"Uh …" Tyrone stupidly would be like this?

It’s not interesting enough to be in the manor, is it? Let these people help him brush the box office for nothing.
But what can people do if they have the final say Do you want to sue?
There’s no prosecution. It’s just a lottery and a test. People can distribute it as they like
"There are about four people in Nut State who have obtained the quota. These people are either unwilling to sell or the price is too high. Now the intelligence department is searching for accounts in the world, but at present, the government and the military control no more than ten accounts."
No more than ten?
There are no more than ten control accounts in Nut State, the strongest state in the world?
However, this is reasonable in terms of the proportion of people.
Because the forty account owners in Nut State became the stars of Nut State almost overnight.
Who wants to sell an account with such a bet? You can earn enough money to sell your account almost casually.
Nut state government can’t take it by surprise.
In this environment, this account in Tyrone’s hand is even more precious.
The nut state military technical department didn’t think about cracking it, but it was detected and warned that if it tried to crack it again, it would block the account.
It is also a wonderful thing that the technical department of a state was scared by a game warning.
However, this account is too precious, and Tyrone is still an active soldier. After careful consideration, the officials decided to return the account to Tyrone.
Then there is the present scene.
Tyrone shook his head as he thought
After washing his hands in the toilet, he turned around and saw David washing his hands by the door. He knocked at the door.
That attitude is like treating people.
Only at this moment did he really realize that his life had really changed.
Back in the conference room, I spoke with several aides and was taken into the next room.
Game equipment is ready in this room.
A massage chair that looks very expensive, and dozens of large and small monitors are impressively listed.
And there are less than 20 soldiers at the scene who are busy with the configuration of the war room.
Who can know that this is really a game?
When Tyrone came in, everyone started to crack up.
The officers who came to call him a soldier coldly were also kind at this time, and many politely called, "Sergeant, are you ready to enter the game?" He measured that players have been in the game for two days, and there will be a battle in less than 24 hours. We need to smooth out these gaps as soon as possible. "
"This is the best development route summed up by the strategy team after studying the webcast and experience. Sergeant, please read it carefully and remember it."
"Sergeant, I am your chief staff, and I will always show you how to cultivate and perfect your own characters."
"Sergeant, I’m the chief technical officer. My specialty is all kinds of mechanical equipment. I will help you choose the most suitable and excellent war giant dog ratio."
"Sergeant, I’m a linguist, and my team will help you communicate with other players in the game. Please learn a few simple Chinese words with me first, because the communication ability in the game is almost based on Chinese environment, which will be very important. You cry … and have a rest …"
"Sergeant, I am your nutritionist. I am responsible for keeping you in the best condition. What did you have for lunch? Have you had any discomfort recently? "
"Sergeant …"
When Tyrone finally sat down in the massage chair, he had stuffed his stomach with game knowledge, learned a few words of Chinese and remembered that he needed to finish first.
He wore a VR helmet and suddenly brightened up.
"Dear" Era Hegemony "tester Titan, are you ready to fight?" A soft sound came up.
"Ready," Tyrone said in broken Chinese.
"The lines match the iris and face recognition. Welcome to the game."
"The second batch of players in the current game have prepared a big gift package to help you quickly catch up with the progress of the game. Please note that the game is very difficult and the death penalty is very serious. Please read all the precautions carefully before doing exercises."
After the pre-test, the game is no longer so simple. After more than ten minutes of guiding process, Tyrone finally shines in the "game".
"Aha!" Tyrone couldn’t help cheering when he saw the lush world as if it were really unreal.
I’m coming to the world of Era Hegemony!
Guardian of the earth, I’m coming!
When he saw a package option next to him, a shadow flashed in front of him, and a giant mechanical dog appeared in front of him.
This is the gift package for beginners. If you work hard, it is not difficult to earn enough points to buy real war dogs before the war.
But he has less than 24 hours left, and he has to race against time.
Chapter 1315 Need to be beaten, little monkey
"Robbery Squad" and "Hegemony of the Times" have been occupied by 1000 players for several weeks in a row, which is even more rampant. It can be said that the whole earth network is carnival during this period.
People are keen to track down these 1,000 lucky people, and the media are also keen to report their lives. Many traffic stars have also been born because of these 1,000 account changes.
There are many dramatic figures in it.