There may be a trace of emotion in the so-called "Mr. Nine" now. When I kissed her in the daytime, I also saw confusion and struggle in her eyes, but she still adhered to the principle in her heart and was so close to her husband. This made Bailimo Xu feel gratified, but it also made his heart more bitter. I am your husband, but I can’t let you know that I can suppress this desire despite longing for you for a long time.

"Actually, I don’t want you to warm my bed, and I know that I’m not you. Who doesn’t have that qualification shouldn’t be so frivolous? You are. I really want to hold you to sleep like this, even once. I mean it in my heart, but you can watch you from a distance later than Su Men when I meet you, but I can’t get close to you."
"Every time I see you, I will say to myself, that’s good. You are someone else. I can’t overstep. Do you know that feeling? No matter how deep my heart desires, I know that you won’t be my sense of strength, and that frustration has driven me crazy. "
"I kissed you in the daytime, and I was ready to be beaten by you, scolded by you, and left in anger. I thought at that time that if I kissed you, I would die like this. It’s also worth saying that I entered evil influence or that I was frivolous. My heart is all yours. If possible, I really want to show you how much I mean, how much you can’t bear to leave you, but I know I still make it difficult for you!"
"I have always boasted that my self-control is very good, but today I can’t help it one after another, perhaps because I was injured or because I walked on the brink of death. Suddenly I was a little moved regardless of Chapter 370!
"I don’t want to compete with anyone for you. I also know that I have to go back to my mother to be a filial piety soon. I think that since I will lose my qualification to protect you in the end, let me have sex once! Maybe I’ll never meet someone like you in this life. Maybe I’ll never be tempted by anyone in this life. Just let me sleep with you in your name and let me hold you in my arms. Just this once, I’ll die and regret it! "
The words of thyme devoted to warmth are both true and false, but they also reflect his true feelings at the moment. His voice is so low that it makes people feel heartbroken. Nini, the blindfold, has long been in tears, and her face is sprinkled on Muhuan’s head.
Mu Huan felt that her heart was trembling before she went to bed. She thought about several possibilities, but she didn’t think that Mr. Jiu would confess to herself again. And it was so sad to hear such confession. Is it because Mr. Jiu’s words are deep despair, love but not despair, or despair for her that she is not sad?
This man in front of him is the only one who makes himself excited but dare not fight for love? Can’t he see that he is interested in him? Or can he give up what he loves just because he is a filial piety and wants to be a mother? Or is it because Su Yiming thinks his love is late love? Muhuan bit his lip without saying a word.
"I don’t want you to be embarrassed by me, and I don’t want to see you feel sad, and I don’t want to see you get a little hurt. Knowing that the Sumen master went to Khmer, I guessed that Lengyuchen would bite the hand that feeds him, and I wanted to find you and do my best to protect you."
"I know that I have no fate with you after all. I can’t protect you and accompany you all my life, but I am so greedy for your beauty. I hope this village can give you a moment of peace and hope that you may occasionally think of me and think of everything here in the future. I just brought you here to protect you. I don’t want to leave a memory for myself. I feel beautiful when I think about it without you in the future."
"But I overestimated my concentration and underestimated your charm. You smiled, your eyes and your breath made me deeply intoxicated. I knew I shouldn’t be near, but I was poisoned by you. You are like a delicious poison that makes me eager and passionate."
"But I absolutely respect you. I didn’t mean to offend you. I thought I could be close to you, hold your heart in your arms, and let my heart jump once so that I could spend time together. I just stole it for a short time and it seemed so unreal. I was sure that I had been so close to you, and even if I thought about it in the future, I would have fewer regrets …"
Whispering on the top of your head is like someone whispering about love. When I heard this, Muhuan wanted to say a "fool" in her eyes, but she felt that everything was blocked in her throat and she couldn’t say a word. She slowly reached out her hands and held her head against his chest and closed her eyes gently to prevent the wet liquid from flowing out.
A hundred miles devoted to the warmth of the body held Muhuan’s hands tight and his thin lips tight, and his forehead gently touched his hoarse voice and said, "Thank you." So two people hugged each other and a warm current overflowed from the bottom of their hearts, and the body slowly got some temperature, and no one spoke. A good night’s sleep.
The next morning, Muhuan opened his eyes early, but he saw that he was so intimate in the arms of a hundred miles devoted to the hot circle, but there was no allegation. At this time, the hundred miles devoted to the hot face was wearing a big black eye patch, which was Nini’s incarnation Muhuan. Naturally, he could not see his facial features, but he could hear that his breathing was long and obviously he had not woken up.
