Zhao Yucheng frowned and shook his head. "Brother Haisheng, you really have a good review of this matter. If it is aimed at a family, it is not so destructive, but if it is aimed at hundreds of millions of people in a province, the problem will be big."

Su Haisheng swallowed.
"Do you really think I act like a feudal patriarch?"
"I don’t know the specific things, but your mind obviously has this tendency."
Yu-cheng zhao seriously looked at Su Haisheng slowly, "what will you have dissatisfaction? Chairman, people stand, people do things, safeguard people’s interests and safeguard people’s political interests. This is a very correct thing.
Brother haisheng, wasn’t that what you did in those days? Isn’t that what I do? I didn’t know anything, did a lot of stupid things, and almost died. It was the chairman who taught us how different we used to be from these people’s representatives.
There is no difference between us. It’s just a matter of learning sooner or later. Even Confucius knew that there were successive professions and specialties in those years. People don’t know how to learn now, but if they don’t understand the reason now, they won’t be allowed to learn from Brother Haisheng. This is not a good thing. "
Su Haisheng was speechless about this.
He wanted to refute it, but he didn’t refute it at all. He did realize that he had this tendency in his mind and felt that the people didn’t need to learn from him. Anyway, he would always do things for the people.
He has confidence in himself.
But Zhao Yucheng said that he suddenly had a shake of his former confidence.
"In the past, I wrote to the chairman about this matter. The chairman once told me that it was a bad concept for the old dynasty to call the people the people. He was disgusted."
Zhao Yucheng patted Su Haisheng on the shoulder. "In the old days, there was a very bad habit from the rulers to the people, that is, whether the children were good or not, whether the children were successful or not, they always felt that they were born more."
Finally, when a successful person comes out, he will hold his head high and clap his chest and say that this is my blessing. The ancestral graves are full of smoke. They also know that they have no education. It is probably a gift, but regardless of the facts, whether it is an old hip or not can they turn over the sky?
The people treat their children like this, and the court also treats the people like this. Calling them "people" makes them look warm and affectionate, but they don’t treat them like people.
When a farmer’s child reaches the age of seven, even his parents work hard and the rulers treat the people the same way. To put it bluntly, the old dynasty was a typical patriarchal mentality, and the child was regarded as a debt or a blessing.
If a child is undeserved, it is a debt. God punishes a child. It is their blessing that they never treat a child as a person. If they don’t treat him as a person when they are young, they can’t be a person.
We criticize Confucianism and don’t like to restore ancient ways to Confucius, but Confucius still told him that it is cruel and heartless to punish without teaching. People don’t understand politics because they are born stupid, but they think they can. Isn’t this the mentality of everyone? "
Yu-cheng Zhao told Su Haisheng that he was dumbfounded and his head was in chaos.
Later, his face was depressed and he shook his head.
"Forget it. Forget it. I’ll go back and think about it myself …"
Said Su Haisheng as he touched his head and turned away from the banquet hall, like thinking deeply about something.
Yu-cheng zhao looked at Su Haisheng gradually from the back is wrinkly to knit the brows seems to think of something.
He didn’t want to continue to force Xu Tong to get married. He took the opportunity of toasting around and listened carefully to the speeches of some central representatives in a small circle around him. After the dinner ended for an hour, he decided to come to Su Yonglin to talk about this matter.
He talked to Su Yonglin alone about this matter, told Su Yonglin what Su Haisheng said to him, and then talked about listening carefully when toasting in his banquet hall.
Some negative view on that people’s representative meeting by representative of the Central committee.
Su Yonglin doesn’t seem to feel strange after listening to it.
"Yucheng, I am very glad that you can come and tell me this matter. I am not surprised by this problem, because many central representatives may think that their case is a foregone conclusion before the people’s congress is called."
"I was the same before, but I don’t think it’s right."
Zhao Yucheng said slowly, "Did you spend so much time and energy calling the people’s congress to go through the motions? I don’t think so. It turns out that I guessed right. You did the right thing. "
"Do you think I did the right thing?"
"Of course, this has always been the ideal of our revival society. I have never doubted this."
Zhao Yucheng smiled and said, "The only problem I feel is that I don’t think something too specific and professional seems to be suitable for voting at this meeting."
Su Yonglin smiled.
"You told me this statement before Yuejing, and I think it makes sense. After he told me, I also think it is necessary to correct it. It is the first time that you have no experience and I have no experience. We grope for ways to move forward, and if it is appropriate, we will keep it. If it is not appropriate, we will not keep it."
"It’s best that you can think like this."
