This time, she didn’t want to involve her, but she really couldn’t think of any way to resolve it and had to come up with this plan.

She went back to Beijing the night before to arrange all this.
Of course, she also went to the palace to see the queen mother.
Qiaodai was indeed the empress dowager, so Qiaodai assassinated Shen Meng and framed Feng Yingmo. It was also the empress dowager’s intention that Qiaodai was obeying orders.
The queen mother also asked her to arrange Qiaodai, and then she euphemistically called "being a helper for her" in the Jiefang. In fact, she knew that it was just surveillance and eyeliner.
Both the queen mother and Qiao Dai denied that the arrow was laced with magic.
Before she left Xian State that night, she secretly went back to the back channel, and the arrow was gone.
She doesn’t know how credible these two people are. She knows that if it’s not the arrow problem, there is a possibility.
The method is phoenix shadow ink.
She recalled the situation at that time, and a phoenix shadow ink touched her.
She clearly remembers avoiding the arrow. She and Feng Yingmo knocked to the ground. Her ear bead was injured. His shoulder was injured. He got up first and stretched out his hand to pull her up. She didn’t give him her hand. Mo Qianyu asked someone to come and help her, but he pulled her up first.
Should be at that time will method in her body.
Otherwise, how could he dislike her like this?
This method follows the blood, even if it bleeds in her wrist and ears, those method bugs that can hardly be seen by the naked eye will follow the past.
And this thoughtful man got rid of his suspicion and let himself be tricked.
She didn’t know when it was for him, maybe it was at the same time with her or maybe it was on the roof when she asked him to drink.
Otherwise, he didn’t answer at first?
Yes, that’s when it happened.
She remembered that before taking the hip flask, he rubbed his injured shoulder. At that time, she returned it. He wanted to tell her that he didn’t answer it because of his shoulder injury. Now think about it, it should be then.
If that’s the case, it’s even more serious. Imagine if he treats her differently or if men and women react in the opposite way.
There are two possibilities: one is to suspect that she is a woman, and the other is to suspect that she is a descendant of the Zhong family.
So she was determined to let her sister out.
She must be resolved, and the man’s doubts must be completely dispelled.
"I don’t know where the night adults sing?" The man’s low-alcohol voice suddenly rang ahead and pulled her thoughts back.
"Eldest brother" knelt on the ground clock neon spirit also called her a.
The original twin sisters, they are now pretending to be twins.
Night from the folding of the folding of the mind slightly gave the clock neon spirit after a stable eyes slowly towards the phoenix shadow ink.
Thank you [sunhan59] for pro-diamond ~ thank you [only] for pro-purse ~ thank you [late summer Ivy] for pro-flower ~ love you [6] for asking to keep a secret?
There are still two or three steps away from each other, and the night leaves to face Feng Ying Mo and fuels. "It’s all my fault and I’m eager to make contributions. I’m worried about going to Xianzhou with Feng’s adult to investigate what skills Feng’s family will play. I’ll let my sister, Ye Ling, secretly follow us. If necessary, I can let her temporarily take my place and get away to do the work, which I actually did. After I went to my hometown with Feng’s adult, I let Ye Ling dress up as a man and pretend to be me.
Night away from said while carefully wind the phoenix shadow ink face look.
She thought about making Feng Ying Mo suspect that she is a woman twice.
Once, when she was on the steps of the painting boat, she almost wrestled. He pulled her chest and hit the other person’s chest.
The other time was to save Mo Qian Yu from the arrow in the dark tunnel, and the two men knocked over and pressed together.
These two times were held on the day of the river completion ceremony, and she had to say that her sister had taken her place before that.
Feng Ying Mo looked at her quietly without saying anything. She couldn’t understand emotions in Feng’s eyes.
I can’t understand whether this deep man believes it or not, but he still continues to "change my sister when I come back unnoticed. Who knows that my sister and Feng’s adult have been treated by someone’s method? My sister said that after drinking that night, she was still confused and offended Feng’s adult. Please forgive Feng’s adult, but because of this, my sister panicked and didn’t know what to do, so she made up a reason for Fukuda to tell me to find me overnight."
Speaking of which, it’s a hot night away from my ears, but the warm embrace of men and the hot touch of my lips are so real that night.
Edge clock neon spirit with slightly lowered his head.
Night away and respectfully said, "Li Daitao is guilty of deceiving the monarch, and please ask Lord Feng to keep this secret for us."
Perhaps I have never seen the night away so low, and the phoenix shadow ink is very condensed by the light of the eyes, hovering over the front, kneeling and standing in front of me, as if they were carved like two beautiful lips with a micro-arc.
"I want to keep your secret?"
Looking up at night, I saw a man with picturesque eyes and a business-like look on his face.
Micro-coagulation of the eyebrows night away from hanging eyes, and "please look at the night spirit in the dark tunnel that day …"