However, Peng Hu’s defection also made Liu Cong realize that there were bound to be some problems in the Jingzhou army in Jiangdong, otherwise such things would not have happened. After Peng Hu’s defection, Liu Cong decided to ignore these small problems for the time being. Good Peng Hu’s defection did not affect the morale of Jingzhou army. Now, although the war has not yet made it to the generals in the army, this kind of war-cloud-covered tension has affected the military distribution, which is an ordinary foot soldier.

In fact, the main force of the Huaihe River War is Jiangdong Sanying Jingzhou Army. Although it will also participate in the war, it is mainly the general reserve. Of course, except for a few generals, most of the distribution schools do not know.
The staff office of the Huaihe River is expected to invest more than 50 thousand troops this time, and the main force is the ministries of Jiangdong 3rd Battalion and the ministries of Jiangdong nearly 20 thousand Jingzhou Army as the case may be.
A large number of trench were transferred from Niuzhu Camp to Liyang Jiangdong 3rd Battalion. Zhou Yu, led by Han Dang and Huang Gai, will take the lead in riding more than 10,000 to Shouchun at the end of March to see Liu Cong off in person.
Because there was only a spring rain yesterday, the road was a little muddy, but today the sky is very warm and the sun is shining all over Shu Tai.
Liu cong rode his horse, Zhou Yu, and walked side by side, looking at the team with flags and swords. Liu cong was in a good mood.
"Although there is a staff office plan for this invasion, there is no need to be too formal." Bretz turned to Zhou Yu and said that although he was not too worried about this, he still had to make some words clear.
Zhou Yu smiled and said to bretz, "Yu will take care of himself, but the general will be afraid of a surprise attack by Cao Jun."
Although Liyang is behind the two cities of Jiaojiao and Fuling, Jiaojiao has long been ruined and Fuling is not too far away from Dongcheng controlled by Jun, so Zhou Yucai will have this worry.
Bretz nods, "If you want Gong Jin, the enemy in Dongcheng will not be able to invade Liyang, which is even worse. The tall city in Liyang is not so good. If Cao Jun attacks on a large scale, he will fall into the encirclement of our army. He wants to talk about who is in command and won’t take the risk." See Zhou Yu thoughtfully and silently. "After Chen Yuanlong’s death, Cao Cao has been forbidden to go to Guangling, and Cao Jun may not be willing to give up Gong Jin easily.
☆, Chapter 16 Attacked by the enemy to protect the grain truck.
Even the perfect war plan will encounter unexpected situations, and even worse, in this era, the plan can be a guide, reference, communication and contact are extremely backward, and the requirements for generals are not low at all.
At the beginning of April, a team carrying grain and grass left Hefei for Shouchun, and more than 200 grain wagons and accompanying escort teams meandered for miles to see the banner. This was the team led by Zhang Duo of Jingzhou Army.
It was early summer and the weather was fine, and the warm sunshine made people sleepy. Zhang Duo’s riding was even more difficult to keep his eyes open. He used to gather people to plunder the village like Zhang Bao, and later surrendered to Jingzhou Army with Zheng Bao, and most of his departments were scattered into Jingzhou Army ministries.
Peng Hu is different. Zhang Duo is quite satisfied with his current situation. Although his official position is not very high, he is also a general of the Jingzhou Army in Jiangdong. Of the more than 3,000 people, more than 1,000 are his old staff. It is not dangerous to escort food and grass to Shouchun. Zhang Duo is very satisfied.
He didn’t notice that two furtive figures on the hillside on the right side of the road were quietly observing themselves under the cover of trees and rocks, and the patrol scouts on both sides of the team obviously didn’t find them.
Who would have thought of meeting Cao Jun here? Zhang Duo didn’t think of scouts or worse. What about ordinary foot soldiers and grain-transporting grooms?
