A palm suddenly stretched out from the cave and grabbed Jiang Rong Santai.

"Jiang Rong Santai, you lost your hunting qualification!" A hoarse voice came out of the cave.
Then the hand pulled the horrible Jiang Rong Santai into it.
"whew!" The cave suddenly disappeared.
Sharp stones suddenly jumped at the foot of the mountain.
"Tiange is old?" High school Jiang Tai face a change.
Jiang Tai remembers clearly that it was the old man Tiange who sent himself to heaven by the palace of Qi State.
"F * * king! Is it actually a virtual stone? " East king surly way-
Lv Yangsheng Zhongjun Daying Middle School
What are Jison, Lv Yangsheng and Mengmeng talking about?
"Report …!" Anxious outside the temple
"I’m coming if I don’t report it!" A majestic sound is ginger tea sound.
Lv Yangsheng eyes a clot looking at outside the hall directly into the ginger tea.
"second child?" Lv yangsheng sink a way
Jiang Tai looked at Lv Yangsheng. "Don’t wait so much when it’s ready, boss. Come with me and visit the deer demon altar. I hope I’m still alive!"
"The second brother just came to the news that the young man is still alive! And now it should be peaceful! " Jison Ma said.
"Oh?" Ginger tea suddenly eyebrows a pick.
"But we still want to the past is not just a deer demon problem, I have found out is Jiang Rong three too that f * * king incredibly ambush! This person is insidious to prevent him from stabbing the fifth! " Ginger tea sink a way
"Is it Jiang Rong Santai?" Jison face suddenly a gloomy.
Lv Yangsheng’s eyes were cold. "Hum, we gave him a chance to give him a gift. Is he so ungrateful that he wants me to abolish him?"
The three brothers all looked gloomy.
"Report!" Previously, the guards rushed into the hall again
As soon as he entered the hall, the bodyguard saw Jiang Cha’s face frozen to his lips, and some words were hard to say. After all, Lv Yangsheng and Jiang Cha have always been tit for tat.
"say it!" Lv yangsheng eyes a stare way
"It’s a letter from Tian’s adult that Jiang Rong Santaijun was wiped out and Jiang Rong Santai was ruined! Is five male command a large group of deer demon dry "the bodyguard said.
Did the young man abolish the third wife of Jiang Rong? Command the deer demon to do it? Still a large group?
Lv Yangsheng "…!"
Ginger tea "…!"
Jison "…!"
Chapter 32 Good wine
50,000 miles east of Lushen Mountain!
At the moment, a large number of troops are stationed, and this military discipline is extremely solemn.
There are two figures on the highest peak at the moment.