"What clothes?"

Zhao wrong asked doubtfully.
"Do you still ask me for doing good deeds?"
Zhao feast a grind directly to the body was lifted.
She closed her eyes and showed herself defensively.
My vision is filled with lotus flowers.
"Well …"
Zhao Cuo has seen the appearance of Yan Er.
But he believes that the impact in front of him is comparable.
Even if she lies flat relaxed, the number of two bad women is still amazing, seductive and not bloated.
"If you hadn’t suddenly pushed my door here?"
Zhao Shangxin red-faced novel way
She dare not open her eyes at this time.
Even Zhao’s eyes are wrong.
"It’s my fault"
Zhao made a small apology and was covered by her at the same time.
"You didn’t do anything wrong. If you didn’t see me covered tightly in summer, you wouldn’t really come into my dormitory, would you?"
Miss Zhao knew that he suspected that he was ill before going to check.
"That’s wrong."
Zhao wrong blinked and said
"Is it not a new dress hidden so tightly? Show it to me, right? "
"Don’t do it again!"
Zhao Shangxin raised his lotus root arm angrily and hit it.
"You go outside and wait for me to change clothes, and then you will enter the palace with me. You can tell me what happened in the end."
"Aren’t you going to see your former concubine?"
Dare not follow Zhao Cuo into the palace and Emperor Yuxuan returned to the stronghold in Beijing.
He slouched into the middle and high places in the lobby and meditated. princess royal cast cold eyes and ignored the old emperor.
Demon holy oppression let Ann emperor immediately dozen spirit, he choked back his wife was taken away in the heart also feel satisfaction humiliation look numb mouth to say
"The temple sent someone with my keepsake to see the deputy general of SHEN WOO Camp … What did General Ou say?"
Emperor Xuandi’s desire for regaining power reached its peak at this moment.
"Two days later, the SHEN WOO Army will attack Xiangjing."
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Ning Wang ascended the throne but the queen is in my arms
"How can Sister Shangxin still have the heart to buy this kind of clothes?"
Zhao cuo sat in the palace carriage with a face of primly.
He acted as if it had just happened.
After all, it was my sister who died, not him.
"You still say?"
Zhao Shangxin blushed and spat out his one eye lightly chastising.
"I didn’t buy it. Earlier, the princess of Xinning came to see me off. She said it was the latest dress of Lengxiangge."
"It turned out to be the Princess Hall." Zhao Cuo nodded suddenly. "I should thank her another day."
"What are you thanking Princess Xinning for?"
Miss Zhao was stuck.
"If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have a chance to see my sister’s swimsuit, wouldn’t it?"
Zhao cuoyi solemnly said frivolous words.
"I think you owe a fight!"
She raised her little pink fist in anger and gave him one.