Just then, a dividend force suddenly appeared from the depths of the chaotic sea and inserted sideways to protect the magic sumeru.

King Suli’s giant finger is like grasping the strongest iron in the world.
"Huh?" Su Li’s eyebrows wrinkled in this state, and he immediately saw several white grains appear like a rainbow winding from the depths of the chaotic sea to save the magic sumeru.
For a moment, his state became unstable and he had to retreat.
Although this granule state is a powerful enemy, Su Li can last for a few seconds and is not absolutely stable.
These few seconds failed to solve the trouble of magic sumeru.
Although Su Li withdrew from the grain state, the immortal elephant remained motionless, so he put away his huge hand and looked into the distance
Magic sumeru also has some indecision. He himself is bound to be caught by Su Li, and he doesn’t want to suddenly have a glorious force to protect him.
When he looked up, he saw a white man in the depths of the chaotic sea.
This white robe is shrouded in brilliance. The most striking thing about blond hair and blue eyes is that he has a cross pattern tattooed in the middle of his forehead.
When Su Li saw the white-robed man, he felt a slight shock and immediately thought of the chaotic sea and saw the chaotic tide.
At that time, there were a group of white armor people who maintained this chaotic tide. The strength of each white armor person was chaotic, but this white armor person was stronger than the white armor person. It was the level of their leader’s strength that Su Li had measured.
Su Li didn’t expect to suddenly see each other again here, and the other party would stop himself and save Magic Sumeru.
Looking at this white man who is close to Su Li’s immortal eyes, he wants to capture each other’s information. The original unfathomable strength of his other party may not be able to peep into each other’s information, but he doesn’t want to see that there is actually a message in his mind.
"The name of the Shura God talent is super epidemic, and the collapse of Senluo Shura is taboo for evaluating the same level of combat power with a light staff."
Sensing this message, Su Li felt a slight wind in her heart.
This information is different from the general Senluo territory. The name and level of Senluo territory are unknown. At the moment, he has captured that the name of the white-robed person’s information is not unknown, but the level of the shura god has disappeared. It has not changed with Senluo territory.
Does this data change mean that … He has surpassed Senluo territory?
The name is Shura God … Is he the real God?
Magic sumeru also observed the sudden appearance of the white man, and the look in his eyes also became indecisive. Like Su Li, he also observed and captured the information of the white man.
"Shura God … you are … the true God?" Magic sumeru suddenly said
He has lived for so many years, just ruling the goddess for nearly a thousand years. Although it is said that Senluo’s perfection rivals the true god, he also thinks that his strength is stronger than the true god, but …
The real God … has never really seen it. It’s always been right.
If the white man is the true god, then this will be the first true god he has ever seen.
God is already a life form change, which is completely different from their natural spirits.
The white-robed man is quietly watching the magic sumeru and Su Li ask the magic sumeru, but he doesn’t speak. He slowly stretches out a right hand from the white robe, and suddenly the right hand disappears, but the fingertip of the right hand falls in the middle of the magic sumeru forehead.
"You …"
Magic sumeru didn’t know what happened at this moment, and suddenly his eyes turned straight, and gradually the monstrous magic gas on his body surface turned into brilliance.
Su Li silently looked at him for just a few seconds, and the loss of the grain state was huge. Although it now maintains an immortal image, it is actually a hollow one. He knows a lot about the terror of this white-robed man, unless he can enter the grain state again, it will be insufficient for the first world war.
He could see that the white man seemed to transform the magic sumeru.
The magic sumeru is boiling in the magic gas, and gradually there is glory. He seems to have been enchanted by the sacred face, and slowly he has a solemn look.
Su Li constantly secretly restored his strength, and he was full of fear for this white-robed shura god.
Suddenly the magic sumeru’s mouth rang like a stuffy hum, and five horrible smells like thunder came out of his body.
Boom a this white man retract a finger eyebrows a slight pick.
Su Li looked at the magic sumeru’s body as if there were five small universes, which immediately became white. This is the source force of the five shattered worlds. Although the magic sumeru has obtained these five world forces, it has not really integrated itself, otherwise he will not be able to defeat him so easily even if he enters the grain world.
At the moment, there is light and magic gas colliding with each other in Magic Sumeru’s body, and five small cosmic energies also erupt. It seems that his body is fighting and fighting.
The white-robed man once again made moves attached to the body of Magic Sumeru, and the five violent small cosmic energies were scattered by his moves attached to it.
As these five violent little cosmic energies are scattered, these five energies merge with each other.
Su Li saw that the white-robed Shura God was helping the magic sumeru to truly integrate these five world forces.
In order to integrate these five worlds, Su Li can’t imagine what level he will reach at that time.
The white-robed people are constantly shooting a brilliant energy, and the magic sumeru has the magic power to pester and combine these five world forces, and these energy fluctuations are becoming more and more intense.
If people around the white robe are constantly slapping around the magic sumeru body, they will be bombarded with glorious energy. Obviously, they will not see Su Li’s eyes.
Su Li breathed in secretly. In this short time, he regained his strength and was confident to enter the grain world again.
Just then the magic sumeru suddenly let out an earth-shattering roar. Su Li looked at his body and suddenly there was a horrible python extending outward. It was his ambiguity that naturally started again.
This time, there has been a great change compared with before. Each python has become half ferocious and half fierce, but half brilliant and sacred. Behind it, it has grown wings and stretched out its claws before its abdomen, which has turned into a half snake and half dragon.
His vision has evolved.
The white-robed man was satisfied when he retired and went to the distance.
Magic sumeru felt the surging and roaring energy in his body. He suddenly said, "Shura God, although I don’t know what you really mean to help me, I still want to thank you for helping me completely master these five world forces, which makes me really complete …"
His body is getting bigger and bigger, and soon he will become ten million feet tall. This huge body is wrapped around a dragon, a snake and a winged monster. This monster just breathes and thunders.
Chapter 936 Tianbu Vientiane Sen Luo
Retreating to the distance, the shura god kept silent, and the magic sumeru’s eyes were like two black holes that could devour people’s souls and stare at Su Li.
"Kid, I’ll let you taste my truly perfect power now!"
His voice shook like thunder, and this chaotic sea area drove a lot of violent chaotic energy back out and suddenly formed a real area.