"That makes sense. You two are not as good as me."

Then Gu Beichen directly pushed Xu Le with a disdainful face and said
"Don’t be silly. There is no real black market in a place like Area C in Xu Le. Look at what these people are selling. What are they?
It’s okay to fool a rookie. If you really want to buy and sell things, you have to go to the lighthouse fair. "
Open your mouth a little, half-stretch, despise your eyes and that annoying tone
All that’s missing is "eat shit."
Well, some stall owners in the black market are already angry
"Block B guy, what did you say? We’re out of stock in section c? Are you afraid it’s not a wooden stick? "
"It’s just that the idiot b-zone guy goes to the corner of No.13 to see what big goods are."
"It’s a real chicken. I’m afraid you’ve never seen anything in a generation."
"Don’t be angry. It’s just a hubby who hasn’t seen anything."
A few people to gu Beichen swearing make gu Beichen face a green red.
But Xu Le TanTanShou to him.
You see, when you want to get an answer to a question, you need a wrong opinion to get a correct answer.
Gu Beichen stared at Xu Le.
"You cheated me"
"This is called seeking the right direction. How can it be called a pit?
Come on, let’s go to Lane 13.
The so-called … Black alley? "
Chapter 79 Death knell
Came to the No.13 alley, Xu Le looked at it and locked the iron door to knock a few times.
Soon someone opened a window and could see an eye.
"Who is it?"
"We want to go to Black Lane"
"No one introduced you?"
Xu Le answered truthfully that he still wanted to explain, but the other party went straight to the window without even talking.
"This guy is so rude" Gu Beichen was angry.
But Xu Le was calm and thoughtfully. He picked up a stone and weighed it.
After a strong green light, the stone in my hand turned into a small piece of gold.
"Alchemy? Xu Le, you know alchemy? Lying in the trough! "
Not only Gu Beichen, but even Wang Shu showed some surprise and shock.
Stone turns into gold to scare people?
"It’s not alchemy. Don’t think too much. Gu Beichen will cut it for me."
"What are you going to do?"
"Qian Dao is here, so you can’t go home without a hand."