"Old four come and press my feet.

Old five, press your shoulders for me! "
This is not real slavery.
Come and give me a massage
Puppets are obedient and come to Yang Xiu one by one.
Very comfortable
Press for a while Yang Xiu got up and looked at his father and asked casually.
"Where’s my dad?"
The father of this world, Yang Xiu, calls Dad.
Mother replied, "You can go to the bakery next door to learn skills!" "
"Go and call the old things back. I don’t do anything at home. I go to the bakery every day.
Our house is a steamed bread shop, so who will come to our house to buy steamed bread? "
Yang xiu wanted to think, so he went to the neighbor’s store.
There is a Julilai cake shop next to Yang Xiujia Yangji, which specializes in sliced wheat bread.
The two families also competed. Later, my father, Yang Dejun, surrendered directly and sent Lao Si to buy bread for breakfast every morning.
Yang Xiu came to Julilai Cake Shop in a wobbly way.
Julilai cake shop is not big. The owner is an old man who calls himself Mr. Generous.
A bread seller is generous, so this person must be very picky.
Sure enough, that’s really not giving the Lord a penny
Push the storefront Yang Xiu went in.
Sure enough, the old father is playing chess with Mr. Dafang
It was sweaty and red-faced. At first glance, it was a loss, and it was a rhythm of losing the eyes and hitting people.
"Dad, my mom called you home for dinner!"
"What to eat? When will you not go back! "
At the sight of my old father losing his temper, he was about to drop the chessboard.
"Dad, this is what you said. Mom and I told you not to go back!"
Vaguely, Yang Xiu’s words are threatening.
Yang Dejun shuddered at the thought of his wife’s rage.
"Son, help me with a plate. I’ll go back and have a look."
Yang xiu walked over and saw that chess was very simple.
"Okay, I’ll help you with a plate. Go home quickly or everyone will have a hard time tonight."
Yang Dejun bid farewell to Mr. Dafang.
Mr. Dafang, a fat old man is not tall and looks like a birthday boy. He is a hey hey sneer.
"Go and let me educate your son.
Your family is a stinking chess basket, and you are really sorry for my generous chess name. "
The old man is quite crazy!
Yang Xiuzuo plays chess with the old man.
Wearing Yang Xiu is also sweating.
It looks simple. Why is this chess so difficult?
This is to lose!
Yang Xiu couldn’t help shouting "Brothers?"
Zhang Yue and Fu Xia suddenly arrived here.
"Help me! I’m going to lose!"
"Eldest brother, you are such a waste that you can’t?
You’re ashamed that you can’t even beat an old country man! "
"Stop talking nonsense and come and help!"
And lost!
"Master, I shouldn’t have lost another hand. My car didn’t go right in the end."
Mr generous laughed and said
"If you have food and love to play, come again!"
Then Yang Xiu lost again!
"I don’t believe it!"
Three people together this time, three people fight the old man.
"Eldest brother, this step is wrong!"
"Xia Liang, how can you command such a chess game!"
"Lao Zhang, you stay and go to the smelly chess basket."
Three in one, one can’t, and neither of them can be strong. They really can’t play chess.
Yang xiu finally language drink a way
"Come and unite our minds!"

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