Xu tui has no time to watch the reward.

The dark horse, that is, after the soil thickness was killed by Xu tui, this dark horse chess Xu tui chose to devour it and wanted to see if there was any reward.
But this time, he did not upgrade again, but the number of troops was upgraded from 400 to 500.
It’s a little change
At the edge of the chessboard, more than 60 standby ulla collected ghosts, and most of them were added to Xu’s retreat, but Xu’s retreat was still not filled.
The most precious thing to reward soil thickness is a group of khaki brilliance, which is a bit like soil regularity, but it is not quite like what it is. It will be very difficult to see.
Because Xu retreated, he glanced at the game for two seconds, and then it was his turn to fall.
The black horse was killed, and there were two black pawns in the Tianhe chess game, one black pawn, the other black pawn, one black car, which should be Joan’s shot, the virtual armor, and the two black generals, Lucie.
There is not much chess.
Especially after the dark horse was killed, the black gun was empty and the horse was far away
The strategy is simple.
Don’t use it as cannon fodder, but you can’t easily let the fierce red soldiers kill it, or you will lose one of the most precious things.
Moreover, the retreat of virtual armor is not a pure retreat, but also echoes the black generals if there is an opportunity.
In the ninth round, Lurgi also made no mention of it, and directly forced Joanne to approach one side for joint defense.
Forcibly directing Joanna to refuse.
Xu retreat is to make a layout after considering the moment. When killing black is the same, all the main parts of red chess move to the left of black.
In this way, the black gun is forced away, while the black car is black. It takes at least two rounds to transfer the right side.
Xu tui will force to kill.
Black general Lurgi naturally sees that the red layout will once again pull the black cannon back to the center line from a distance to defend the red offensive.
Black generals, two men and one gun, one car, and so on, Lurgi felt that even if the fierce Red Army was fierce, he might not lose.
And it’s going to last a little longer until the hell comes in, and it’s not necessarily who wins or loses.
Maybe he still has a chance to win the final victory.
It’s a pity that Lu Lei, a former Daxi black car, retreated when cold feet, which was really hurtful.
In the tenth round, the black general Luigi forcibly commanded the black gun, but in the ninth round, he forcibly commanded the black car to escape directly.
Stay away from the battlefield
This made Luigi almost angry.
Because Joan this dun position is very good.
At the end of the round, even if Lurgi forces Joan to turn again, he can return to his original position. The defense method is a chess call to kill the red side.
At this moment, the black general will be alone except the black cannon.
Fortunately, Lurgi, the black general, and the defense of black guns.
If you dare to call the black generals to fight, you will be able to fight over the mountains.
But in the eleventh round, the fierce red soldiers fell again, which made the black general Luigi depressed and wanted to vomit blood.
The rule of super-fast chess is too short to think about, and it falls too quickly.
It’s easy to make mistakes in a hurry, and then it’s caught by the fierce red soldiers
This will be the black gun rack as a pledge to deter the red commander and defend the black commander at the same time
Ulla, this red handsome guy, you call it killing.