"You love qing and dispersed! Um … Grandpa Liu, just wait outside! " After that, Li Shangwu reached out and said, "Xianchang, please come this way!"

Lonely born nodded as Li Shangwu arrived in a room, which no longer belongs to the residence of Empress Xuande, but the place where the real Empress should live. Because Empress Xuande likes rural life and doesn’t like luxury places, although some people often clean it, no one has lived here for a long time!
"positions! Being original can play a caring role! The original position is the real dragon, and the life belongs to the ninth five-year plan. It’s better to hide from the evil spirits in the world. After all, it’s better to be careful when you are mortal! " Gu Tiansheng and Li Shangwu took two futons and sat cross-legged on the ground!
"Thank you, Xianchang!" Li Shangwu once again made a respectful ceremony. It is estimated that Li Shangwu will bow to others today!
Lonely born with eyes slightly closed and pinched, orchid tactic no longer says "listen carefully!" " So I opened my mouth and said slowly, "This, that, that, this person should be kind and honest." Say to want to vote … "
These two people are gifted to teach and learn from Li Shangwu, and the body is the master of martial arts. Some of them have all the roots and all the veins to get through. Although it is a set of ordinary meditation techniques, it is more than enough to add Li Shangwu’s 95 th Five-Year Destiny to avoid being attacked by evil winds!
Although Li Shang’s martial arts is fast, it’s been more than half a moment since it was practiced with a set of achievement methods, and it’s just stopped when Hai Shi saw them!
"measure the Buddha!" Solitary born dozen records with a smile, "positions really talented just a moment will be the’ amount of heaven work’ practice to five minutes temperature is really commendable! Although it is impossible to achieve rapid growth in logistics and practice in Japan, it is possible to prolong life! " Say so but lonely born heart dark scold a way "mom! It’s stupid. It’s like a pig. It’s only a little bit of fur from 5: 35 to 3: 00. I thought that I practiced it in an hour! "
"That’s fairy long teach well! Otherwise, there are talents and talents? Ha ha ….. "Where does Li Shangwu know what solitary natural thinking? Seeing loneliness is not like flattery, and it is also a joy in my heart to be alone for many years. It is naturally difficult to be arrogant
Lonely natural language finally saw that you are more shameless than yourself! But the mouth still has to say "pursuit! Hai Shi will talk about some things for a while! "
"Xian Chang, please speak!" At this time, Li Shangwu has been obedient to loneliness. Love can really make people’s IQ drop to a negative number!
"well! Being original calculated that today happens to be Yan Luowang’s duty pursuit. After a while, I went to the hell to see Yamaraja’s gentleman … This way … This way … "
That Li Shangwu’s face showed a little surprise after hearing the lonely words, and then this expression was replaced by pride!
"It’s time! Pay attention! " Lonely born suddenly sat up straight and stared at a nervous Li Shangwu!
Twist the method in your hand and point at Li Shangwu. "Go!"
Before Li Shangwu could react, he felt that his eyes were suddenly dark, and when he opened his eyes again, Li Shangwu had now come to a sandy dirt road!
Look carefully at the jagged rocks on both sides of the road, and there are faint people flying by, but when they are ten feet away from Li Shangwu, they will never dare to move forward again! Look up at a road and see if you can’t see it clearly. Ghost crying comes with the evil wind …
Suddenly, a chain rustled, and Li Shangwu was busy looking back to see two people coming behind them. Both of them couldn’t really see the appearance. One person was wearing a white robe and a white hat with a yellow face. He had never seen words before. The only thing he could see was that a red tongue hung down to his waist!
Another man in white dresses up in white and turns black, even his face is covered with black gas!
These two people are none other than black and white Xiaoqiang, a famous registered figure in the underworld! That ….. I mean black and white!
Black Chang has a dark chain in his hand, and a Tsing Yi student is tied to the other end of the chain. He walks and shivers all over. I don’t know if he is scared or can’t stand the evil wind!
Black and white often pass by Li Shangwu’s face with a look of surprise. It seems that he is also afraid of Li Shangwu. He has made a big circle and passed by Li Shangwu. The white mouth is still chanting "Strange! Strange! This man is so yang! "
"Help me, help me!" That student is very clever. Seeing black and white often seems to be afraid of Li Shangwu, so he turned around and shouted at Li Shangwu!
"clang!" Black often didn’t speak, but shook the chain in his hand. The student fainted as if he had been tortured greatly. Black often held on like a dead dog!