Mu Huan just moved a hundred miles away and woke up with a tight arm. "Wake up?"
"Don’t sleep more?" Thyme Moxiba gently rubbed Muhuan’s forehead. "Are you not used to it with me?"
"I slept soundly." Muhuan told the truth. I didn’t know that Mr. Nine’s embrace made her feel familiar and unfamiliar, but it was extremely stable. "I’ll go to see You Rong and then I’ll give you a decoction. You got hurt last month and said so many words."
"It must be cold outside if you put on more clothes." Although you can’t see his expression, you can imagine his tenderness at the moment.
"Good" MuHuan pinch thyme devoted to hot arm turn up and put on clothes will wear the mask to beat the door and went out.
"Auntie, how are you hurt?" Nini turned back to being herself, staring at her chest and staring at her.
"Dad’s fine." Li Mo Xu patted Nini on the head. "Thanks to you, your mother would not want to sleep with me."
"Dad, are you really going to keep this from your mother? Real mother doesn’t love Su Yiming. She has you in her heart. "
"Nini, because she has me in her heart, I can’t be so selfish and cruel. Su Yiming treats her sincerely, and when she grows up, she will always forget me slowly." Li Mo Xu seems to say that she is not herself.
"Auntie, but Nini loves you so much!" Nini lay there with a mist in her eyes. Dad’s words last night haunted her heart and made her so sad.
"Silly Nini will always take good care of her mother for her father, won’t she?" Bai Li Mo Xu gently stroked Nini’s head. "Go and clean my face for Dad, so that Dad can put on the mask, or your mother will wear it when she comes back!"
"Good" Nini cleverly got out of bed, grabbed Fang Pa’s copper basin and got wet. Then she went back to bed and wiped her face carefully. Only then did she pick up the mask and help him put it on.
"Auntie, you are so kind to your mother!"
"That’s because I love her!"
"Then you spoil her too much. She thinks about everything and never thinks about herself."
"I hate that I didn’t spoil her well before, and that I hurt her so much …"
"Auntie, you have to do that!"
"After that, there is no need to let your mother live a new life!" A hundred miles away suddenly remembered something, "Nini, can you send hummingbirds and beasts to Xilin capital?"
"Dad Xilin what can I do for you? There must be something wrong with that man coming to see you last night, right? "
"Mother was framed" thyme devoted to heat simply said a thing "you ask hummingbirds and beasts to find some bees and birds to snoop about thyme Cang and thyme devoted to Xin Wangfu, and that Qi Guifei must keep a good eye on her. Dad hasn’t caught her yet"
"I’ll take care of it." Nini’s little paws patted thyme. "Dad, if you go to sleep again, your blood color is still not good. Get better quickly. Don’t let my mother and I feel bad."
"If I can, I’d like to lie down for a few more days with your mother!" Li Mo Xu smiled cunningly and closed his eyes slightly. He still has little strength and really needs rest at the moment.
Nini silently kept aside the past scenes and emerged from the bottom of my heart. At the beginning, Dad drank Jingxue, and Dad secretly taught himself to practice. At that time, Dad was like a god, but now Dad is so weak that he feels uncomfortable.
Half an hour later, Muhuan came in with a food box. Nini quietly hid her waist and watched her serve a hundred miles. She got up and served him to drink medicine and have breakfast. I hope time will slow down and let her father and mother spend more time together.
"It seems to be snowing outside." Muhuan tucked thyme in. "I’ll get you two soup ladies to come in and let my aunt light a charcoal fire."
"No, it’s good that you accompany me." Li Mo Xu lay there quietly watching Muhuan’s eyes never leave her for a moment.
"This is the day one thousand someone looking for you …" MuHuan one leng face a red.
"You are afraid of the cold, aren’t you? You sew clothes by the bed, so it’s warmer. "Bai Li Mo Xu just felt that Muhuan’s hands were a little cold." Bolt the door is that they won’t bother us easily. "
"I’m going to have breakfast." Muhuan didn’t ask if she could bow her head and go out. She smiled and closed her eyes.
As soon as Nini went out, she went to find the fire Xuan, MuHuan and Xiaoqin, and Xiao Wu went into the house to see Baili Mo Xu and talked with him for a while.
It didn’t take long for MuHuan to enter the room. Xiaowu excused MuHuan hesitated to bolt the door for a long time. She sat on the bed and made clothes by herself by the bedside with a smile.