"Sponsorship is easy to say." Zhao Min is very generous when he knows that Zhuang is not far away from his mind.

Anyway, the landlord is not short of money.
"It’s not about sponsorship," the admissions director scratched his head. "To tell you the truth, this team is rubbish, and even their coach has jumped ship and left such a rotten stall."
"No, they are not rubbish" Zhuang interrupted him not far away.
The admissions officer shook his head. Isn’t this rubbish? Is it necessary for a team that can’t get results even in college competitions?
"Compared with your broken school, they are already good," Zhuang said not far away.
A team needs too many resources, such as training, nutrition, environment, competition … what kind of financial resources to support what kind of team.
The admissions director has spoken. Can you talk?
However, as an industry manager, he has long known never to conflict with customers.
He quickly changed the subject and said, "Let’s talk about the course. You two have also listened to the course. What do you think? Is this our curriculum and price list? "
Zhuang not far from eyebrows a wrinkly also want to say what Zhao Min gently squeezed his hand and then changed his posture, cocked his legs without looking at the curriculum and price list in front of him. At this moment, Zhao Min’s momentum changed.
Although he didn’t take out the manor gardener’s identity card, he was already full of momentum.
As the saying goes, how can there be ordinary people in the manor?
Since he joined the manor, he has contacted these people. Since Liu Jinge, Deng Yali and An Danyue, the manor managers and deacons have not even been qualified to walk freely in the manor. Which one is not a big shot?
His younger brother, Nong Li, and his new family are all professors of botany at Virtual City University. Didn’t he respectfully call himself a lackey with his thighs?
"This economic management course is ok," Zhao Min raised his hand and said, "I think this female teacher class."
"That is to sign up for the economic management course? We have four courses in the course of economic management, which are in large classes for two months and one course for four thousand … "
Admissions officers hurry up and say that it’s getting harder and harder to run classes recently. If you have fewer applicants, you won’t be able to pay your salary. If you have lower education, it’s hard to get one.
"No, you heard me wrong. I mean, I want this female professor to give me a lesson."
"You mean … one-on-one?" Admissions master leng asked hesitantly.
"Why? Can’t? "
"Of course, but the price is expensive. Our professors are all senior professors, and they are all cutting-edge knowledge. I’ll arrange it for you …"
"Wait," Zhao Min waved his hand. "Don’t worry, I want to learn some of his courses."
He just picked up the price list and the curriculum and picked it up like ordering food. "It doesn’t hurt to learn some laws from this economic law … operation management sounds like project management … and a management communication sounds like this."
"All … all one-on-one?"
"It’s all one-on-one" Zhao Min nodded.
The smiling face of the admissions master spent "I’ll make a plan for you, and we’ll pay if you are satisfied?"
"Hurry up, I am precious!"
"Wait a moment, I’ll call all the teachers to see if you are satisfied or not, and I’ll find you again!"
Pick and choose a few teachers, Zhuang is not far away, and there is a feeling of choosing the top card.
Master Zhao is very rich now, but the major shareholder of virtual city tunnel construction has received the project payment not far from hou zhuang. First, he gave them a batch of red money to invest by themselves.
Skillfully swiped the card to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and went out in a blink of an eye. Zhao Min nodded and said, "Do I have to follow my time when I take valuable courses?"
"No problem." The admissions master nodded desperately to see Zhao Min get up to go. He bowed and said, "Zhao Zong, why don’t we talk about sponsoring the women’s basketball team again?"
Chapter 176 The landlord was pushed back
"To say that I am forced to be Zhao Zong except the security guard!" Respectfully send Zhao Min away from the teaching building enrollment main sigh with emotion
"It’s really impossible for the master to force the position to be too high!" Next to the workers, they are even more impressed.
Like the security guard, there is less than a dozen luxury cars at home, and he changes cars every day.
And this master Zhao doesn’t want to dress so simply. The course is like ordering food. The professor is like nodding his hand. The course costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in two minutes.
What can they say to such a big local tyrant? I can immediately send the women’s basketball team on my knees.
The two sides talked about the sponsorship agreement in general, and then Zhao Zong said that the specific agreement should be sent to his personal lawyer
Look, look, even a private lawyer. This is definitely a big shot!
It’s awesome!
The two of them sighed at the door for a long time before they went back to the office and asked the Zhao Zong to treat a VVVVVVIP. The admissions master said to the staff, "Xiao Zhang, you will be responsible for the course arrangement in Zhao Zong. Every time you have to personally deliver the professors to teach the course, you will bring tea to your home. Zhao Zong is bent on making another course, and we may be rich!"
Xiao Zhang nodded again and again. Maybe he still needs a secret. If you see him, alas, even if you do something shameful, people will be willing to do it!
Don’t talk about these two people. Even Zhuang is not far away and feels particularly shocked by Zhao Min’s performance.
I think a month ago, this old man could still be forced to cry by reporters. Now an honest man can pretend to be more forced than him.
Sure enough, even Zhao Min has learned bad things. The last honest man in the manor is Zhuang Dad.
What makes Zhuang feel shocked is Zhao Min’s determination.
Everyone else in the manor invested their money in Jia Hu. He didn’t expect Zhao Min’s money to still be kept and he made the best investment-he invested in himself.
It’s nothing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars as a gardener!
Although the agreement has not been formally signed, the women’s basketball team in the virtual comprehensive university is not far from Zhuang.
In fact, except that all the players are students of Virtual Comprehensive University, the base has disappeared from Virtual Comprehensive University.
All training, employees, competitions, etc. are undertaken by Zhuang not far.
The team also needs to run and manage the village. It is not far away to hire a manager, a head coach and a physical fitness coach. With these three people, the team can walk.
He’s a dietitian and a doctor, and he’s fooling around for the time being.
Zhao Minqi Ai Ai said, "Can the manager of the team, Master Zhuang, let me try?"
Zhuang not far away wants to ask, can you do it? But when I thought of Zhao Min’s performance just now, I nodded silently.
He knew that what Zhao Min wanted to be a gardener lacked was management ability, and he wanted to practice with this team.
But Zhao Min doesn’t know that this team is not a team, but also an army that is not far away from Zhuang.
Ancestors said that military power should be in their own hands. If we want to find the most trusted person in the manor not far from Zhuang, besides the foolish loyalty Liu Jinge, it is Zhao Min.