But at the same time, Yan Lie’s figure suddenly disappeared and the personal communication channel came to Yan Lie’s voice.

"Colonel ant Terran help! Without energy, there will be no multiple energy barriers in this room. I came in
Is this the box you want? "
"Can you take it out?"
"With this box, I’m afraid I can escape by flash, but I can easily beat the door from the inside after I break the energy."
Talk YanLie has been holding the box out of the room.
Also YanLie out at the same moment the earth suddenly shook violently.
The earth shakes and the mountains shake!
Loud noise!
Xu tuiyanlie looked back at the noise direction at the same time.
Yan Lie instantly exclaimed, "What kind of monster is this?"
Chapter six hundred and ninety Never get to lose
A hill-like monster emerged from the underground behind the base of the Eldar.
The former should be the underground, which broke out at this moment, making that piece of ground surge like a tide. First, sticking out of the ground is a huge sphere with a shell.
A huge sphere two meters square with tentacles and limbs of arthropods sticking out.
Xu looked back at the monster struggling from the ground and suddenly knew what it was.
One-eyed giant ant queen
Isn’t that huge sphere the one-eyed ant Terran?
But after the spirit, this one-eyed person is extremely huge.
"Go back to the hangar!"
Xu back holding the box instant imperial sword and straight back to the hangar.
I have to say that Yan Lie’s ability is also amazing. The speed of hiding is even faster than the speed of flying the imperial sword. When Xu retreats, Yan Lie has arrived.
Hangar Laves and Step Clear Autumn keep the front, and all eyes are staring at the distance and just struggling out of the surface spirit.
A giant one-eyed giant ant beast with a height of more than 12 meters and a body width of nearly 4 meters.
As far as body structure is concerned, there is no difference in Ant Man except for its size.
It’s a huge body, articulated hexapod and tentacles, all of which are very powerful
No one doubt its power.
In this way, the body does not need to burst into energy, and I am afraid that the quasi-planetary attack power can be exerted simply by strength.
While Xu tui felt strong spirit fluctuation.
This spirit is very strong after the spirit.
Xu retired and understood what Ant Man had done to destroy the energy control center of the Eldar.
Because the queen is not only controlled, but also suppressed here by the mechanical Eldar phase facilities.
Ant Man destroyed the energy control center. Yes, come out after releasing the spirit
What about now?
Everyone has the same questions and worries.
Xu looked back at the control box in his hand and didn’t say much. He quietly looked at Ling Hou and waited for Ling Hou to come over.
After treating the spirit with a promise, he reported love rat thought of "being able to do one thing"
You can always pull out your gun and turn your face.
It’s not so naive to talk to the alien race about completely agreeing to return it
Everyone looked at Xu’s retreat so calmly, one by one, and looked at the queen and the ants in the distance, and they were excited and roared. At that time, they had an extraordinary experience.
The ant tide cheered outside for ten minutes, then climbed, and the sky flew dark and surrounded by ants before walking to the hangar here.
Up to 12 meters high, there is a great sense of oppression in front of everyone, especially the fierce, strange-looking, big-eyed and timid person. It is estimated that his legs will be weak at a glance.
"Xu retired happily!"
After the spirit, the people were shocked again by the tongtian famine group.
It’s amazing that a behemoth on an unknown alien planet speaks, but she said that it turned out to be Chinese. Although it has a strange accent, it can definitely stun a large wave of people.
Everyone looked at each other.
It is not unusual for the Eldar to speak Chinese, but an indigenous alien race can speak Chinese. There must be something behind this, and there is a story.
"Happy together"
Then ling slender whip tentacles pointed to the Xu back hand box "now you give this to me and we will be complete!
Give me the things and you can leave this planet and turn back to your hometown. "
"This ….." Xu smiled back. "It’s our advantage."
Ling after a stare blankly huge eyes waved the "xu back head you and I am very happy!
But this box is not good for you. I suggest you leave it to me! Don’t ask for trouble and give it to me. You can leave here now. "After the spirit, the tone suddenly became cold.
"Is this a threat?"
"No, this is a factual statement! You can see that the whole planet ant beast Ant Man behind me is coming in this direction to control their little fiend has been killed.
We are liberated!
So I think you need our friendship, "said Ling Hou.
"Friendship, but you lied to me." Xu retreated and sneered.
"Cheat you? This starts with "
"You know the whereabouts of the big fiend, but you deliberately hide it from me."
Silence after spirit