"It seems to be stable now." Chen Yi occasionally considers the stability of the magic subway, but other than believing in it, his concern is much ado about nothing. He also explained that "the dock and the canal are still different. Berthing and passing lock are two concepts, and these also need special manpower deployment."

Chen Zhongguo agreed, "I arranged for the person in charge of the photo agency to inquire about one."
Chen Yi "well" said Zhang Jing tentatively after a little hesitation.
Chen Zhongguo laughed when he heard half of it. "Zhang Lao has told me about it for a while …"
After business, let’s talk about family matters. Grandpa finally came easily.
There is nothing wrong with his health, but after all, it has been three or four years since he left the center. Not only do times change, but people also change and adapt. It takes a while.
Chen Yi didn’t help much to find a dragon temple and leave a 1 cubic meter ring, explaining the method to Grandpa. "I have an energy-restoring potion and an oil-restoring potion, and I can drop the oil at will, which should be carried out in coordination with body exercises."
Chen Zhongguo laughed. "I’m old and tired, so how can I bend over and play Tai Chi?"
"Think of yourself as a person in your 40 s and 50 s." There is no doubt that Chen Yi has been blessed with a high health index for three times.
"I’ll try again early." Chen Zhongguo was curious to wear a ring and took out a few bottles of energy recovery potion to drink while playing with it.
Chen Yi was still a little heartbroken when he went out. Although returning to Xijing was a long-awaited thing for grandpa, it was extremely difficult for political center workers even for young people. Chen Zhongguo, an old man like him, knew that the smooth sailing of the Chen family was not a pie in the sky.
In view of this, he didn’t take out the intellectual scroll again. There is no doubt that Chen Zhongguo has enough political wisdom, but he has little demand for intellectual body.
The guests in Xijing Chen’s small building are like weaving to meet Chen Zhongguo, most of whom are old friends and the old department. Occasionally, a few young people are also nephews of younger generations who are quite related.
When we meet, we have to talk, we have to drink tea. Chen Yi is busy shuttling between several rooms with Chen Ye, and it doesn’t take long to get annoyed. Seeing that Grandpa is still light and light, Chen Ye is smiling from time to time and can’t help but wonder if politics will really get better and better. Bah!
On second thought, I want to call Zheng Zhi miserable, but don’t like politics in a country!
At about 2: 02, there were no officials in the gate suddenly, as if the sardines had diverted, and the officials who had come to the house earlier also left.
Chen Ye put the teapot in a tired stack and laughed. "Come on, today’s work is finished."
"On time?" Chen Yi teased
"Naturally, it’s punctual." Chen Ye pointed to his watch and said, "Master rests at 9 o’clock every night."
"Stay for half an hour?"
"Good," Chen Ye envied. "If I have such a day, I would rather not sleep."
The naked bear on the porch sobbed when he heard his words.
Chen Ye was ashamed and annoyed. "Xiong Lu, you don’t think I can get into the hub?"
"How can you master the industry!" The naked bear added insult to injury and hurriedly said, "I was thinking of a joke."
"Say" Chen Ye mercilessly stared at him.
Naked Xiong Yin’s short novel "Yu Sunflower Collection" they say that it is not a sunflower collection but a person who practices sunflower collection. Anyone who has the courage to be idle from the palace at night will definitely practice hard because there is nothing to do except practice.
Chen Ye immediately blushed.
Naked bear feels that he said something wrong and remedied it again. "I think Master Ye will definitely get into the center if he doesn’t sleep every night and works hard …"
Chen Yi couldn’t help saying, "I’m going to see grandpa."
Liu Chenye glared at the naked bear angrily.
The latter is in a daze, and my last sentence should be said to be quite good
Once again, I received a "gift" and waited for grandpa to sleep well before Chen Yi went back to his room. He also worked a lot every day, especially when signing and marking involved several beliefs such as "order".
From dark to Chen Yi’s desk, files are piling up.
Birds chirped softly outside the window, and then naked bears knocked on the door rudely.
"It’s good to come in every morning," said Chen Yi, gesturing for him to take the file away.
"When you go to the master class, you sometimes go to the ministries to implement it …" Naked bear fumbled with a glass of milk and tried to recall Chen Zhongguo’s original words. At the same time, it is a good life to live without thinking when you miss Jin Douna or Liu Xinyu.
"Building on the pier?"
"Yes, this is the Ministry of Construction." The naked bear patted his thigh and scared all the birds outside to fly away.
"Go and prepare the car." Chen Yi put the unfinished documents back in the ring to lift his legs and set off.
Naked bear was anxious to box the documents and shouted, "The yamen hasn’t opened yet."
"After the command, you will naturally close the door."
Naked bear, look at the genius. It’s six or seven o’clock in the morning. He hurriedly called in a martial arts school student to help seal the documents and deliver them separately, and then rushed out while calling a car on the dialogue machine.
When Chen Yi arrives at the door, the car just stops.
The official on duty in the Ministry of Construction really heard about the dock construction, and enthusiastically received Chen Yi from the minister’s office and waited for flattery. "The minister will see you as soon as he turns around."
I waited for 2 hours.
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Central (2)
We can get to the city from outside the city in two hours, and live in the compound of ministries and commissions, Mr. Minister.
Actually, after waiting for 3 minutes without seeing anyone, Chen Yi guessed the situation and had already used the reception room as an office to do his own thing.
one to eight
The minister appeared on time.
No more, no less. Make sure you’re not late. Make sure you’re cooked.
Chen Yi calmed down and nodded to him without speaking.
Face to face, the minister smiled warmly. "Chen Yi, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I didn’t expect you to come so early."
It seems that he met Chen Yi in a normal Ministry class.
"It’s only been two hours." Chen Yi tells the truth like a young man who doesn’t know how to say "just arrived"