Yang Xiu’s practice of Chen He is a stroll away from this hanging island in the abode of fairies and immortals.

Although Chen He is honest and kind, his ability to make friends is quite strong.
Everyone likes to be friends with such a kind person.
Chen He soon got acquainted with the creatures here.
Wei Guo and Su Xiaomei accompany Chen He, and they don’t have to practice this natural and unrestrained life.
Have Yang Xiu this penance.
While he was penalizing, he called for a meeting of all people.
"Ladies and gentlemen, our biggest problem now is the Taoist barrier.
Now I am then quadruple old Shen, then quadruple old Zhang, and quintuple old Fu.
Do you feel that it is very difficult to break through the realm of cultivation? "
Zhang Yue nodded and said, "The Taoist barrier in the preconditions is the seventh, and then the Taoist barrier in the realms is also the seventh.
But I don’t want to be much more difficult than the preconditions. Now there is no adventure in the five-fold promotion and six-fold promotion. It will take me ten years to break through in my own practice. "
Fu Xia cool said, "this is no way.
Now we have mastered the secret law of immortals and qins for twelve!
(Five-person phase chapters are updated one after another, which does not occupy the text! )
There is a "Three Clearances, Four Truths and One Air Hammer", which causes such a Taoist barrier to become heavier and heavier. "
"That how to do? Such as breakthrough
According to common sense, we should continue to practice the immortal secret method in the immortal secret method to complete dzogchen, so as to reduce the difficulty of Taoism and break through.
However, each of these secret methods is more difficult than the other. "
Yang xiu said with a long sigh
"On the first day of the Nine Too Old Gentleman’s Scripture, I chose too many candidates for the ninth too.
It is only in the later period of then that we can finish the first TaiYuan baby and the ninth TaiYuan baby.
There are still three pages in "Nine Changes in the Heart of Life" that have not been activated. Then the seventh page should be activated in the later period. Yuan Ying can be nine pages!
The seventh place in The Law of Everything is the easiest for dzogchen, but it is also the most difficult to rely on chance.
"Five Elements of Heaven and Man Heart Lamp Method" and "Tianyuan Yao Ming Xu Huang Jia" can all be added one or two times, but that is to say, one or two times.
We don’t know how to complete the fifth cultivation of "Nine Clouds and Nine Deep Excalibur" and "Sword with One Heart and One Mind".
I don’t expect "Three Clearances and Four Imperial Traps", "The Mystery of Upsetting Three Things and Turning Four Things", "Wan Qing Hong Flows through the Sea" and "Fairy Qin Dao Lian Qi Ji"!
Obviously, it is impossible to complete the secret method of immortality and reduce the obstacles of Taoism! "
Everyone nodded.
Yang xiu continued, "then you can break through the Taoist barrier and try your best to complete the fairy Qin secret method before the Taoist barrier."
After Yuan Ying, we can regard the Nine Tailaojun Scriptures, the Nine Changing Fates of Life and Deciding Heart, and the Rhythm of Everything as a way to reduce the number of obstacles. "
Fu Xia cool suddenly said "chance we need chance.
This is a step-by-step practice, so our promotion is too slow
We must look for his opportunities, such as cultivating immortals and nine paths, such as thirteen adventures. Without these opportunities, we would not be today! "
Everyone nodded. That’s true.
Wei Guo suddenly said, "Haihai …"
He pointed hard at the distance.
Yang Xiu explained that "Yue Haitian Graben should have several great opportunities here"
"I’m practicing for a while and then we’ll explore the sea together!"
"Lao Zhang must come in case he meets that big pine tree. It’s best to roll with you."
Zhang Yue also said in French, "What do you think is going on?
I’m not an avatar spell, but what’s so powerful? "
"I don’t understand. Alas, I stole away from Yangshou from time to time. He didn’t understand when I asked Master."
"It’s okay you that Yang Shou nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan baby but so steal run!
Maybe you will come back after your promotion to Yuan Ying’s life span. "
"I hope so!"
Fu Xialiang nodded and said, "I’m going to do something after a while. You can come with me if you are interested!"
"What is it?" Zhang Yue asked!
"Master has been creating a new world for my punishment over the years.
There are powerful enemy masters in that new world. They have always won by law. It is said that it is very hard to win.
I want to sneak over and kill all those enemy families, so that it’s easier for master and them! "
Yang Xiu said, "You are a good master. You must go and help!"
Shen Yuanji said, "I also have a thing here that needs the help of my second brother.
There is a true gentleman in my family who is very jealous of me.
He has repeatedly set me up to ruin my reputation behind my back.
In a few days, I’m going to spend his money to go to the North Sea … "
Zhang Yue’s eyes lit up and said, "It’s close to me!"
"Yes, Brother Trouble, let him disappear!"