Wu Xiaojian didn’t have time to let her play absentminded, so she shook her shoulder and woke up. "Something is wrong at home."

"Something’s wrong?" Li Qianru hasn’t finished her recovery yet, but she feels that something is pressing against her lower abdomen, which makes her feel uncomfortable, but it makes her face blush, worry, anger and resentment. Looking at him, she feels that he is an animal.
"It’s like …" Wu Xiaojian wanted to explain to her to make her more sober.
A huge wall collapsed and smoke billowed from the direction of the living room. It also directly rushed into the bedroom and blew them. Wu Xiaojian conditioned his body to protect Li Qianru behind him, but he also heard a arrogant voice from the living room …
"You used to live here?"
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Chapter 75 8 years of unrequited love (3 more) [Chapter word number 139 latest update 13917 18:18:3]
"Fly high? !”
Wu Xiaojian was surprised that Goofy would appear here.
"Wow ~ Lang Qing’s concubine is so touching." Goofy suddenly appeared and happened to bump into the scene where Wu Xiaojian protected Li Qianru behind him.
"What do you want?"
Wu Xiaojian knows that he is a little curious now, but he is a little surprised that Goofy will appear here.
"Of course …! Hatred! Hey! " Goofy suddenly put away his laughing expression and came in from the doorway of rustling cement dust. He looked at this side with hatred and said, "You are safe with my brother’s protection?" I’m not buying that! Who will bury the hatchet? At that time, but he said I didn’t promise! Incredibly, I got a punch from him … "
The thought of flying over the sky became more and more like fire, and my whole face became red with anger.
"Then what do you want!"
Li Qianru wants to come out from behind Wu Xiaojian, who doesn’t let the arch eyebrows stand on end and ask him.
"how about it? Of course … "Goofy suddenly became greedy and looked at her obsessively and said," Li Qianru, what’s good for you to follow him? What can I buy for you if you want? Do you know that I had a crush on you in high school? I already got you if it wasn’t for Wu Xiaojian’s obstruction, but now it’s better. With this game, I, Kyle, grabbed you and let him see how much love we have. "
"shame!" Li Qianru, no matter how stupid he is, understood the meaning of goofy words. He was going to win Wu Xiaojian and rob her, and then directly put her in front of Wu Xiaojian … She had never seen such a disgusting man.
"…" Wu Xiaojian silence but clenched fist has proved that his anger is growing rapidly.
Li Qian Ru also suddenly noticed a key thing in Goofy’s words to react and asked him, "You just said that Wu Xiaojian didn’t stop you in high school …"
"Don’t you know? !” Goofy looked surprised and laughed and said, "I also told him everything to show off to you." He looked at Wu Xiaojian derisively.
Wu Xiaojian’s eyes have been buried in the shadow of bangs and whispered a "shut up"
This sentence was obviously heard by Goofy, but he didn’t care to stimulate him to continue to say, "He has had a crush on you since junior high school. If he doesn’t have the guts to tell you face to face, he will beat anyone who wants to chase you when he is in high school. He should also know about it and take the initiative to be his accomplice …"
"So that let him remember the trivial things …" Li Qianru looked at Wu Xiaojian in dismay. She was vaguely aware of it but didn’t expect it to be true …
"Shut up!" Wu Xiaojian’s voice is already like a demon whispering in a low voice but full of deterrence, so you can clearly feel the anger in his two words.
"That thing …" Goofy is not afraid of him at all. Not only will he not shut up, but he will also say that he will tell the department he knows, so that he can completely lose face in front of Li Qianru, so that his horse can look at Li Qianru screaming at him like a lost dog, so that he can really wash away the humiliation of three years in high school!
"That thing that thing Xue Gui said that idiot can catch up with you in a month, and promised his stupid friends that he would give you to play when he had had enough, so that they could also experience the beauty of our 36 middle school. This word was just said the next day and this guy next to you heard it. He directly arrested him with black fat and prepared to waste his sun Gen. Later, a friend of Xue Gui woke up, which was not very good for him. He only wasted Xue Gui and let him get out of 36 forever. Think about it carefully. You are also happy enough. Ah, study painting quietly for three years, or you won’t get into the Provincial Academy of Fine Arts smoothly … "Goofy said it was triumphant as if Li Qianru wanted to thank him for all this.
"I told you to shut up, did you hear me?"