Yu-cheng Zhao nodded, then his face was worried and slowly said, "As far as I can guess, some central representatives have doubts about the people’s congresses. The first state is similar to that of brother Haisheng."
It is the kind of person who supports the revolutionary cause, but if they want to take the lead in realizing the ideal road, it is just like teaching their parents severely, or the kind of mentality of being strict with their teachers means that it is a good method. "
Su Yonglin was quite surprised and then surprised. He looked at Zhao Yucheng with interest and asked with a smile, "What about the second one?"
"The second possibility is not so good."
Zhao Yucheng whispered, "I heard someone secretly talking about that you brought them all the way over. They came to discuss state affairs, but although they did come to discuss state affairs, they let people’s representatives steal the thunder."
They think that these things should be decided by the central representative meeting and then implemented, but they have to add a people’s representative meeting system, which is purely unsatisfactory for themselves. They are dissatisfied with this system. "
Chapter 1599 Outdated wisdom
What Zhao Yucheng said was similar to Su Yonglin’s specific understanding. Instead of lying, he told Su Yonglin everything he knew.
Su Yonglin is very satisfied with this.
"So do you think the first situation is more serious or the second situation is more serious?"
"That’s naturally the second kind."
Zhao Yucheng firmly said, "Since it is a democratic Republic, it is important for the future of the country. Of course, people should make decisions. What’s worse, people’s congresses are quite rational people with you in control. I think it is no problem for you to say so."
"oh? Do you think they are very rational? "
"Well, the other day I met three people’s representatives on Jiefang Street, and they talked a little bit and found that although they were all workers’ representatives, it was really not easy to talk."
Zhao Yucheng told Su Yonglin what happened before with a smile.
Su Yonglin was very happy when he learned that.
"Although they don’t have much experience in politics and joining the army, they still have a certain knowledge and can distinguish between good and bad. They will definitely bring a breeze to the people after attending the conference and returning to the people."
Zhao Yucheng has no objection to this.
"So what are you going to do about the general dissatisfaction of the Central Committee?"
"I’m not going to do anything but have dinner and chat."
Su Yonglin turned his face and looked out the window at the moon.
"After two meetings, there is a significant difference in their emotions, and it is easy to understand that they will say some complaints. I don’t think it is strange, but in the end, I think the difference between the first person and the second person is not that big.
In the final analysis, the difference between neglect and contempt is that people can not reach the level of deciding state affairs, and they are not suitable or qualified to decide state affairs or should be left to them to deal with. "
Yu-cheng zhao after listen to just a thought and nodded slowly.
"I can really feel the current situation. Some central representatives seem reluctant to work with people’s congresses. This is not a good thing. I hope you can take measures as soon as possible."
"Don’t be so nervous."
Su Yonglin shook his head. "At present, it is still that the contradiction in our department has not escalated to other places. Talk to persuade the Lord to change it, and then he will find a way. There is no need to worry."
Su Yonglin didn’t want Zhao Yucheng to be involved in this matter, so much was to comfort Zhao Yucheng.
Zhao Yucheng felt that things were not so serious after hearing these words, so he relaxed his heart.
"If so, I’m relieved. I’ll continue to go back and marry Xu Tong."
"oh? Get married to Xu Tong’s little girl? "
Su Yonglin suddenly became interested and asked with a smile, "What’s going on? We are finally getting married in Huo Qubing? "
"Hey, look at him. He’s in his twenties. He’s still a bachelor. I can’t stand it."
Zhao Yucheng laughed. "After all, he’s a corps commander. He’s still planning to take him to Guangdong this time. My wife has a good friend and a sensible girl who is going to introduce him. If it’s appropriate, I’ll do it."
"This is a feudal arranged marriage."
Su Yonglin laughed. "This is our emphasis on criticizing bad habits."
"I’m not forcing him. If he doesn’t want to, can I still go to misfits?"
Zhao Yucheng laughed. "The main reason is that he is a sensitive commander of the Corps. If he doesn’t get married, he will be afraid that someone will gossip about him, which will not be good for his future, don’t you think?"
Su Yonglin wanted to think, but also felt that this statement made sense.
In the pre-feudal era, everyone paid attention to being single. Isn’t it also because single people have nothing to grasp? Too much flexibility is not conducive to class control. It is also regarded as a symbol of no stability and perseverance, which has never been valued.
Although the transition has reached the democratic Republic, some concepts obviously cannot be solved for a while.
However, with the transformation of the logic at the bottom of the big country and the establishment of the absolute advantage of the economy, it is only a few years before the feudal ideology is broken
China’s economic base has undergone substantial changes in the process of transforming from individual small-scale peasant economy to cube economy.