Therefore, when Cao Jun suddenly came out from the side hillside, Zhang Duo suddenly opened his eyes wide, and there was something of despair in his incredible expression. He saw at a glance that Cao Jun had come prepared and that many people could not resist him.
"whoosh!" A sharp arrow grazed Zhang Duo’s helmet and flew by. Zhang Duo suddenly shrank his neck and turned his horse’s head. Seeing that Jun archers had drilled out of the forest and were throwing arrows at himself, he quickly made the Ministry raise shields to defend against those civilian workers. When Jun suddenly came out, he even rolled and climbed into the carriage and got into the car, shivering.
"general! Hundreds of enemy troops in front are riding head-on! " A guard rushed to Zhang Duo’s side on horseback. Just after shouting this sentence, Zhang Duo was shot by several arrows. Although Zhang Duo was also shot with two arrows, his armor was strong and he was not injured. He turned his head and looked at the front with great regret.
According to the military order of Jingzhou Army, every grain shipment will be scouted before and after, and the left and right shields will not make the enemy have a chance. However, Zhang Duo feels that it is only two days’ journey from Hefei at the moment, and Cao Jun will definitely not appear here. If he is careless, he will probably be slack. Worse, many of these departments are his cronies. Seeing that Zhang Duo is so slack, they naturally follow suit.
Now, however, it’s not a time to regret it. Zhang Duo bit his teeth and sent his cronies to separate two roads to Shouchun and Hefei. Only then did Zhang Duo suddenly realize that the distance between Shouchun and Hefei is more than two days, and it is at the midpoint of the two places. I’m afraid that one side can send reinforcements to himself and the department.
In a blink of an eye, Jun’s ambush has rushed from the hillside. Zhang Duo held fast to Ma Guan and led dozens of guards to kill the enemy. The reason was that he was ambushed suddenly and the morale was low. When the Ministry saw it, it also inspired the morale to rush to Jun to fight.
At this time, Jun has also flashed a banner with a black flag embroidered with a big "Qin" in the middle. If it is expected, it is Qin Yi, a general of Jun stationed in West Quyang.
The cavalry sent to Hefei was shot down by an archer of Cao Jun before they rushed out of the team. The other man wanted to run a little further, but the back road was blocked by Cao Jun. Seeing that the situation was not good, he turned his horse and fled back to the team.
Although Zhang Duo has not gone through many big scenes, he knows that there will be no less than 3,000 troops in the four miles. At this time, he is rushing out of the ambush from the hillside and has cut off the grain convoy.
Even if you want to run now, you can run away, but even worse, it’s a death sentence to throw food and grass back. Why don’t you drop an idea in your head?
As soon as this idea comes out, he will leave his family, young and old, and if he falls without a fight …
Since we can’t drop it, we can fight to the death. Zhang Duo clenched his hands in the manger and urged the horses to kill the team. We must connect the attacking troops to the crowd and wipe out the troops.
"poof!" Feng Rui Ma Zhong poked a foot soldier of Jun from behind. Before Zhang Duo pulled out Ma Zhong, he saw several foot soldiers of Jun wielding knives to cut him down. Zhang Duo said that he hurriedly gave up, jerked the reins, and the horses stood up and kicked their front feet, which drove the foot soldiers of Jun to dodge.
By the time the horse fell, Zhang Duo had pulled out his waist and slashed his sword horizontally and vertically, which could resist the attack of Cao Jun. Rao was so tall that his boots were cut by the enemy and blood burst out.
When Zhang Duo was near the guards, he rushed to kill these Jun with spears and spears.
When the foot soldiers near the grain truck saw it, they quickly besieged the two sides here and killed them with knives and guns.
"General, the enemy is hard to resist. Let’s break through!" A guard near how much Zhang shouted.
Zhang Duo’s eyes are full of tears. "If you lose food and grass, it will be a capital crime. Whoever dares to say goodbye will be forgiven!"
