It’s really hard to fight if it’s not easy to fight!

It was when I saw Han Xuanxuan and Ai’s tired heart being accused one after another that I thought about it but didn’t have much reaction.
Because at this time, the dreamer f he controlled made a move …
Chapter three hundred and fifty Already dead
"Clear water?"
"The water is clear!"
Accompanied by Fang Xiang’s wave of shots, whether it is the classmates in the Dream Westward Journey Society of Fudan University or the more than 100,000 dream friends in the live broadcast of Jia Ling at this moment, I am amazed.
Because the party thinks that it is to choose the Five Zhuang View, which is tired of love, to take a wave of clear water.
And the previous love tired heart was sealed by the opposite daughter village, and was forced to unseal directly by the party who wanted a wave of clear water!
"Mom, this wave of fuck is really beautiful!"
"What a team of dreamers!"
"Although the Dir team on the other side has been upgraded to the Dreamer Team Level 2, it has an advantage over the Dreamer Team in terms of hardware, command and operation."
"This wave is really possible!"
Seeing the dreamer team’s first round of dreaming friends are all excited and make them even more excited … just now!
Fang Xiang wants a wave of clear water, strong love, tired heart, and sealed state before.
In front of Han Xuanxuan, Nike BB also hit a wave of Han Xuanxuan directly just visible.
Previously, when I saw Fang Xiang’s tired heart, five members of the Dir team couldn’t help narrowing their eyes.
And now I see that my command is once again understood by the commander of the dreamer team and has made a wave of cracking against them.
The director of the Dir team took a deep breath-
"Should I break the seal?"
"It takes 3HP blood to hypnotize."
I don’t know what makes people feel so far-fetched when these words come out of his mouth at the moment.
Seal Han Xuanxuan’s hypnotic symbol Fang Cunshan is the command account of this Dir team, and this account is also aimed at PK. A wave of square-inch Shan Qi Meridian Dry Yuan Dan can only be broken when the hit target is output by 3 HP blood points.
And the dreamer team, the summoner BB, is so fast that it is bound to be a card speed BB and a card speed BB damage. Of course, it is not enough to see it, so it will naturally break the seal!
The corners of the mouth haven’t come up yet.
One second Dir team, the conductor pupil can’t help but enlarge and enlarge!
Because the opposite dreamer team, the fast-moving Thunderbird man didn’t cause some HP blood output damage as Han Xuanxuan imagined. On the contrary, the fast-moving Thunderbird man Gank Han Xuanxuan …
Normal attacks have no crit.
Blood output—
"Holy shit?"
"Does this M Dreamer team get hurt when it gets stuck?"
"Pull the calf?"
At that time, Dir team scolded the pot.
No matter whether it’s the Dir team commander or anyone, even the sitting party wants to be opposite them. There is a kind of desire to throw the mouse in front of them and then end up with the display screen facing the opposite party, waiting for someone to smash it!
Ni yi nai ka
Can hitting a 3-hole million-light hardware Datang official body produce 116 blood output without criting?
This m is too unreasonable to play cards, isn’t it
It is also the flustered situation of the Dir team. It should have been the turn of the Dir team Datang government, but it happened that if the previous wave of bait hides the hook, he couldn’t hit it in the first round.
Face across a embarrassed smile.
This can’t help but make people feel like an embarrassed but polite smile.
Dir team, what the Datang government can do at the moment is just … Watching Han Xuanxuan walk out of a wave of total annihilation over there …
Han Xuanxuan’s turn over there was a wave of total annihilation!
Fang Xiang’s meaning is also very accurate.
In the first round, he doesn’t care whether his opponent is level 69 or level 9. In the first round, he just wants to kill the other person.
Get a speed? So what?
I’ll kill you a little. Isn’t that enough?
So Fang wants to command Han Xuanxuan Datang government to become an advanced night. Luo Cha has come forward to the name daughter village of Dir team.
A cold, horrible and dangerous breath wrapped this Dir team daughter village.
Looking at the front Han Xuanxuan dynamic effect.
The Dir team daughter village slowly closed his eyes.
This is also the time.
Han Xuanxuan attack has fallen.
Total annihilation first-
When I saw this data, my dream friends were boiling!
"Mom, the egg is really 6666!"
"Dir team, this daughter village should also be 3-hole hardware, and it is still level 9, which is 2 levels higher than Han Xuanxuan. But Han Xuanxuan actually swept the knife 2?"
"Why can’t you just end the opposite side with three knives?"
"It’s love! It’s too cruel! "
These words were not heard by Fang Xiang and others.
But want to is nodded calmly looked at his front that Dir team daughter village.
Well, if there are no accidents, the Dir team, this daughter village-
Han Xuanxuan swept the horde three times, and the Dir team, daughter village, caused the left and right blood output.
The last knife was a critical strike.
If it weren’t for the wave of personal protection in front of the square foot in the Dir team at this time, it is estimated that this daughter village of the Dir team would have fallen at this time.
"Ah, what a pity!"
"Come to this level 9 daughter village is dead."
Jia Ling live broadcast inside the public screen to a burst of sighs.
It’s also at this time that Fang wants to wait for others. Those students who watch the PK perspective of Dir team can’t help but squint their eyes.
HP qi and blood cells have been covered with white.
The Dir team, daughter village, is estimated to have about 5 HP blood points at most.
It’s really a pity.