Black and white are often things that are out of their own hands. Although they are strange about Li Shangwu’s strong yang, what if they didn’t see who told them that they didn’t receive the instructions?
Black and white often took a look at Tsing Yi and sang, "Everything is always black and white! Today, glory sits high in the great hall, and once you die, you open your mouth and have a bowl of dream soup … "
Li Shangwu is not a kind person, and naturally he will not be stupid enough to offend black and white. He often goes to save an unknown student and secretly sighs, "You are unlucky!"
"What do you think of this place?" Lonely born suddenly appeared in front of Li Shangwu! The so-called master must learn to be surprised at first sight!
"Ha ha … fairy long and look! What’s terrible about this hell? Black and white often have something to fear besides a longer tongue? Isn’t this Huangquan Road unique in exotic scenery? " What a confused mind! Li Shangwu is really a Tang emperor!
"Although the scenery is good, I’m afraid the empress has delayed the hour if you or I don’t hurry up! If you like the scenery here, just bring you to play again! " Lonely born laughed
Li Shangwu heart way "I’m sick? Nothing to run here to play? " However, his face still smiled with humility and said, "Please ask the immortal to lead the way!"
Lonely born also you’re welcome, although I’ve never been to the underworld, but Pu’s old glass room has a map of the underworld, and its details are clearly drawn even in the Yan Luowang toilet. At this time, I have to be lonely and lead the way, but I also turn left and right to find the right way out!
Ps said in BurningReign that this Kirin problem is actually like this! It’s like there is a gap between people! Kirin and Kirin are also different! You said that the phoenix that swallowed Tathagata was probably the best in the phoenix! It is equivalent to Sun Wu in the monkey! But we can’t say that a monkey can make trouble in heaven, can we? Phoenix, Kirin, Dragon, Xuanwu, the most powerful beasts, are no longer in the Three Realms. Here, some bullied grandchildren are left, such as the Four Seas Dragon King! I don’t know if you are satisfied with this explanation.
Chapter VII Natural stratagem wins the phoenix
"This is the ghost ferry! After crossing the Styx, you will reach the boundary of Yamaraja in the Tenth Hall! " Lonely born stopped in front of a big river!
A piece of red blood in the Styx has surfaced, and there are still several ghosts. Those ghosts are all vicious in previous lives. When they arrive in the underworld, they are still not controlled by Yamaraja. They killed the ghost in Styx and refused to be reincarnated, so they absorbed the yin and blood of Styx here!
"Can Xian Chang take Shangwu across the river?" Li Shangwu doesn’t care about Styx. In his view, loneliness is simply impossible for him to fly as a fairy. Of course he will!
"Buddha! Have you ever heard of the allusion of’ Phoenix in Styx’? " Lonely natural smile heart way "you are knowledgeable know fairy can fly! Is it difficult to take a shower when you are in the exercise stage? But now you should always be that monkey? " Lonely although born arrogant, but the biggest advantage is to be able to see yourself clearly!
"I still hope that the immortal will give me advice!" Where did Li Shangwu know about the secret of "Phoenix in Styx" recorded in Pu Diary?
Lonely born looking at the bloody Styx dignified said, "Fifteen thousand years ago, too Wushan Foot gave birth to a phoenix and a phoenix! These two birds are naturally fierce, and their phoenix clan is peaceful, especially the burning and killing heart is too heavy, which finally angered the Tathagata. It is not easy for the Tathagata to make a magical power in the burning, and then it is a pity that the burning bodhisattva Feng will be imprisoned in the hell after knowing this … "
"Burn all the way to Styx Road. Everything is burned to the ground. This is also the origin of the yellow road! After arriving at the Styx, Feng has rescued Huang, but the two birds are little and want to kill the Yamaraja Temple all the way and take the hell! Who knows that just when two birds flew to the Styx, they suddenly fell into the Styx! "
"Fortunately, the Phoenix clan is immortal, and the two birds were washed by the ghost river, and then they were reborn in the Styx by Yin Qi. Since then, they have lived in the Styx and been sealed by the Tathagata. Guard this ghost ferry! Alas ….. Although the two birds are not human, their hearts are higher than the sky, and their feelings are more profound. Although they have become bodhisattvas, they must not be so happy! It’s a theory of life that killing people must be a big rape and a big evil. Once you have an epiphany, you can be deceived … "
Here is a general introduction to the ghost fire phoenix, but Comrade Gu Tiansheng said it was much more wonderful than writing it! He has been told that he grew up at the bottom of the overpass in the street since childhood. At this time, it is like saying that he will talk about things in detail, which makes the listener feel excited. At that time, he was born alone and didn’t even show up now. Even the ghost of Styx surfaced and listened carefully and stopped crying!