His words made the Ministry suddenly awake. Originally, with a little luck, it immediately lost the escort food and grass. Don’t you have to be punished if it expires? What’s worse, hand it over to the enemy?
At this time, the drivers and grooms were not afraid to pick up the bloody swords and spears and joined the fight. Although they were few in number, they were always a force. More importantly, they aroused the fighting spirit of the soldiers. Although the Jingzhou army suffered heavy casualties and was gradually surrounded by Cao Jun, they surrendered.
Zhang Duo has been injured in many places. At this time, his back was against a carriage with a broken sword. He was lying in front of him with a dead section, but there were fewer and fewer Jingzhou army soldiers around him.
It seems that I am afraid I can’t live today. Zhang Duo split face to face and thought sadly after a step of Jun. However, for a moment, he heard a hurried horseshoe ring from behind Jun.
A foot soldier who climbed to the grain truck shouted "reinforcements! Reinforcements are here! "
Zhang Duo’s spirit vibrated as if he were suddenly full of strength. He turned his head and shouted, "Which general is it?"
"Look at the banner seems to be …" Before the man finished shouting, he was hit by a sharp arrow in his chest and turned over to plant a grain truck.
"It’s general seeks! General Taishi is coming to save us! " However, some people saw the banner of reinforcements shouting out, and their voices were trembling and full of excitement.
Zhang Duo took a deep breath and shouted, "Kill!" Hundreds of residual soldiers should be in harmony after hearing it!
☆, Chapter 17 array cut Qin Yi early success.
Deep in the encirclement, I thought I would die. When Zhang Duo and others saw that reinforcements suddenly came out, they couldn’t help but cheer up and attack Jun.
On the verge of a big victory, Cao Jun soldiers became a little flustered. When Qin Yi saw that Jingzhou cavalry had been killed near, he ordered the Ministry to divide his troops and stop him. After ordering a captain, he immediately led more than 100 steps to ride to meet him.
Qin Yi, the ambush and raid on Jingzhou commissary team, thought it was a shoo-in, but who knew that Jingzhou army would suddenly come out? Since Peng Hu defected to Cai, Liu Fu, the secretariat of Yangzhou, was even more convinced that Jingzhou army would seize Dangtu, Yinling, Zhongli and other places. After Liu Fu was driven out of Shouchun last year, he moved to Ping ‘a on the north bank of Huaihe River. Now he knows that Jingzhou army is reporting to Coss, the secretariat of Xuzhou, and at the same time, he drives his troops to make Qin Yi lead his troops out of Yinling and come to West Quyang.
Qin Yi was originally from the Ministry of Yuan Shu. He and Qi Ji were told by Liu Fu that they had taken refuge in Cao Cao’s troops and camped in Yinling. Last year, Huang Zhong and Zhou Yu of Jingzhou Army besieged Shouchun, and he and Qi Ji were also beaten out of the water. After Jingzhou Army captured Shouchun, they stopped. This gave them a breathing space.
West Quyang is closest to Shouchun. When Qin Yi came to the city, he decided to take the initiative to attack, so he led more than 2,500 troops to sneak to Shouchun Road in Hefei. Today, when he found out that Zhang Duo led troops to escort the grain team early in the morning, Qin Yi decided to set up an ambush and hit Zhang Duo, many of whom were caught off guard. However, the victory was unexpected and Jingzhou reinforcements suddenly emerged, which made Qin Yi feel heavy immediately.
In order to panic in the grain transportation team, Qin Yi’s tactics were that after all the troops were ambushed, he led his troops to attack before and after, and it was not long before the peripheral warning scouts contracted back to fight. However, because of this, he failed to find that Jingzhou Army actually had a reinforcement nearby.
This sudden emergence of Jingzhou Army cavalry team was led by Taishi Ci, and there were more than 500 riders in Jiangdong Shenfeng Camp. However, when they discovered that their own grain transport team was being besieged by Cao Jun, Taishi Ci led them and did not hesitate to kill the enemy several times their own.