The flying symbol says "gun"

King Dapeng also knows that Lin Chong’s immortal family means that it is no surprise to see him at any time, so he surrendered to the half and "respected the immortal life"
Illusion pistol suspended by King Dapeng’s waist.
It is said that the pistol looks more like a signal gun and there has never been a magazine.
Because if you add a magazine, you must make the primer device made of fire mushroom mine in the magazine.
It is equivalent to making the primer of the fire mushroom mine bomb driven by simulated gunpowder, but the front end of the bomb will be the tip of the magic mushroom bomb.
That is to say, the tip of a bullet is an illusion mushroom and the primer is a fire mushroom, which is a bit difficult. Lin Chong is still in the experimental stage.
But once successful, it will be magnified dozens of times and it will be a missile.
This is the real world, but it can’t be compared with the real world. If you giant a bomb, it’s just a huge bomb. Once you giant a bomb here, it’s a missile with its own launcher.
Now King Dapeng is aiming at the forehead of the seven-tailed pheasant with a magic gun that can fire a bullet.
"Dapeng is this? It’s ridiculous that such a short force makes you bow down and get a reward! " The seven-tailed pheasant disdains to say that the monsters advocate power. The more vast the gods are and the more huge the weapons are, the more tough it is. This small gun in the hands of King Dapeng is really a little small.
"Is the power of Xian Jiabao a demon-knowing generation like you to guess?" Dapeng Wang cold hum
Illusion pistol firing
A brainwave of Bai Yingying came out from the muzzle.
After hitting the forehead and heart of the seven-tailed pheasant, it quickly turned into a dandelion-like brainwave, and in an instant, the original clear eyes of the seven-tailed pheasant were full of confusion, and there was a little dandelion floating in the eyes.
"What is the secret of the Great Sage of Bones?" Dapeng Wang Shen asked
"He tried to please me … to show his love to me … and hid the last avatar under my bed … in a treasure box …" Seven-tailed pheasant said blankly.
Outside the water mirror
Lin Chong can’t help nodding. The effect is really strong.
Of course, it is also possible to make mushroom thunder from the four blasphemies of worldly desires, a flower demon, but mushroom thunder is divergent, slow and weak, and obviously there is no magic pistol.
It is also possible to change this thing to a confession pistol.
See Dapeng Wang listened to the seven-tailed pheasant from the white horse will carry into the abode of fairies and immortals to find the most gorgeous room bed, and sure enough there is a box.
The box is full of gold, silver and jewels. Obviously, whether it is a woman or a banshee, she always resists the charm of jewels, but there are very few things.
Because monsters can’t make magic weapons for human monks, only weapons and armor are barely available. A good weapon and a good armor are the lifelong aspirations of big monsters, and they generally don’t like human culture.
Therefore, even if you kill a human friar, you won’t leave a magic weapon, except for such rags as the flower demon. After all, the flower demon has a brain problem and even pokes the land fairy.
The king of Dapeng took a look at the seven-tailed chicken treasure chest and left the gold, silver and jewels aside to touch a box.
This is the last avatar of the Great Bones Sage?
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Bones the Great Sage
King Dapeng’s hand, this box is dark and dark. Gu Zhuo is simple, and there are dragons and tigers to keep a bead sculpture. You can’t see anything special.
King Dapeng is obviously puzzled. If it is the ninth avatar of the Great Sage of Bones, why isn’t it miraculous?
It’s very strange that he tried to beat the box, but it was as strong as a rock.
This is a unique thing.
And this place is not a research place. King Dapeng will copy the box in his hand and look at it again. He is still unable to extricate himself from illusion and his face is crimson with seven-tailed pheasants.
After waiting for a few breaths, I saw that there was no flying sign, and the immortal allowed him to deal with it according to his own ideas.
King Dapeng then pulled out a golden dragon-ridden stick and went to the seven-tailed pheasant, and his excellent head was broken all over the floor.
Gee, outside the water mirror, Lin Chong sighed with emotion and saw that a demon Dan had been pulled out of the remains of the seven-tailed chicken of Dapeng King and put away.
Then King Dapeng carried a stick to patrol the abode of fairies and immortals, killed several hidden monsters and saw two caves, one with many human women and babies, and the other with many skinny men.
I didn’t know until I asked that women and babies are seven-tailed chickens to supplement women’s beauty and babies’ skin rejuvenation. Men are relaxing in bed when the Great Sage of Bones doesn’t come … This day is very beautiful.
Lin Chong once again affirmed that from the human point of view of monsters in this world, it may be wrong to shoot in the queue, but there is definitely a net to escape every other kill!
The total Dapeng king turned the white mountain upside down and released a group of human beings to the abode of fairies and immortals. It was already less than half an hour after all this. When Dapeng king came out of the white mountain again, he saw a demon cloud in the sky pressing the city to drink it in half.
"Who moved my avatar!"
King Dapeng lifted up his eyes and saw a white bone flying with a brilliant idea, and the fierce flames were flying in the clouds.
"Just in time!"
King Dapeng will collect the treasure box and Dan Duo in his shorts-when Lin Chong made these shorts, he specially made two big bags in order to consider that King Dapeng doesn’t even have a pocket all over him, so don’t drop them in case of any gains.
Put away the captured Dapeng King, and a round of black sun incarnation appeared behind him, and he jumped out with the same long stick in his hand, as dark as ink, and the stick in his hand was all black, but his power was generally two.
Seeing King Dapeng furling the treasure box and Dan moving the bones of the Great Sage, the eyes in his eyes were suddenly splitting.
"You treat me like a chicken sister? !”
"Ah ah ah!" The Great Sage of Bones roared like an explosion, and the whole body exploded and the earth shook.