When the meteor hammer was sent out, a figure appeared on the bamboo face. The fuzzy power that came from the strange array to cover the face shape was scattered by his physical strength when he made a move, revealing a bold face.

This is a meteor hammer with six and a half halls and five halls.
He has always been very proud of his twin meteors, and he is deeply indignant at the forbearance of the master of the General Hall in recent years. Sometimes he admits that he can fight the sick ghost of the Golden Wind and Rainy Rain Building alone.
Today, however, he really played a proud trick on Su Mengzhen, and this confidence was shattered in an instant.
Fifty-nine kilograms of the meteor hammer was cut off in a moment when it touched the blade of the tea knife, and ninety-three kilograms of the meteor hammer was also cut off by the sudden rotation of the knife light, which connected the hammer head.
The heavy hammer was out of control. Su Mengzhen flew past his arm with that hammer as soon as his arm sank.
However, after all, he didn’t leave the traitor’s life with this wound and anger. Mobei God has even quit seven steps.
This is not due to thunder.
Instead, the meteor hammer was destroyed, and at the same time, a big hole suddenly exploded in the tree in front of Su Mengzhen. One of them was used to hide the tree, and later generations directly smashed the palm of the tree and pushed it to Su Mengzhen like a ball.
This man’s palm is too strong and fierce to bully him, but he can choose such a most powerful technique instead of bypassing the tree to attack
This is a means of overwhelming hatred, and the six-and-a-half-hall four-hall master hates thunder
If the thunder rolled out and was not looked at by Su Mengzhen, the thunder hate also made him slightly fiercely.
Then Su Mengzhen had to rush to renew his breath just now when he suddenly came at someone from the half-canopy that was blown off, which made him dare not show any flaw in dealing with the traitor’s raid.
Flying from the semi-canopy, I hit the top of Su Meng’s pillow with my head, feet and palms. This man looks thin and less than 30 years old, but he is actually 52 years old, six and a half halls and two halls.
If it weren’t for Di Fei’s ingenuity, it would be the sixth and a half hall, with the highest status, the heaviest martial arts and the strongest man except the thunder loss of the main hall.
In the face of this "double thunder" assault, Su Mengzhen’s body suddenly swelled like an apricot red robe, which was covered by an umbrella, and Su Mengzhen’s robe was cut across the board. Ray hated to hold his hands round like a ball, and then the robe quickly retreated.
He withdrew from the robe face for a moment, and the soft apricot red robe was beaten into flying catkins by the palm of his hand. The ground around Fiona Fang was slightly sunken, and the fallen leaves were crushed and mixed into the soil to become a green thick slurry.
Su Mengzhen fell under siege.
It thundered on the ground, and the thunder hated to stop. The thunder rolled back half of his meteor hammer.
Even Mobei God sealed the cave to stop bleeding. Only one hand and an umbrella occupied a position. His hand was shaking, his face was shaking, his pain was shaking, and he was also afraid. But he knew that his traitor status had been exposed today, and Su Mengzhen was afraid to kill him to the death. At this time, he could never retreat.
If you retreat, you will die, but if you attack, there is still a chance.
The forest suddenly became quiet.
The more than two hundred brothers left in Su Mengzhen are gone again. Su Mengzhen, whose broken trees and stone tablets have been knocked down, seems to be standing in his eyes again.
It turns out that the strange array with traffic jam in the buildings just now has not been fully displayed, and the things that have been destroyed in the forest seem to have not affected the operation of this array.
"You don’t expect someone to save you!"
Ray hates his hands as if rubbing an invisible dough. The more he rubs it, the more crackling it makes in the atmosphere. He wants to blow Su Mengzhen’s self-confidence and erase Su Gong’s fighting spirit, so that his back will bleed more. He laughs. "If you break the tree, cut the bamboo, and crack the monument, it will not affect the operation of this law."
"You cut the knife to the edge of the blade until you are tired, which really makes you go deeper into this array. Put your guard down and scatter those stumps. They all feel that they can’t get out when they die alone."
All these words are from Di Fei Jing in recent years, and that’s all he knows about this law.
However, he told what he knew, and Su Mengzhen didn’t look at him.
This sick man with bleeding back really can’t be distracted to stop bleeding, but he seems to be dismissive of others, staring at Mobei God like an ancient prince complaining about ghosts and evil spirits
Mobei God was soaked in sweat all over, like being caught in a rain, and Lei hated to see him despise his heart so much.
From five years ago, when the golden breeze and fine rain building just showed its strength to compete with six and a half halls, Di Feijing and Lei Lei agreed to secretly arrange black and white forests to transform the whole forest.
It is not so difficult to transform a forest land by the forces of the Six-and-a-Half-Hall, but it is difficult to complete this transformation from ground to ground if you want to deceive the eyes and ears of the golden breeze and drizzle building.
Therefore, they have spent five years, and they have exploited the wealth in recent years, except for the necessary activities.
In recent years, this six-and-a-half-hall has suffered many losses in the confrontation with the golden breeze and drizzle building. Although two or three of the hall owners clearly know this plan, they are also obviously aware that their usual expenses are affected.
For example, Lei hates that the number of servants who serve and please in private houses everywhere except his fourth hall hand has been reduced to more than one hundred.
The five-year backlog of public hatred and personal enmity is like being detonated by Su Mengzhen’s current attitude, and he is furious and will make a move.
Willful days have the heart to let Su Mengzhen shed more blood and stalemate for a while to see if he can wait until the best time to have a cough. At this time, I can see that this old four can’t wait at the sight of his face.
Four people besieged and left with one stroke. If Lei hates to be the first to do it, he can’t be flexible after his move. It is very likely that Su Mengzhen will take the opportunity to affect the whole situation.
So Huo Ran raised his hand in a throbbing day-he wanted to rob Lei and hate before pushing.
There was a time difference between the two of them, but a statue suddenly flew from the forest.
Two palm forces hit the stone statue one after the other, which is like the latest secret gunpowder blasting pill of the Thunderbolt Hall in the south of the Yangtze River, which blows the whole statue apart and the stone powder flies about.
Su Mengzhen took advantage of this opportunity to wrap the tip of his hand in a blunt force, like a large stroke, hitting several acupoints to stop bleeding from the wound behind him.
A stroke of thunder and lightning, my eyes swept around and I caught a glimpse of a generous stone falling to the ground. The stone was still growing with moss and most of the wet traces, which was actually the cornerstone of a statue.
The statue was not interrupted by people along the slender and fragile places such as knees and ankles, but was pulled up and thrown from the ground.
There seems to be a gap in the whole forest absence method. Someone in a solid gray robe is coming with a long sword in his hand.
This man looks young, but the swordsman moves quickly with an unpleasant step frequency. When he approaches, he has a calm and solemn bearing, which makes people ignore his youthful appearance.
He walked in this mysterious array, but he seemed to be sailing in the waves. In the bamboo shadow, the subtle abnormal wind was like a wave, and he sailed straight ahead.
"What a beautiful knife!"
The man saw the knife in Su Mengzhen’s hand outside the encirclement before turning to Su Mengzhen’s face and saying, "This is the tea knife, right? So you are the landlord of Goldwind and Rainy Building?"
He asked for a while, but without waiting for anyone to answer, he turned to Lei Dongtian and others. "So you must be a master of six and a half halls if you have the ability to besiege you?"
Su Mengzhen’s eyes seemed to be moved by the candlelight. He knew this man. Yang’s evil information contained portraits of the two men in seven carriages. This man was Fang Yunhan.