They continued to walk.

I don’t know how long it has been.
A lot of people gathered in the distance, and it was this time that the fighters took part in the assessment.
"Someone is coming again!" Someone said a look toward Jiang Feng view.
Jiang Feng, they are well-known and respect him a little more or less.
"What are you all doing here! ?” Jiang Fengkou asked
Before striding, one of the fighters smiled at Jiang Feng, "We are not ready to go around and find out."
"So that’s it!" Jiang Feng nodded.
"I don’t know if you want to join us! ?” The man spoke and asked about it.
Before Jiang Fengkou answered, someone had disdained to say, "This little alchemist is really strong. I admit it, but he didn’t even take him to the Golden Wonderland, but it was just a burden. I don’t recommend taking him with him."
Hearing these words
Jiang Feng twist a head to look at the man who Jiang Feng seen.
It seems that Huang Yun is a group of younger brothers with outstanding strength.
But people are proud of some ordinary Jiang Feng and have no communication.
Huang Yun doesn’t like Jiang Feng very much
He is able to think about the overseas battlefield and shine brightly, which is indeed the case. His pedicure can make him achieve something in the overseas battlefield, but everything is shattered by Jiang Feng.
On how powerful he is.
But everything is empty in front of the powerful alchemist.
"I strongly disagree with him joining the alchemist. We have enough here to cope with our injuries. We don’t need him." Huang Yun looked indifferent
The other party’s answer embarrassed the fighter.
Before they say much, Jiang Feng has waved directly. "With your strength, I suggest that you don’t go deep into the circle. This is not just a golden fairyland for you to enter."
Heard Jiang Feng words a line of people laughed.
"Fear! That is to be afraid, it is necessary to say that it is so high-sounding! " Huang Yun dismissed it.
Jiang Feng watched him shake his head and sip his lips. "We also want to enter the circle."
"Hum!" Huang Yun snorted coldly. "It’s not dangerous for you to go in, but it’s dangerous for us to go in. What logic is this? Let’s leave and ignore them!"
Huang Yun waved his hand.
Striding towards the circle, the seven fighters behind them hesitated for a moment and finally followed them to enter.
Sun Mufeng frowned.
"We also want to enter the circle! ?”
"Of course, what doesn’t go in?" Jiang Feng firmly said, but turned to look deeply behind him and opened his lips as if to say something.
With Ni leng behind them.
From Jiang Feng lips as if read what "let them into the circle yet! ?”
Ni face wry smile "it seems that he really found us"
The man nodded and was even more shocked by Jiang Fengxiu’s strength. "But this novel is not bad. It’s nothing to be guarded by us, but today I always feel a little abnormal."
Hearing the male words, Ni smiled and said, "What is there to be afraid of? Nothing will happen to us."
There is some truth in the male nodding.
This ancient emperor has been in and out many times, even if it is a circle, it is nothing to ask them not to go to the core foolishly, otherwise there will be no big deal.
"go! We will follow! " Ni turned around and found that Jiang Feng and them had entered the circle.
There is no difference outside the circle.
However, the dust is getting bigger and thicker, and Jiang Feng’s ring flashes slightly. Two Dan medicines appear in Jiang Feng’s hand.
"This is nothing for me to refine and avoid poison Dan and eat it!" Jiang Feng slowly said
Sun Mufeng nodded without doubt.
Don’t underestimate these dust circles. Some poisonous gases will be blown along with the dust. If you don’t take care of them, you may die suddenly on the spot if you take a breath.
"There is a sand hole over there. Let’s go and have a look." Jiang Feng quickly approached the sand hole.
The cave is different from the sand cave. It’s really a cave, and it’s accumulated underground. They slide into the cave along the sand cave. It’s a wide cave.
The whole hole is not big Jiang Feng Sun Mufeng to explore for a moment.
Nothing was found outside the footprints.
"Estimation is that those people have already explored the inside of the spiritual objects with traces of being picked." Sun Mufeng was a little annoyed with a face of dejected and dejected.
Jiang Feng smiled. What they took was just superficial.
"what! ?” Sun Mufeng froze.
See Jiang Feng cave wall groping casually "bang! Bang! Hey! " The palm of your hand kept beating on the cave wall, and soon Jiang Feng’s face lit up. "Break!" Give a light drink and punch directly from the mouth.
"Boom!" The whole cave wall collapsed directly with a loud noise.
Sun Mufeng surprised came running "this is …"
"There are different sand caves in the outside world. If you want to break through the cave wall, you will find a sand cave." Jiang Feng paused and then said, "According to the size of this sand cave, there should be five or six hidden caves."
(just) as expected/anticipated
Another sand cave is covered with many spiritual objects.
Sun Mufeng excitedly ran past "there are a lot of …"
"But there will be danger in sand holes, so be careful." Jiang Feng woke up and Sun Mufeng nodded.
Soon they explored all the sand caves. Well, the sand caves are relatively small in series, and there is no strong monster beast to collect spiritual objects.
They didn’t leave immediately after searching everything.
It’s noon, when the dust is strongest outside, and many monsters will take this opportunity to attack.
Although Jiang Feng is sure to protect himself, Sun Mufeng is different. Jiang Feng doesn’t know his real strength. If he really meets a powerful monster beast, Jiang Fenggen can’t take care of her.
This colleague who cooks for himself every day
You can’t just watch him die.
Jiang Feng they hide inside again, but Ni is full of impatience.
"Why don’t they go and everything will be robbed by others?" Ni’s tone was anxious as if the assessment was not Jiang Feng but like her.
However, the man smiled, "This man is very clever and knows that there is a lot of dust and the monster beast has raided out. Obviously, he is not comfortable knowing this place too well. It’s really not like coming to the ancient land for the first time."
Chapter 1234 melee monster beast
Jiang Feng Sun Mufeng has been here for a long time.
Guess all the monsters hunt, and the wind and sand gradually change. They only left the sand cave when they were young.
The visibility of the circle is not small. It is a wise choice for them to hide.