It is more convenient and affordable to trade these alloys than to go to the secret world and take risks to find them yourself.

Everything is in other things, so … Let’s talk about the deal privately!
Wait, ask if there is any surplus.
"Fei Yue, you really want too much. Why didn’t you discuss it with me beforehand?" An old man in the shelter shook his head. "No one will have so many resources and the water is so scarce. You need so many vegetables … alas!"
Fei Yue also bowed his head. "I really screwed up this matter, Third Master. I thought it was okay when I saw him 1kg of chicken hair and wanted to change those junk gadgets of the cam. Then I asked for so many things in one breath when I saw him asking for alloy."
"Confused water aside, where do you think vegetables are so good? Do you know how much water it takes to irrigate a species to grow to maturity? No matter how much you need carrots and onions, can Lin Yue come up with these things? He’s not a fairy! How many things can he grow by himself? 1kg chicken hair vegetable, the whole world is more expensive than anything else! You want so much to be crazy, don’t you? Have you forgotten what happened to the food market in our former shelter? "
Many fields have been cultivated outside their shelter.
Change the seeds in the previous life, and after sowing, even if you water them, you can’t grow anything.
In another part of the house, the planting basket is made of wood, with a thin layer of humus nutrient soil and a layer of rape. Although seedlings have grown, it is still some days before maturity.
"This different world is not suitable for human life" Third Master shook his head.
Compared with the earth, which is extremely rich in species, resources here can’t be "scarce"
There is not a little water here, but whether you see a stream or a river, it is the dark green water in the lake, which proves that it is by no means drinkable.
All kinds of plants are monotonous and repetitive, and it is rare to see fruit trees or grass plants that can bear fruits. Even if there are, they dare not eat unknown things, which is full of danger. Who knows if the first bite is the last bite of life?
The strong man next to him sighed, "Third Master does get vegetables by normal water method here, and he can’t grow fruits and doesn’t want to eat, that is, what can I do after many people have symptoms of septicemia?"
A huge shelter, several of them were pale, their eyes were deep in their arms, and there were some bruises.
People who have not eaten fruits and vegetables for more than two weeks have already had early symptoms of septicemia. If this goes on for a long time, maybe at some time they will be buried in this different world because of this fragile body.
Fei Yue regrets that he charged too much.
Vegetables are so precious that he asked for so much water, but he thought of a number and reported it.
Those hard aluminum alloys and zinc alloys were obtained by accident when they first explored the secret territory at that time, and they have been kept in the corner. After all, there is not even a phase design drawing, and there is no cutting tool to put them aside and dust.
Besides, I always thought it would be better to hoard more, and I took a full five dollars back and forth. Now it seems that the root is gone
If he hadn’t found that the trading panel had been "specially noted" by Lin Yue for alloy trading, he really felt that it was worthwhile to throw these things away when it didn’t work.
"Third Master, I was wrong. What do you say?" Fiji yue bowed their heads and said
"Alloy is a good thing, but it is also divided into people. What are we doing with this thing when we are losing our lives? Lin Yue, he will give it to him soon. Let’s live first. After more than 30 lives are saved, what alloy can’t be obtained? " Three yes sighed, "I can’t do it after you score clearly. How can I rest assured if you always do this?" Let’s look at more than 30 lives and we can’t live in the long run. "
"Three yes, I am white." Fei Yue nodded his head.
"Lin Yue is a great man. None of you can compare with him. You are all a lot worse. No matter how he got so many materials, he can make brains and have exoskeletons. That’s what people have. You have to ask for it. The last thing in your pile of requirements is that it fits together. It doesn’t matter if you suffer first. When people grow up, they will look at you again. It’s not a shame to be flexible and live."
"Well, I’ll tell him to subtract half the terms, and I’ll just do it if he doesn’t make a counter-offer."
Third master nodded his head and motioned for the strong man to help him sit in the chair.
Strong man holding the third master suddenly said, "Da Yue prayed that he would not blacken the bar group. Didn’t Guo Lei cry and say that he was blackened by Lin Yue? Just because the lion opened his mouth. "
Fei Yue nodded his head. It’s true. Guo Lei has talked to Sister Xianglin for many times, making everyone white. Lin Yue is a man with a big temper. Don’t irritate the boss when trading.
"I see." Fei Yue knew what he should do.
He hit the trading panel and just saw Lin Yue’s reply.
"He, he returned my message!" See the surface display private chat information Fiji yue can’t help but low shout a.
Three yes look up "what did he say? He bargains and you promise! "
Fei Yue nodded excitedly and sent a private message.
"He asked me how much alloy I had left."
"You can tell the truth 21 pieces of hard aluminum alloy and 29 pieces of zinc alloy. If he wants to bargain, we won’t suffer! If we don’t give him away for nothing, we won’t have the strength to make him owe us a favor! " Said the third master, looking at the corner of the eye room, where the gray alloy took up a lot of space.
Fiji yue hurriedly according to reply and then Lin Yue there reply again.
But the face made him open his mouth when he saw something wrong.
Edge strong man worried "what did he back? Don’t stare, just say it! "
"He, he said …"
"What did you say? Say it! " Three yes also can’t help but worry urged.
"He said he wanted to give us 5kg of chicken hair, 5kg of leeks, 3 radishes, 3 onions and 15L of water …"
"what!" Three yes almost fell from the chair "how is that possible! How can he have so many vegetables and water! "
However, when Feiyue succeeded in trading all the alloys after the shelf as Lin Yue said, the whole shelter fell silent.
Fei Yue put vegetables and water all over the floor. Everyone looked at the green chicken hair vegetables and leeks, crisp raw white radishes, full big onions and 25 bottles of 6 ml water. I couldn’t believe it was true.
Lin Yue not only has harsh conditions for Fei Yue to come out, but also has much more things than they imagined!
Three yes panting "Lin Yue Lin Yue exactly is what person? !”
Chapter 114 Return to the sanctuary. The second team of hunters?
The misty white mist pervades this vast wilderness.
Dry, yellow and long weeds are floating in the fog like aquatic plants in a pale white ocean.
Lin Yue woke up early with his eyes open.
Xiaobai didn’t fall asleep this night. It seems that Lin Yue always jumps around this tent from time to time when he moves around.