"What’s that?"

Xiao Yuyin suddenly sounded in his ears.
General Heijia felt a shock in his heart and said, "Please forgive me if Bianhuang Heavy Treasure can’t tell you!"
The pearl in his heart surged violently, but spirit of war, a powerful man in the world of Yin and Yang, filled the large array. This is to protect the frontier with the ghosts of monks. Such a thing must not be revealed. Once it flows out, it will inevitably lead to a mutiny!
At that time, the Bianhuang Department was divided into several camps. Today, it is still a matter of infighting. You can do this in secret. You must never let outsiders know that You Xiaoyu came out of the yin and yang world like this, friar!
Xiao Yu eyes flashing glanced at the black armor general eyebrows slightly wrinkled also didn’t continue to ask more.
General Black Armor hurriedly shouted, "Lieutenant Wen will take you into the mountains, take all his lucky ones out, and send them back to their original world. The rest of you will come with me and take these people to the ancient training camp!"
"yes, general"
The guard immediately waved away a large number of monks and rushed towards the mountains.
General Black Armor looked down at the crowd and suddenly roared, "You all come with me!"
He flew directly into the distance.
Xiao Yu long body and word also immediately with the past.
The remaining monks turned into a series of streamers and followed the black armor general, while a group of soldiers followed bring up the rear.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and sixty Enter the male
They flew all the way and glanced around to see the corner of Bianhuang.
Pieces of land are a kind of dark red, filled with a long and desolate atmosphere of war, and some of the land is a kind of dark black smoke, and there are bare mountains without a hair and nothing.
Eyes can be seen everywhere broken decay!
Occasionally, patches of cold bones will appear on the ground, flashing with long light against the big sun.
The great day in Bianhuang is brighter than the magnificent one, and the ninety-nine rounds of great day in the sky are brighter than that in Yangxian.
There will never be night arrival in such a big sun hanging BianHuang!
Soon after they rushed through, they saw the vast land, and tribes, large and small, appeared faintly, which was more shocking than the ancient ones.
The breath in these tribes is also the strong immortal emperor!
Came to BianHuang fairy emperor seems to really become worthless!
A group of people with black armor general eyes behind than shocked swept across the earth and felt a burst of involuntary creepy.
Especially Xiao Ruhai’s face is dull and his eyes are vacant.
He worked hard to reach the semi-imperial realm, but he never thought that what he saw was such a terrible strong man!
Now that he has come here, it seems that he has directly become a three-year-old child, with his eyes full of blank eyes and feeling his strength.
However, at least he lived through all the years and events, and the character soon took a long breath and became firm again.
His eyes flashed in his heart and he said to himself, "No matter how many strong people are, they will be the real winners in the end. When I was in the big universe, I made progress step by step. When I came to the celestial world, I fought hard step by step. Now how many strong people have become my stepping stones? Hum, the shortage here is the same, and I will crawl on my feet sooner or later. By the way, there is Dacheng Diba. I have inquired about him several times, but most of them have come to Bianhuang. I need to be careful so that I can’t be surprised by him!"
Xiao Ruhai’s mind suddenly appeared several thoughts.
Before long, a smile appeared on his face again, as if he were indifferent to everything in the spring breeze.
Everyone was shocked to fly over this vast land and finally saw a huge city in the distance after half a day. It was as long as possible, like a horrible male, unpredictable and dark, and it was filled with horrible breath.
This male carved a number of mysterious array patterns and saw a number of bright light surging from a distance. The wall runes wandered in the harsh glow, and when you leaned in the past, you could feel the oppressive and terrible breath, and the conjoined mana operation became obscure directly, just like a turtle crawling!
This makes people’s hearts even more shocking!
When they looked up, they felt that this lofty breath of terror was the only thing they had ever seen, and they had seen several scenes after several wars between Yin and Yang, but such a terrible male was definitely the first time in their lives.
Bang bang bang bang bang!
Suddenly a burst of flips came, and some monks couldn’t bear to fall from it during the flight, and they exclaimed with horror.
At this moment, their mana was suppressed, and their bodies fell uncontrollably towards the square.
Others are all sweaty and pale, and their mana is suppressed, and they can barely do it.
Even Xiao Yu felt a great pressure, like carrying hundreds of fairy mountains, which was as heavy as flying slowly.
At this moment, when these people fell from it, the general in black armor couldn’t help but stop at a slow speed. Looking back, he couldn’t help frowning slightly.
In the end, he waved his hand and shouted "Body landing!"
A group of monks gasped and slowly descended from it.
If you fly to them like this again, your body mana will definitely be completely suppressed and you will fall from it like that group of people!
They feel very similar to each other at this point!
General Black Armor looked dignified and said, "The name of this city should be the last card on my side. There are two males in front of this city, one with a loud name and one with a fate. Three males are separated for several miles to stop foreign enemies. If these three males fall into the boundary of Yin and Yang, it will be really finished, but you are not too nervous. Now that the first card has not been broken, there are several experts to suppress it. You need to train well and finish your training some day. Naturally, you will be arranged to go to the front."
They immediately burst into discussion.
"Three cards, what kind of foreign enemy is this?"
"Is there another world outside the boundary of Yin and Yang?"
"How is it possible that the boundaries between Yin and Yang are so long that it is difficult for ordinary people to walk through it in one generation? How can there be another world?"
"Each of the three heroes is as terrible as this. It is really unusual for you to look at the city law and automatically suppress everything that is simply terrible. Even when you attack, it is a heavy loss."
"All right, stop talking and follow me into the city."
The black armor general face a heavy mouth and said
He walked with a group of monks to the distant male.
Yang Sancai Xiao Yu couldn’t help but look around and be full of alert for everything.
At the moment, they walked all the way to the male. A group of monks dressed in black armor and black veil firmly guarded the city gate. One by one, they were filled with blood and terror. At first glance, they knew that a group of people who had been fighting for war had made the whole city gate dark.
"Who lives in the city?"
A black armor monk suddenly folded roar.
Everyone else’s eyes flashed with a burst of scarlet eyes, ready to suppress them as soon as they met the slightest mistake.