The situation is still dark today.

"You didn’t recommend the general wu Jingning governor? If he can enter your eyes, he will be able to do his duty. "
When Miss Zhao saw his heavy face, she regretted it for a while, even if she let him bully her, she wouldn’t worry about it.
"Having said that, the ancients did not doubt it, but if Wu Chongxing was really cornered, it was human nature to decide what to choose."
Zhao cuo said lightly that he was not the only one who doubted his loyalty but died through the ages.
He believes that if he can let General Wu see it, he hopes that this person will not betray him.
But it’s hard to say if the situation gets worse.
"You have won the first victory today."
Feast gave him a chicken leg.
"I will always win until the end of the victory."
"Do you think it’s more interesting not to talk about the army or to spend the previous month?"
Little grandpa sensed that the beauty beside him was worried about himself and immediately put away his face and smiled and pecked at her cheek.
"What do you want? With a mouthful of oil, I owe you a kiss … "
Zhao Shangxin glared at him with feigned anger.
"Do you still want to teach me? When I fill my stomach, I’ll let you know. "
Zhao thief also issued a threat, and suddenly thought of yesterday’s incident. Don’t ignore her too much.
"I didn’t mean to bully you like yesterday."
Zhao wrong low said by her ear
That’s true, but it’s mainly to break her guard, but he’s also difficult
Although he doesn’t want to reach the goal in one step now, he also has a new goal. Of course, he doesn’t intend to neglect the former.
"I told you not to do it. I forgot what happened at that time. It’s a gift to me if you keep nagging."
Zhao Shangxin glared at him.
"It’s my fault"
Lord Zhao cheerfully put sweet and sour chicken feet in her bowl.
"I shouldn’t have offended you. I’ll wait on you to wash your feet tonight."
His last sentence seemed to mean something.
Miss Zhao doesn’t buy it.
"If you don’t give me food, I’ll go back to my account and rest for a while."
"No, didn’t you just say that you would wait on me for a bath? If an adult keeps his word, he will have it all. "
Zhao cuoyi solemnly said that he wouldn’t let Feast go, and he couldn’t sleep when people left.
"Don’t make something out of nothing."
Zhao Shangxin gave him a gentle and lovely cross.
"I mean, having someone prepare hot water for you is not as interesting as serving you in the bath."
"That’s how forgetful you are. You just said don’t leave."
Zhao Gongye put chopsticks to hold her jade wrist.
"Well … I mean"
Miss Zhao raised her hand slightly angrily and pinched his cheek.
"But I’m talking about grooming your hair without waiting on your soup? Satisfied? "
"It seems so. I’m glad you didn’t forget. Let’s eat first."
Zhao thief will stop when he is good.