Born alone, something like the Buddha’s tongue bursting with lotus flowers happened inadvertently, especially when the last sentence was finished, there were several fierce souls in the Styx who immediately realized that they were reborn!
"Ha ha ….. Buddhism has a cloud to put a butcher knife and become a Buddha! Taoism also has a cloud avenue, and once you have an epiphany! Kindness and kindness … benefactor, it’s a great merit for us to be able to turn our minds to resentment and reincarnation in this ghost ferry today. Amitabha ….. "The voice just fell and saw two people slowly fall in front of the lonely man!
These two men, a man and a woman, are handsome and handsome, wearing a long shawl and holding a string of ebony beads. Gherardini’s handsome is not lost to that golden cicada, and he was suddenly compared! That woman wears black veil, which is obviously a magic weapon. Even lonely people can’t see it clearly. The woman’s appearance is faintly visible. There is a trace of bitterness in her eyes, and her nose is as high as a jade pillar, which is half hidden but full of soul-stirring!
"I have seen a drop of mother! It’s not so good to be a Tathagata, but it’s too fucking nonsense to look at each other, isn’t it? You see, the two people released from the underworld are handsome men and beautiful women. Look at the help of the Jade Emperor again … Ah … "I secretly sighed in my heart that Tathagata looks at people, but respectfully made a series of hands." I was born to be original and have seen two Bodhisattvas! " These two people are exactly what Gu Tiansheng said just now: the Fire Phoenix Bodhisattva!
"It turned out to be an orphan brother. I heard his name. I don’t know if his visit is far away, but he still goes to a lot of sea!" The two bodhisattvas were born alone, but when they heard that they had given their names, their faces suddenly became respectful! An orphan brother is like brothers for many years!
Gu Tiansheng and Sun Wu are now famous in the outer three realms, and those famous three aunts and six grandmothers have given both their deeds to God! Kick Erlang’s immortal table and attack the Jade Emperor. Ten inverses of Kirin leveled Biancheng! In particular, I heard through the grapevine that these ten inverse Kirin were also made by these two people …
"To! The name of the district is not worth mentioning! " I’m so proud of myself. That’s what he wants! However, I was born alone, and I will never forget what I came for. Then I said, "Being original is to find Yan Jun to get back a life, and I hope two bodhisattvas will send me across the river. Being original is thanked here!"
The two Bodhisattvas, the Fire Phoenix and the Fire Phoenix, are now alone. There is also a Li Shangwu with extraordinary eyes. In those years, Li Shangwu was trained to understand the ghost eyes in the Styx. At this time, Li Shangwu suddenly shocked at the sight. He bowed to the ground one hundred degrees in the previous step and respectfully said, "I have never seen that it was the Emperor who visited the cold place. I hope that the Emperor will forgive me!"
Li Shangwu’s eyes popped out when he heard the dialogue between Gu Tiansheng and the Ghost Fire Phoenix Bodhisattva! He had known that the cow in front of him didn’t expect that the cow would come to such a point to make friends with two bodhisattvas on an equal footing and listen to that meaning. The two bodhisattvas were quite afraid of the Taoist priest in front of them. Li Shangwu was a little disconnected even if he was well informed!
But just as Li Shangwu reflected, he saw two bodhisattvas, the Fire Phoenix, bowing to themselves! He came because the Tang people still have considerable respect for the Buddha and Bodhisattva. I never thought that one day two Bodhisattvas or two living Bodhisattvas would actually give themselves such a big gift! Li Shangwu was speechless at once!
"Two bodhisattvas! Shangwu is a mere mortal. Isn’t it a great gift for you two to kill Shangwu? " Fortunately, comrade Li Shangwu finally reflected it when the waist of the ghost fire phoenix Buddha was almost broken!
"Ha ha … positions don’t have to be so modest! Since the two Bodhisattvas have made great gifts, they will naturally take up their duties! " Lonely born strong in front of the two bodhisattvas of Ghost Fire Phoenix said, "In the past, Emperor Fuxi of san huang, Shennong of Dihuang and Xuanyuan of Ren Huang were neck and neck, and the three worlds of heaven, earth and man also had high and low points! Since you are a human monarch, naturally, like the jade emperor Yamaraja, you are generally a monarch and two bodhisattvas. This gift is naturally affordable! "