Seeing that he couldn’t escape the blow, the lion monster’s panic field was released immediately. At this time, he didn’t care whether it would affect others. The enemy’s physical strength was too strong for him to imagine. He didn’t dare to let the other side attack his head directly.
This lion monster practices crimson destruction, which is probably why he is very confident and dares to take the initiative.
"Looking for death!" Watched terracotta-cotta-colored fields rolled over, and Zhang Yang’s eyes flashed with cold light and his hands fluctuated.
The curve of destruction!
Curve fluctuation Zhang Yang intentionally controls the forward bombardment of the starting point of Zhang Yang’s palm like a fan.
And this sphinx is the first to bear the brunt.
When the squeal screams sounded great fluctuations, they were instantly distorted. It was obvious to the naked eye that the lion monster’s body was inch by inch cracked and blood was flying, and it was instant dust.
The curve of destruction is strong! At the beginning, it can make Zhang Yang’s body surface crack, and after Zhang Yang’s painstaking research, its power will be doubled! Roots are beyond the reach of this sphinx!
Chapter one hundred and thirteen The statue of enlightenment
The destruction curve fluctuates, breaking mountains and rivers, and the dust is affected by waves, and creatures fall one after another.
First of all, the lion-faced monster directly disintegrated into dust and fell to death.
Such a general trend here naturally shocked the Buddha statue a long time ago. Except for a few monks, two or three people entered the state of deep enlightenment and realized that they were gaining something. They wanted to stay awake without being attacked. Everyone else looked at them with their eyes open.
One by one is full of shock.
The lion face monster!
They don’t know how long it’s been, but they all know the strength of the Gryphon. Although it’s not strong among the monks of the same order, it’s also a strong respect for the main environment after all … It’s enough to know his strength from the fact that he can occupy a good position of enlightenment.
What’s more, there are two powerful people who respect the Lord’s territory together with God, and they were killed in one round?
It is too powerful!
This is what people know about Zhang Yang.
"Run separately!"
Gross and the whale monster are also self-aware. They think they are equal in strength to the lion monster. Gross may be a little stronger and similar.
The lion face was killed by someone, and both of them went there to die.
It’s already done. Begging for mercy is no good. The only way to live is to flee separately!
Of course, there seems to be little chance of this path, and people are also two strong people who respect the main environment! Moreover, that hag looks not weak. Even if you can’t beat yourself, you have to entangle yourself a little so that you can’t escape, and you will die.
Gross is so bitter in his heart! If I had known each other was so powerful, they wouldn’t have bothered me!
It’s just a god king. If you die, die!
Gross simply regrets it!
These thoughts are all fleeting. Just as they were trying to escape separately, they saw Zhang Yang push his palms forward.
The curve of destruction!
Two destruction curves go towards two masks at the same time.
Zhang Yang has spent tens of thousands of years developing big tricks, and has already mastered them and can manipulate them at will.
The curve of destruction is not a fluctuation, but a rapid distortion. The law of non-time is deeply understood, and the root of human being is to avoid it.
"The temple hand is merciful!"
The tragic cry is getting farther and farther, and both of them are equally difficult to resist the destruction curve, and the power directly falls into the collapse and fall field like the lion face.
Zhang Yang’s expression was calm as if nothing had happened.
And his precise control of the destruction curve is rooted in the fact that there are more than 100 monks in the Lord’s realm, and some monks in the vicinity of the God King have been smashed by the wave, and of course, they are also directly turned into dust.
"The two of you to occupy the two positions! This statue is good for you, "Zhang Yang told Tasson towards the original position of the Gryphon and the Great Whale-like Friar.
"It’s a temple!"
Two people promised to flicker in the past.
Tucson is a master, and the strength of the strong is not weak compared with the two lions. It is very harmonious for him to sit here