Wu Xiaojian, however, stormed out at this moment, and the whole person became angry from embarrassment, like a different person. He suddenly rushed to Xue Gui with his right hand clawed at his face and tried to press him against the wall to shut him up.
But a figure took the lead in blocking Goofy’s face, and his claws blocked Goofy from being hurt.
"Dare to do dare not let people say? You coward! "
Wu Xiaojian’s face turned blue and red, and he knew that he definitely didn’t want people to expose his background. A few people knew what fighting was everywhere in his high school, but Goofy just knew one of them … because he had been beaten by him.
"What he said … is true?" Li Qianru was shocked.
Thinking that Wu Xiaojian can be so free and easy, she has already felt that his feelings for her seem a little different from the past.
Remembering the day when we met again, his heart had been pierced by a pike, but instead of pain and regret, he was relieved to see her. At that time, she felt that something was fluctuating in her heart and made a contract with him involuntarily
"… you graduated from junior high school and said you wanted to enter the provincial academy of fine arts …" Wu Xiaojian didn’t dare to look at her complicated eyes and found that he was really like goofy, saying he was a coward and dare to do it.
Because he was afraid to say it, he saw Li Qianru’s mocking eyes and heard the words "We are impossible, you don’t need me to do this"
In this way, it is better not to let her know that he has been silently guarding her, and he doesn’t care no matter how big the mistake is.
But today …
Suddenly, I was a little afraid to look at Li Qianru’s eyes and feel what if she regretted it? What should I do to recognize him as a waste of time? What if she hates him directly and stays away from her after warning him?
"You … are really an idiot."
Li Qianru didn’t laugh or hate, but gave him a very distressed sigh.
Wu Xiaojian looked up at her and saw that her eyes were red and her mouth was covered with tears. She said to him, "Why didn’t you tell me earlier?"
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Wu Xiaojian was completely shocked. If she is telling the truth now, she means …
"You and I don’t know? Or do you think all girls are idiots? "
Wu Xiaojian could not say anything more, and the whole people were shocked.
"Depend! Your meat is not disgusting! And Li Qianru, you didn’t really see this poor boy, did you? What is so good about him? What can I compare with him? !”
"Does he have a bigger penis than you?" Li Qianru proudly despised him.
Wu Xiaojian was almost choked by a mouthful of his own saliva, wondering if he heard wrong. Why did he seem to hear the word "JJ" from Li Qianru’s mouth?
This sentence also hit goofy. I couldn’t help but take a look at Wu Xiaojian’s crotch. Now Wu Xiaojian is wearing pants. Just now, he and Li Qianru are "passionate". Now the sword is still soaring into the sky.
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Chapter 76 Have you ever played Plants vs Zombies (4th watch) [Chapter Words 36: 1: 9: 16 in the latest update]
Strange eyes make Wu Xiaojian have an impulse to hide his little brother, but the thought of demonstrating now makes him stand upright. How proud he is!
"good! Ok! Good! " Goofy’s face is even more ferocious, and his whole face is as black as the bottom of the pot. He points to Li Qianru and says, "No matter what you say now, I will let you experience for yourself who is better."
Li Qianru was not hit by her high-flying words, but made her more confident. She warned Wu Xiaojian with tears in her eyes, "If you export me, I will never end with you."
"I know!" Wu Xiaojian saluted her, but he hasn’t seen anything yet. He is the biggest fool in the world.
Suddenly, some people say that the happiest thing in the world is that when you have a secret crush on someone, you find that this person also secretly loves yourself.
Now I know that Li Qianru likes him, too. He looks like he’s been drugged, and his renal gland is rising rapidly. He can’t export her in front of his face when he knows his wife! No matter how high he flies, he exposed the snow feather and the ice jade knife today, and he flew high and lost here!
"start! Forest! "
I didn’t rush to summon the sword fighting magic ox and snow demon until Gao Fei knew clearly that the sword fighting magic ox and snow demon were understanding what they were capable of, and directly changed their tactics in the haunted ancient temple, so that the fighting environment would be more powerful for them first.
[Primitive Forest] The Star God Card has been strengthened to the third level by him, which not only has a larger area, but also has a 1% increase effect on continuing to play an environmental card, and it also makes this forest more complicated and profound physically.
In an instant, their fighting environment came from his home to a strange virgin forest. When Li Qianru saw this forest, she was very familiar with it. She plunged in and disappeared.
"Huang Ying goes after her." Goofy doesn’t care about his girl at all. The girl is very unwilling to fight this battle.