"Wen Tao, you have so many herbs there."

"Shan Cai" Wen Tao is preparing drugs without looking up.
Mountain mining? Kong Jie can’t laugh or cry. There seems to be no mountain around his home for hundreds of miles, and these drugs are so strong that even if they are wrapped up, they can’t hide what’s worse. I didn’t see Wentao with them just now! !
However, Kong Jie didn’t dare to disturb Wen Tao’s dispensing. After a few minutes, Wen Tao pushed two piles of medicine to Kong Jie.
"Three bowls of water are boiled into one bowl for two great grandfathers to drink."
"Then what?" Kong Jie saw that Wentao had got up to go out of shape and asked quickly.
Wentao spread his hand and said, "It’s okay if you finish taking the medicine and the disease is cured."
"This … will do?" Kong Jie looked at the two small piles of herbs. It’s hard to believe that this is enough. You know, it’s been more than 50 years since Grandfather Tai and Grandfather Dong entered the realm of congenital six-level strong, and they have been trying to break through for 50 years.
"By the way, if you don’t tell me, I forgot." I’ve stepped away from Wentao and suddenly stopped to look back at Kong Jiedao seriously. "It’s impossible for you two to be so rich and extort money. I’m afraid it’s tens of thousands of times more expensive than ordinary diseases this time! ! !”
"If Grandpa can break through our Kong family, we can have anything we want." It’s hard to guess what he wants when he has great power and is still a doctor.
"Remember to make me a banner that can fill 100 square meters. Remember, the side words can’t be repeated." Wen Tao has stepped away from the room and the banner is full. I don’t know what Lin Ruxue will look like after seeing it …
Where is Kong Jieleng’s pennant? ? Did you hear me right?
"That’s all …" Wang Ningxuan heard that Wentao had come out of Confucius’ mansion in return, so he sighed very much.
In the end, he still didn’t start work. First, he wasn’t sure that he could quickly adjust enough strength in a place like this at one time, and Confucius was heavily guarded. He had to deal with two fighters who were born six years ago and a mysterious guy.
The most important thing is that he picked himself up after he was not sure about it.
You know, Kong Jia and Dongfang Jia are powerful. If they don’t kill Kong Jie and Kong Wenhao, they can solve it. If they find out about themselves, they and the whole Wang family will die hard.
Wang Ningxuan is not that kind of simple impulsive person, otherwise he wouldn’t have come to the present.
Power, power, power of the Wangs is still not enough. If you are like Confucius and Dongfang, maybe you can become the biggest power today.
Although Wang Ningxuan hates in his heart, he can also straighten his position and wait for the shadow development of Kongjia and Dongfang for the time being.
But this Wentao must not be let go. It is not normal to think of Wentao Wang Ningxuan’s face. Although the Wangs are not bad, Wang Botao is his favorite son. Now Wentao has been abolished and will be killed.
Chapter 10 Guess
It’s not difficult for those who will know that Wen Tao’s fourteen reiki needles and two bowls of medicine filled with easily absorbed reiki help Kong Wenhao, the sword of the East, finally enter the realm of congenital seven fighters.
The change of power level attributes makes them stop worrying about life for a short time.
Martial arts has not been born with congenital seven fighters for hundreds of years. Now, when the Eastern Sword and Kong Wenhao are in shape, Kong Jie’s powerful momentum can’t be sustained.
"So that’s it." At this time, the Oriental Sword has succeeded, and Bai Wentao’s reiki power level has different meanings. At this time, their strength is no longer the real gas inside the body, and its own constant rotating force attracts the surrounding reiki. Although the reiki is still thin, it can be felt that the surrounding reiki is constantly flowing into the body after the absorption method is different.
"Great grandpa, you really … entered the realm of congenital seven fighters?" Although Kong Jie saw it with his own eyes, he still had a feeling that it was unbelievable.
Congenital seven fighters, that’s the highest achievement in martial arts. When you reach the top level of congenital seven fighters, you can resist the gas.
At the peak of the innate seven fighters, it has already reached the threshold of formal entry into the fix true in the early days of then. It is very simple to fly with a flying sword and an imperial sword.
Kong Wenhao nodded at Kong Jie with a kindly smile. "Don’t worry about my sword and worry about my life again. Thanks to all this …"
Seeing Kong Wenhao looking around, he was obviously looking for Wentao Kong Jie to tell two people what had just happened.
At this time, Kong Wenhao has listed Wentao as a super master, and even his age is doubted. After all, they also know that the person who fixes the truth can’t judge his age by his appearance. Maybe he is the super master who is hidden in the secular world.
"Great grandfather and grandson feel that Wentao’s age seems to be so big that it doesn’t seem to be intentional …" Kong Jieyou felt that Wentao is a person of the same age and age, but when he said it, he also thought about all kinds of Wentao’s performances, which is really difficult to explain.
This "Wen Tao" is really hard to understand. When Kong Wenhao saw the Oriental Sword, he meditated and asked, "Have you thought of anything?"
Dongfang Sword was silent for a moment and then cautiously said, "Brother Shi Wenhao should also know that my Oriental family has had contacts with the fix-true, but they have always had their heaven and earth. My Oriental family started out with some strength in this field. Over the years, there have been crises in the family. We can look for them whenever there is a crisis, but if there is something, we will do it. Although there is this layer, according to the original regulations, not many people in my Oriental family know about it. Every once in a while, my Oriental family will have excellent people to be selected first, but whether it can finally enter or not depends on its own nature."
Kong Wenhao and Kong Jie haven’t heard what Bai Dongfang’s sword is going to say, but he said such an important thing, and it must be behind.
"Some time ago, a few years ago, my grandson Dongfang Zhi, who had just retired, received an order to do one thing, which I knew with him." Even Kong Wenhao was so calm that he couldn’t help wondering what happened behind him.
"At that time, the person they saw was also a young man. Now I think of what Oriental Wisdom said … very much like … At that time, I asked him to include everything in our family. His five families are not inferior to our Oriental family. All this is him."
"…" Even if Kong Wenhao and Kong Jie heard this, they couldn’t help but gasp in air.
Oriental Sword is very natural. "If he could have wanted it at that time, it would have been lucky for our Oriental family, because they would naturally give us a better return."