Su Li is sensing the physical condition.

He first sensed "tears"
He never knew that the "peeping symbol pattern" of Gun’s tears path was also an unknown relic.
This tear has always been on his chest, but it has really blended and made him think that today he has made great achievements, and he can absorb all the strange parasites that parasitize into his body like black silk thread, which has brought him back to normal, thus reversing today’s situation.
Otherwise, they, the leaders of the ancient city, will be controlled by psychic parasites and become puppets, and the consequences will be unimaginable.
Su Li felt gun tears again to see if there was any change when the black thread worm absorbed gun tears.
Unfortunately, it still reacts.
After Su Li induction, he gained a lot of spiritual source equipment.
Just now, he killed nearly 20 people, including Zhu Wuping and Sun Ruikai. These people are not as good as his high method to give him effective spiritual resources, but these spiritual resources of the people he killed were absorbed by him.
Counting and harvesting spiritual source equipment fully reached more than 67 pieces.
This number made Su Li angry.
Because these parasitic people are almost all members of the core, it can be said that their strength is not weak, even if they are weak, they also have one or two pieces of spiritual equipment, and the first few people each have several pieces. Together, the number of spiritual equipment of nearly 20 people is quite amazing
Su Li carefully examined and found that more than a dozen of the 67 pieces of equipment were ordinary spiritual weapons, and there were a large number of duplicate equipment and a rare piece of equipment.
It was an accident. Xi Suli was busy looking at this rare equipment carefully
"Name Red Scaled Armguard (Left) Rare Attribute Increases Strength by 7 and Defense by 7"
Su Li was just short of two armguards, so he immediately fused this rare red scale armguard and equipped it. When he moved his mind, he saw an armguard covered with red scales covering his left arm.
With the red scale armguard, his strength immediately rose to 191 Jin again, and the distance broke through to 20,000 Jin, which was getting closer and closer.
And his defense strength rose to 119 Jin.
In addition to this one, it can make the rare red scale armguard, and there is another one that can increase the equipment by 5 strength and 5 defense against the left hand wristband, crocodile skin wristband.
Equipped with crocodile skin wristband, his strength and defense increased to 196 kg and 124 kg respectively.
In its equipment, Su Li already has equipment, and repeated it to him.
Inducing body armor, a series of messages come to mind.
Face helmet, left-shouldered pterodactyl shoulder armor, right-shouldered Wuluo shoulder armor, left-sided red scale armguard (rare), left-handed alligator skin wristband, right-handed seven-star wristband, right-handed mechanical glove (rare), black armor, purple belt, red sky kneepads (rare) and ghost boots (rare)
Now he has fully owned eleven pieces of armor, except for a right arm armguard and a left glove, all the spiritual source armor is in place.
The number of rare armor reached four.
The next goal is to get 13 pieces of spiritual source armor with right arm armguard and left hand glove, and at the same time get as many rare armor as possible.
He is looking forward to what kind of qualitative leap he will get if he is a rare armor.
It’s a pity that 67 pieces of equipment don’t have a ring or other treasures. The only thing that can surprise Su Li is that the rare red scale armguard pair has all kinds of equipment compared with themselves and others. These people give Su Li a feeling of being poor.
"It seems that rings are even rarer than this rare equipment. That trip to a mirage really earned a normal situation. It’s too difficult to get a ring."
Su Li silently thought about how many pieces of equipment he had just acquired, and now he always has nearly 70 pieces of spiritual source equipment.
So many spiritual source equipment can make a small team’s combat power double directly.
Ge ‘an, Xia Zhihan, Ding Shi and others almost vomited all the bitterness in their stomachs, and then they were pale and lying down like they had experienced a serious illness and were panting.
Chapter 359 mirage
Many people surrounded them and looked at their leader, while Su Li walked towards the shore with the red crescent dragon chop.
Tang Yunshan and Zhu Wuping were all killed, and those strange and horrible parasites were also destroyed, but these people did not leave with them.
They all gathered on the shore and those rafts.
Su Li hit the "peep symbol pattern" and was observing that there were changes in the prevention.
"Your leader is dead. Would you like to join the ancient city of Longqiu?"
Su Liyin is far from being a rare resource. If there is a problem, 30 to 40 people have died. More than 600 people have "peeped at the symbol pattern" and have not seen any problems at present. It should be normal.
If there are still parasites in it, with the death of Tang Yunshan, these human parasites will go crazy out of control, which is hidden by law
Look at these faces and the look of horror in their eyes. Everything just happened here, including that they all felt shocked and surprised.
"I do" listen to Su Li’s words, and immediately a man came out voluntarily. He put the weapon in his former hand in both hands to show his willingness.
Someone took the lead and immediately saw a person who expressed his willingness to join the ancient city of Longqiu before they laid down their weapons.
This time, they are willing to minister Su Li, who is not forced by the situation or intimidated by force. More people are sincerely willing to submit and want to leave the ancient city less. This is a place to settle down and stop wandering around for the time being, and they are not always in danger.
Compared with Nali’s parasite controlling the people around him, Tang Yunshan and Su Li beheaded her, which can be said to be a great joy.
And it is obvious to all that Su Li is powerful, so that the strong can get shelter and everyone can feel at ease.
Almost no accident, more than 600 people said that I was willing to submit.
Su Li nodded and put away his right hand and chopped the red crescent dragon, then handed these people to Xu Haishui for processing.
Xu haishui has long been familiar with accepting newcomers and has his own set of plans.
Su Li turned around to visit Gean and others and found that they were slowly recovering, but seeing that they were weak in qi deficiency, they were afraid that they would need to rest for a long time to recover.
The next step is to integrate and accept these 600-odd new people, including registering their names, recording their abilities, arranging their places of residence and so on. Naturally, there are specific people to take charge of these things, while Suli is going to see if he will park on a floating island not far away.
Suri, who was on a floating island, found that the two sea python sharks, Tang Yunshan and Zhu Wuping, did not leave, but followed him in a coquettish manner.
Gong Xiao, Ding Longyun and Jiang Shuixuan followed Su Li and were amazed to see them here.
Water’ beast is jumped out and ran to the front of the two sea python sharks.
Su Li noticed that it stepped on the surface of the water, and the fluctuation of the water surface flooded its knees, which made his heart move slightly and immediately thought of the water unicorn that could walk on the waves that day.
Now in the state of evolving cubs, Shuilin beast also understands and masters this ability.
Suli Baishui Lin beast understood the water control technique, which can make the water flooded below the knee because of this water control technique.
See water’ beast came to the front, the two sea python sharks have obvious fear for it immediately dare not before.
"Interesting Su Li, did they look at you?" Ding Longyun was amazed.
Su Li thought of it and peeped into the information of these two sea python sharks. "They are not as single-minded as crocodiles. They are fickle. If their master is killed, they will be willing to follow me … It seems that they are willing to follow me."
Su Li smiled and thought that this sea python shark advocates the strong, and whoever wins will be completely different from whoever has the personality and specificity to be a martyr to the crocodile tooth turtle.
He and Gong Xiao mounted two alligator-toothed turtles at the moment, rising from the water and climbing the floating island.
Crocodile-toothed turtles don’t like water animals. They don’t like to stay ashore for a long time. They prefer to stay in the water. Su Li and Gong Xiao entered the ancient city, but they left the floating island and didn’t enter the ancient city.
At the moment, I sensed that my master immediately floated out of the water.