Mo Tianyuan guessed that if any girl looked him in the eye, she would be afraid to look him in the eye.

"I’ve heard a lot about each other. I can’t believe that the top three of our two schools actually met through Zhang Shaotian’s bad points."
Zhang Shaotian laughed when he heard this. "You two good students don’t want to be spoiled by me in the end. Do you want to test your strength first like Mu Yang in summer and autumn?"
"I have seen it in the conference room, haven’t I?" Summer and autumn smell speech is looking at Mo Tianyuan and smiled.
"Meeting room? Do you mean that you went to the conference room not to find me, but to see Tianyuan Fuck? " Zhang Shaotian smell speech leng leng.
"What do you say? I have nothing to do to see you … "
Zhang Shaotian shrugged his shoulders with some questions in his cut wry smile "! But how can you see the strength of Tianyuan when you didn’t stay there for long? "
At this time, Mu Yang said, "Observing a person’s strength sometimes it is not necessary to see his running distance, but to rather critical according to his performance in a certain distance."
Xia Qiu nodded his head.
"At that time, I saw that he entered the super prize at the 57-meter position. At present, this combination of small sheep and blade baby has all the gold coins, silver coins and copper coins that appear on the track ahead, and all the flying coins are eaten up, and the distance of the props in the front 4 meters can be grasped just at this point."
"The other thing is that not many people know the technique of gliding and then sprinting. He not only knows it, but also can calculate the position where the nail can just explode after landing. Even I can’t do it accurately, but he did it."
"At that time, I can conclude that he must be an out-and-out master!"
After Xia Qiu finished speaking, Deng Ming and other little friends listened to each other. They all saw Mo Tianyuan in the competition in Class 3. They knew that he was not weak, but they didn’t expect him to be stronger than his world view!
That kind of feeling is that I was a junior college student before the college entrance examination, and I did get a junior college admission notice after you were released, but Nima … Mao admitted your major to Peking University! ! !
Beside friends eyes let Mo Tianyuan some embarrassedly scratched his head modest way
"Old so much you didn’t find? ?”
After the pleasantries, get to the point.
Looking at several people beside him, Zhang Shaotian feels very gratified that he has been looking forward to it for so long that the team will finally be established today!
Calm the in the mind a little excited Zhang Shaotian with a serious way, "since our team is going to do it, we should do our best. If one thing is done neither fish nor fowl, it is when the waves go their own way."
They nodded their heads.
"Now we have a clear goal in front of us, that is, Hua Mao will hold this competition. Although our opponents are students of the same age from various high schools, since they can represent their respective schools, they will certainly have their extraordinary strength, and we must never take it lightly."
"It is definitely indispensable to train alone in private every day. In addition, whether it is classic or extreme speed, we must do a good job. Now we don’t know which mode we will adopt, so we can’t lose both."
"Why don’t you put this on the weekend for the training? When do you say it is better?"
Mo Tianyuan, a former professional kart runner, knows what kind of competition it is. It is essential to practice a lot of training. Although high school is mainly studying now, it is still possible to take both into account when arranging yourself reasonably.
After all, it’s not like those regular professional teams who need to spend the whole time to participate in training and competitions every day. Playing in school is just to relax their nervous study life.
Then again, if there is a professional team in front of him, he will never agree to join. The painful lesson has been engraved into his bone marrow …
Mo Tianyuan thought for a moment and said, "Why don’t you put the middle school training in every Sunday afternoon? I have to help a child with his homework in the afternoon."
"Tutoring homework? Did you find a part-time tutor? " A few people asked strangely
Mo Tianyuan shook his head and smiled. "It’s not that one of my teachers and children is right. We have to have a place for training, right?"
"My home is near the school, my parents are abroad, and there are few people at home. I think we should go there." Xia Qiu got up at this moment.
Zhang Shaotian laughed. "That’s what I’m thinking!"
At ordinary times, the main exercise is to familiarize yourself with some difficulties in the track, consolidate the difficulties in the track through repeated practice, and form a consciousness in your hands that you will know how to press the button when you meet a certain road section.
In the practice, we should pay attention to the distribution of individual strength in the team, exercise targeted restraint according to their current strength and opponent’s camp, and exchange their usual insights and experiences to achieve mutual improvement.
"There will be three weeks or so before the mid-term exam, that is to say, in these three weeks, we still have one, that is, these teams in the current school will be knocked down and finally qualified to represent the school! Who do you think we should take the knife first? "
Pastoral Yang wanted to think, "I know something about the strength of those people in broher team in Class Five and Class Six, and they are not too strong and close, so I’ll take their hands first."
"broher team …" Xia Qiu mused. "What’s the name of our team?"
Smell speech Zhang Shaotian leng leng obviously ignored this point.
"A domineering leak!" Pastoral Yang eyes to some spirit.
Zhang Shaotian turned over their way: "The important thing is whether the strength is good or not … Tianyuan, you and Xia Qiu, both of you got good grades in the Chinese exam, so let’s hear more."
"What does this have to do with the Chinese exam? I didn’t think about it …" Summer and autumn language said.
All eyes can’t help but turn to Mo Tianyuan.
"Domineering … since our team has just been founded, our original intention is to rush out of our unique youth career in this dull world, then this team is called-"
Mo Tianyuan paused to say
"Creation team!"
Although the people present are not a member of the team, at this time, with the end of Mo Tianyuan’s voice, there is a bunch of flames burning in the chest at this moment.
"Creation? Ok! This is it! !”
"I will go to the broher team first in these two days!"
You two he is my brother will be the first stepping stone to our creation!
Chapter 52 Challenges
Shi Fei in Class Five looks very unhappy.
Just now, a girl in my class who has been coveted for a long time came over and said that she wanted to learn a story. Shi Fei was worried that she couldn’t find a chance to express herself. She was full of joy when she heard this, but she just ran to two kilometers and didn’t pay attention to him. direwolf and the golden gun handsome actually fell into the pit!
The worry-free man threw a cold "hum" around his sister and turned around and walked back to his seat. When he left, his expression seemed to tell Shi Fei.
How awesome am I when you are! At this level of 2 thousand meters, I am better than you!
Full of irritability, I was about to play another game when the land transportation came running from outside the classroom with excitement like a burst face.