Taoist friend is human again?"
Sword god asked doubtfully.
"We’ve all heard his name. It’s a pity that we can’t find out where his ghost has gone."
Blood born mouth said
"Is he the ancestor of Monty?"
Everyone changed color.
Blood people and others all nodded their heads.
Everyone gasped and felt that the things they encountered after the reunification were simply more and more rare, which shocked them and shocked their nerves.
"Monty ancestors … where did his demon soul go?"
A taboo shock asked.
Xiao Yu shook his head and said, "I don’t know where his demon soul went. This body rushed out of the heaven in the middle of nowhere because the younger generation has been practicing the method of Monty Zu Sticking Causality, so it has been following behind the younger generation."
They can’t believe it. Suddenly, they shot at Monty’s ancestor’s body and shot him up.
It was a long time before they suddenly took back their mana, and their faces changed dramatically.
"There is a soul in it. There is no consciousness and no main soul. Where did his main soul go?"
Star Luo eyes flashing mouth asked
"nirvana dharma" is a secret art in nirvana dharma. His main soul shed his soul body and left his soul clothes. He must have been reincarnated. "Sword God suddenly said.
They were taken aback.
This kind of practice is not too terrible. The main soul will fade out of the soul body and then reincarnate. In this period, it is impossible to imagine that a little carelessness will be beyond redemption!
Even Fuzu wouldn’t do such a crazy thing.
"Broken The six great divisions in the wheel of karma has been broken. If he gets lost, he will never come back."
Suddenly star face changes mouth and said
Blood people and others are deeply worried about their faces than dignified.
Monty Zu is an indispensable fighting force in their world-if he returns to the real law, the loss to them will be too great!
"Go back to the forbidden area first!"
Blood people said
They can go back and take a long-term view on this matter even if they want to help.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed deeply and scanned the monty ancestor’s body. He always felt that the monty ancestor’s body was not that simple.
This corpse has been following behind him. Is it really because of his own practice of sticky causality? What about the palm of the emperor’s hand before?
Xiao Yu’s heart swelled for a while, and several thoughts appeared, feeling like a huge conspiracy has never emerged behind him.
The warship broke through the tunnel and soon sailed into six continents
Seeing the darkness of the six worlds, the stars, the sword gods and others couldn’t help but feel excited about the relaxation of hair and bones, and at the same time, a burst of resentment appeared in their eyes
"Six worlds, our hometown, where we once grew up and fought, was completely destroyed!"