There is no one to chase, but it can be blocked.

Chen He didn’t know when to fly to the other side, and he suddenly shot.
It is Chen He’s weakness that does no harm to Yuan Ying Zhenjun.
However, this block gave Shen Yuanqi a chance.
Seeing that all three brothers have killed the enemy, he can’t hold back there.
Suddenly he turned a light dragon from the sky.
Then a sea of light, a sky full of water, submerged the other Yuan Ying Zhen Jun intensely.
After 500 breath, the aura exploded and the other party was killed by him.
But Shen Yuanqi returned with a depressed face.
"It’s still big brother, second brother and third brother. I’m still worse!"
But Yang Xiu smiled and said, "What is your brother’s outfit!"
Shen Yuanqi disguised that he could kill God without trying his best to refine gas, and he was deeply hidden.
Fu Xia Liang and Zhang Yue are all smiling, and they are all watching it.
This words say Shen Yuanji smiled and said, "eldest brother, you are really blazing with anger!
I’m not pretending. This is my strength. That’s another me.
I don’t want me to appear! "
Yang xiu nodded. What do you mean everyone is white?
Shen Yuanqi has always kept his own secrets, and he still has one in his heart. That is the real killing of Shen Yuanqi.
"Come on, let’s continue to fly."
Zhang Yue, they flew away from Yang Xiuche and Chen He.
"Hey, big brother, I am still the weakest!"
Chen He couldn’t help saying
He is an honest man, to tell the truth, his strength is really his weakest.
Chen He’s real weakness is that he is too stubborn in his own identity theory, which makes Zhang Yuejian, Yang Xiu, Ye Fu and Xia Lianglei worse.
Tangible without quality
He likes his own flying geese to escape, and no matter how strong other people’s spells are, he doesn’t have much interest
There’s no way. It’s his nature and Yang Xiu won’t let him change anything.
And I’m not qualified to make him change
Although everyone is of the same origin, you are me and I am you.
But everyone has his own name and personality, and everyone is an independent self.
Yang Xiu admitted from the beginning that this support is the core of "Nine Transfiguration". If this core is lost one day, everyone will collapse.