"It’s not …"

Jenkins is a bit hesitant.
Wim was straightforward and said, "We can determine that one of them has the power of genetic evolution and the other two people can determine the real power!
Anyway, one hand and two strokes made our other teammate in a coma. "
Xu returned no reaction to react YanLie is great anger.
"You should hide the enemy’s strength? Do you know that this is a trap for rescuers? "
Many rescues, if the enemy is too strong, may lead the team to take the initiative to rescue, and some people will say that the enemy’s strength will be slightly reduced.
This kind of business is often bad!
Many times, the form of misjudgment may represent the appearance of death and even the annihilation of the army!
"We have nothing to hide! The judgment is not accurate! " Jenkins argued that
With that, Jenkins fixed his eyes on the spacecraft. "It’s better to escape from the sky together. Although there are three spacecraft, it’s also possible to squeeze five people …"
Yanlie’s expression suddenly became gloomy, and he also wanted to say when Xu retired the stereo.
"Yan Lietian, the aircraft is floating at a certain height and ready to fight. The enemy has already followed."
Yan Lie glared at Jenkins, and the remote-controlled flying machine immediately rose and hovered quickly, and the battle was a bit rough.
Yan Lie disappeared in the same instant.
"You three can choose to keep running or watch, but don’t appear within 20 meters of me," Xu said, staring at Jenkins with a straight face.
Three people saw xu back eyes send out a strong bad.
But at this time, rescuers have to fight
It doesn’t make sense for them to escape again.
After the three men made eye contact, the horse avoided to one side.
Good three people are not purely soft.
Avoid one side three people have unloaded the load into the state of preparation.
They are very clever.
No matter how much you retreat, Yan Lie’s strength, such as enemy war, may be able to create fighters for them.
Once given the chance, they will not hesitate to go to war to mend their swords.
Save yourself!
Of course, if you can slay one or two elite enemies, the meritorious military service is also very impressive!
In the distance, the rapidly surging smoke suddenly slowed down, and it was obvious that Xu retired them to prepare for the battle
In the battle plan, it is not for nothing to retreat from Yan Lie these days!
A minute later, three alien races appeared 200 meters away.
The appearance of the three alienated ethnic groups is somewhat humanoid, but their characteristics are very obvious.
The leader’s eyes are as bright as a kilowatt light bulb, and his ears are as big as thieves. The other eye and hair are all red and suspicious!
The height of the last one is significantly higher than that of these two extraordinary alienation families. At this time, it is as oppressive as a giant!
"Only two rescues are so few!" Alienation race big ears seems to be some pity.
Xu retreat is stare blankly!
Practice for so long, this is the first time that Xu tui has confronted the alien invasion of intelligent race.
But in front of me, this theory of alienation is actually Chinese!
Although the accent is a bit weird, it is not all kinds of alien languages that Xu imagined.
Xu back really shocked!
Is this the reason why all the joint areas of Blue Star are now promoting Huaxia language and making Huaxia the most important lingua franca?
Because foreigners also speak Chinese!
Of course, this is a bit inaccurate!
At present, there are three alien races in front of Xu tui, who have wisdom among alien invasive races.
It is not clear whether its alien invasive race theory is Huaxia language.
Of course, the battlefield is always shocked, and this mistake will not be made.