Arrived at the first moment, Erila came after Ruan Tianzuo’s scarlet shot, and he deliberately swept him. Even Yuwei directly blew his blood out of his mouth.

Xu tui pushed the box into the delivery channel and gave an order to Ah Huang Da, "Ah Huang created chaos for the crater Mars base!"
"Roger that"
At the same time, two star-rated strong men in the crater Mars base were guarding the fort and just wanted to enter the quantitative channel. At the moment, two purple flame rays swept through the channel and scared them to retreat quickly.
It may be a misunderstanding to shout for Erila to calm down while retreating!
Xu tui pushed the box to disappear one after another and sent it to the passage. Erila also cursed Ruan Tianzuo for peeking at her bathing.
Ruan Tianzuo was wronged.
His position, strength and wealth, wanting to see the stars come out of the bath, are all in one sentence. Why bother to peek at Erila to take a bath?
Is he out of his mind to see it?
It is Erila who scolds the star-rated strong but can persuade them not to play hardball.
Don’t you think it’s wrong to reason with Ariella after she’s sacrificed her brain to heaven and changed her chest?
Can persuade!
Of course, maybe Ruan Tianzuo, an old thief, has some special hobbies?
Being chased by Erila, Ruan Tianyou looked at the disappearing amount and sent the channel to make a retreat. Finally, he resisted the impulse of war!
If he really wants this, he will shake off Xu’s retreat, and the hypnotic guard officer will force his way through the channel. Two star-rated strong men outside the fortress will definitely blow up.
Crater Mars base will definitely explode!
But what about fried hair?
Xu tui has already left, which can’t stop him from being the villain?
According to the current situation, Xu tui must do something big. If he is desperate to shake it out, it will be like Cai Shaochu and Erila’s war.
Even the situation in China will become less good.
Cai Shaochu’s influence in Huaxia District is still very strong!
And Erila!
It’s going to be a complete war. If Erila beats him by peeking and taking a shower every day, he can’t bear it!
Ruan Tianzuo’s face was depressed and beaten at the key moment!
I didn’t expect Sigh to ask Erila for something!
Ruan Tianzuo looked depressed.
Not only did he do the wicked thing, but he also got a fat beating, and most importantly, he was ashamed.
I’m afraid the notoriety of peeking at Erila’s bath will last for a long time!
Reasoning is innocent?
No way!
You reason with a bitch with big breasts and brains, or with the strength to crush his bitch.
It doesn’t make sense!
Even if you are in charge of Erila, you can hammer him to the point where he is not in charge!
This …
At the first moment when Xu tui and the box unout asteroid landed freely, Huang remotely controlled two space fighters to catch up quickly.
At the same time, Xu retreated to step clear autumn and reached the order.
"Step teacher, before your horse enters the Tiangang, I will give you the designation of a supply ship and three other fighter planes to form a formation and immediately take off and leave the port.
We meet too much outside. "
"Okay, but I don’t have a departure order here."
"I’ve applied for a departure pass for you," Xu said.
Almost at the same time, Huang received a forged exit pass and went straight into the supply ship to apply for takeoff.
Because it is the Unut asteroid, the take-off of Tiangang in Huaxia District is very smooth.
It was the moment I stepped into the supply ship, and there was a sense of being peeped at in the clear autumn.
This sense of being peeped at is fleeting.
Step clear autumn wanted to think also have no meaning.
It’s probably the principal Cai Shaochu, right? He must pay attention to this matter.
A minute later, the Huang invasion system forged an order and obtained the radar mark. Two fighters took off smoothly, and a prisoner was blocked.
A finger in Tiangang, Huaxia District, looked at the radar marking request just received and frowned. "Boss, there is something wrong with this request. After the plan, I suggest that the departure horse be suspended for re-examination."
"Don’t worry about the emergency take-off of the Galaxy Spirit Institute."
"But there is a problem …"
"Shut up. Is everything all right?" Today, it’s rare for the commander on duty in Hong Kong to directly slap the commander on the back of the head.
He said hello implicitly, otherwise he wouldn’t come and watch it himself.
But look at this, it seems that something big is going to happen.
It was not until the space plane accelerated to the speed of the second universe that it rushed out of the gravitational field of the Unut asteroid and retreated too much.
It’s done!
"Huang shielding all fighter signal positioning device.
Cut off all fighter remote control programs and recompile security programs! "
"Give me an encrypted channel to connect with President Cai"
After 30 seconds, the communication was connected. "The principal’s first step is to thank you."
This sentence is Xu tui’s sincere thanks.