"God’s punishment?"

"I didn’t know until I entered the celestial world that tens of thousands of years ago, there was the biggest catastrophe in the history of the celestial world. At that time, it was the most powerful period of the celestial world. Different planets had earth practitioners and the celestial world had many immortals. At that time, the immortals were said to be like Luo Tianxian, and Luo Tianxian was numerous, but the punishment suddenly came."
"The death toll of the divine punishment is stronger as soon as the strong die. Some people who hid in the Shenshu area came alive at that time, and then the celestial world changed and became the present situation. With the help of the Shenshu and the efforts of several immortal emperors, some laws were finally worked out to know the origin of the divine punishment."
"At the time, people found that the worst death was the strongest, and the people who killed the most were guilty of killing, so there would be a punishment. But then, for a long time, people in the celestial world lived in peace or people kept dying, and everyone was flustered, and there was no such thing as the strong in the celestial world and the planet. Everyone studied what was going on and finally studied the white."
"It turns out that there is a punishment light in our bodies. When this light covers our bodies, the punishment light will drop, and it is discovered through research that it can only be reduced in killing. The worst death of the former strong people is not because they kill, but because they are too strong and not surprised to kill the wrong punishment. There is a law that if they kill their peers, the punishment light will be reduced, and those who are weaker than themselves will also be reduced. However, it is not worthwhile to reduce the number of people who kill their peers by one percent. However, it would be out of luck if they kill the weak two levels lower than themselves or ordinary people or people with low level of repairing truth.
"When the time comes, the punishment light will not be less, but it will skyrocket. If you can go beyond yourself and kill the strongman, the punishment light will be reduced by ten times as much as killing your peers."
On hearing this, Wentao immediately gasped. His grandmother was too cruel and abnormal.
Isn’t something like this forcing people to kill? Force the fairy to kill the fairy? What will the celestial world become? Wouldn’t it be Shura hell?
Chapter five hundred and forty-two The scourge ()
If a world has to kill each other to be born, everything in this world will be distorted and abnormal.
As soon as Wen Tao thought of this terrible sight, he suddenly felt cold, and there was a chill behind him, so that family and friends would be challenged and the world would collapse.
Wentao did not intend to ask the questions in his heart and quietly continued to listen to the group.
"This situation has brought hundreds of years of dark ages to the celestial world. In those hundreds of years, the celestial world entered a dark age, and people no longer paid attention to the fact that the fix-up world and the secular world were desperately killing each other. In that era, there was a saying that killing the most people could leapfrog and kill the immortal emperor, which would break the spell and bring happiness to people. It was the darkest age when many people wanted to kill the immortal emperor."
"Killing the celestial world for hundreds of years is on the verge of collapse. At this time, several immortals joined hands to stabilize the celestial world and formulated new celestial rules and laws to restore the celestial order. Because there was a saying at that time, the celestial punishment was probably due to the fact that two immortals fought against the secular world by virtue of their strength, destroying the whole planet, and one race that had developed interstellar language died."
"In view of this, several immortals in the celestial world joined hands to make the strongest method to separate the celestial world from the secular world. They were just like stitching at that time. When those channels were really stitched, even if the immortals wanted to go, it was impossible unless several immortals joined hands to send weaker people. This way, the celestial world and the secular world were completely broken."
I see. When I heard this, Wentao didn’t know what the end of the ancient times was because of these things in the celestial world.
"Although it is said that several immortal emperors have joined hands to stabilize the overall situation, after all, it is necessary to solve the problem of punishing others, otherwise many people will take risks to assassinate others and sneak attack others. After all, it is the most normal idea that no one wants to kill others and live by themselves. However, this problem has finally been studied by several people and finally a method has been developed to find that all people actually have punishment. Seeing their punishment alone, they will know when they are in danger."
"If you can find the punishment light, you can study all kinds of countermeasures. There are indeed many ways to delay the punishment light. Because the punishment light is not motionless, if you can’t let him reduce it, he will continue to increase. The increase speed is not fast, but many a mickle makes a mickle eventually kills him. Although there are some ways to delay it, such as the rapid rise of strength or the strength reaching a certain level, the strength can stabilize the punishment light. It is said that the immortal emperor can achieve 50% of his strength to stabilize the punishment light, but there are only a few immortals in the celestial world. His methods are not very effective. Then
"The martial arts conference is held every 100 years, and it is very sensational every time. It is not only the place where the celestial beings choose talents, but also the place where soldiers exercise their strength. You can participate if you have a collar or you can’t control the light. If you have the ability, it is not a foul to kill the enemy in the ring. Otherwise, the murderer will be severely punished by heaven and earth."
Listening to the introduction of the heavenly punishment, Wen Tao was amazed that there was such a magical thing in the celestial world.
Wentao then asked a question carefully. This thing is really the first thing for all ascending people to know after entering the celestial world.
After all, the practitioners are used to the fact that the person who can successfully ascend to fix the truth has no life.
At ordinary times, fighting with each other is even more numerous. Now the celestial world is good. Except for the warfare conference, other places are not allowed to kill people.
To this group, Luo Ying, who had just been killed by him, was specially invited. He didn’t expect anyone to kill himself. If he had this awareness of prevention, it would be impossible for the group to sneak attack and kill him.
Wen Tao knew about hunting in front of him. At this time, when it came to the rise, Wen Tao asked the group to introduce a hunting in detail
Hunting is a group of people who have a certain status, but they are secretly doing nasty things. After all, there is no guarantee that they will meet any opponents. If you want to kill someone, others will kill you.
So they usually secretly look for targets and then kill them.
However, after listening to the group, Wentao immediately thought that the analysis of the group was very simple, and it was also very simple to look at it. However, after listening to him, he said that several people were hunting people, and their background was changed. Wentao immediately understood that these people were definitely not hunting for that reason, and they could be heard from this hunting name.
They are just like hunting. Is this kind of person a pervert, or is it true that the high pressure of punishment is gradually forming?
Their hunting is as exciting and fun as hunting.
Wentao didn’t tell Yan Qun to continue listening to him now.
Of course, there are also wanted criminals and murderers in the celestial world. These people have been hunted all the time, but they see that it is good for them. They want strength instead of being inferior to themselves. They can kill them at a lower level.
Later, he talked about the fact that the martial arts congress knew little about this martial arts congress group, and it was also a small part.