And Qin Renli can see all this calmly. It really is Maoshan decree by destiny.

"Although we now seem to be a shoo-in, it is still decisive whether the ghost king of Yinshan will come in two places at once." Lingqing looked at the yin-yang channel wrapped in the door array and shook his head.
At this time, although there is no powerful ghost king’s elite soldiers, there are still a steady stream of ghosts pouring out of it and breaking into the gate array.
I don’t know how many years these ghosts have accumulated in the underworld, but I’m afraid they have strangled nearly a million people from now on, but they still don’t see a trace of weakness.
But these are not his worries that many ants can kill elephants, but the real dragon is just a pinch of dust in the face of taking off for nine days.
No matter how much you come, you won’t be a ghost king in Yinshan.
Lingqing has a faint feeling in his heart. Even this time, I really want to have a real relationship with this famous peerless ghost king.
He entered the vice-president twice and cut scenes twice, all of which were scenes of a ghost king in Yinshan Mountain.
Once, I beheaded the King of Five Ghosts for getting married.
Now he wants to counterattack Yang himself and want to stop him in the biggest channel of Yin and Yang in this world.
This is an unspeakable fate.
"The enemy will block the water and have means to resist" Li Changyang was right. "On whether the ghost king of Yinshan will come or not, we can’t let these ghosts enter the disaster side."
"This is true" Lingqing nodded.
All the good and evil in the world are ghosts. It’s hard to say that the ghost king Wang Lingqing is definitely doing his own good in his mind.
For him, reversing yin and yang is his moral place and his goodness.
For Lingqing, it’s okay for a ghost king or a big demon to kill people alone according to ghosts or demons.
However, no matter how Lingqing understands them, he can also do it according to everything, such as pigs and dogs.
He himself has not yet reached the realm of the great sage, the great mercy, the great compassion, the unity of all things and the equality of all beings
I was born to be human and give up something, but I can’t give up my roots after all.
The ghost king of Yinshan wants to subvert the yin and yang and repeat the ghost road, which is to dig up the humanitarian root of this world.
This is what Lingqing doesn’t want to see.
Therefore, the ghost king of Yinshan does good, but the spirit is green. Here is the great evil, and it is necessary to go to evil and good.
There is no good or evil in heaven and earth, and there is no dispute between heaven and earth because of my heart.
If I am different, my heart will be different. If I am different, good and evil will be divided into good and evil. The reason for the dispute is that heaven and earth are born because of me, and good and evil are born and killed because of me.
Our daily necessities can make heaven and earth calm.
It’s Lingqing who wanted to think that this great goodness will be difficult to reach this level in the future.
However, what you want is nothing more than a long life and a happy life.
Battlefield spirit probability million Yin forces in one place has killed ten ghost king evolution ghost array.
Seeing can be tackled one by one when suddenly heard a huge roar of Yin and Yang channels.
"roar! ! !”
Hum! ! !
The broken demon male sword made a sharp sound, and the original gate array auxiliary has restored many seals and collapsed again.
Constantly spilling sword light into the Yin and Yang channels is also a meal, which in turn seems to be stimulated.
A huge sword light will cover the entire Fiona Fang thyme Yin and Yang channel.
Those spectres that climb from the edge will vanish in an instant.
"roar! ! !”
There was another loud noise and the sound was close at hand.
Then Lingqing and others saw a huge stone head emerge in the Yin and Yang channels.
"Yinshan ghost king! !”
Chapter five hundred and fifty-nine Yin and Yang of heaven and earth
When Emperor Miao Dao heard the first roar of Yinshan Ghost King, he decisively told Wenjun and Sun Yuwei to "let’s withdraw".
Then he hid the gate array and put all the defenses from the spectre in the array to disperse in the shadow area of Mount Tai.
With two people fly to be surrounded by a large array of brainwave ten ghost king.
The same is true of two people, Ling Qing and Li Changyang.
I thought I would take this opportunity to practice for a brainwave, but now I can’t come.
But now the brainwave performance is bright enough, which is beyond the imagination of Lingqing.