Is it a coincidence or a real connection that two forgotten brigades suddenly appear from two different directions today?

There are 2,000 people from the west, and it is Lu Tingnan who leads the army of oblivion, a total of 2,000 people.
He sent out a few hands early, and these hands rode around the three peaks of Longqiu Mountain for reconnaissance and soon returned to report the information he needed to him.
Chapter 493 Sumeru Hall
Among the three peaks, there is a crack at the top of the peak, and there is an ancient city in the crack. In the northeast of this peak, there is a magnificent hall floating in the water, where a large number of forgotten terrans gather.
Lu Tingnan listened to this information and immediately white should be one of the forgotten terrans in Yuding Mountain and Hantian City.
Lu Tingnan, riding a golden-ringed python, ordered the big troops to go to the center to watch the moon peak and land nearby, while he walked around the moon peak towards the broken hall.
Xin Yuqing was sitting on the top of the broken hall, and many forgotten people appeared one after another and came to the land. There was no Xin Yuqing telling them not to climb mountains and not to approach the ancient city.
More and more forgetful people have gathered at the foot of the mountain, and many people have found the floating island not far away, feeling curious and walking towards it.
See Lu Tingnan with a few people near XinYuQing face Gherardini look, he saw Lu Tingnan these people are also forgotten Terran looked at the first Lu Tingnan guess he is the Champions League or Lu Tingnan.
"I’m Lu Tingnan. I don’t know if Ge is Xin Xiong or Ou Xiong?"
Lu Tingnan stopped 20 meters away from the broken hall and kept a relatively safe distance. The golden ring python was far away from asking.
Xinyuqing held out his hand toward his finger, "I am Xinyuqing, so you are the Lu Tingnan …"
Looking at the landing, I heard a strong anger in my eyes.
Yesterday, the tone of the guide was very appreciative of this newly cultivated Lu Tingnan, which made Xin Yuqing give birth to a strong hostility towards Lu Tingnan.
However, today, the tripartite alliance is going to destroy an old human settlement. Xin Yuqing, the white guide, is very interested in this action. It is very likely that he is secretly observing all this, but he dare not stir up trouble at the moment.
Lu Tingnan vaguely felt Bai Xinyuqing’s thoughts faint with a smile. "Brother Xin, today we are going to destroy all the old humans in that old human city. I don’t know what the plan is?"
Xin Yuqing vomited more than half of the smoke in his mouth, and suddenly he stood up from the broken hall and looked down at Lu and listened to Nandao. "What’s the plan? I’ll attack from here, and you attack from there. There is no Champions League. Luo ignored him. We will meet at the top of the mountain to see who will attack the ancient city first and get the leader’s adult to the old human head first."
He doesn’t know Su Li’s name, but he does know that there is an old human in this ancient city who is as powerful as fighting power. Their real goal today is this powerful human.
Xin Yuqing thought of yesterday’s guide’s tone, and it seems that this has just been cultivated. Lu Tingnan is better than their first saints. This sentence makes Xin Yuqing very angry. He does not believe that anyone can be stronger than them in two or three days.
Today is the time to prove it, because another first saint from Hantian City, the Champions League Luo, has not appeared yet, and he is unwilling to wait, just before he appears, he can kill the strongest old human in the ancient city and grab credit.
Judging from the tone of the guide, it is obvious that whoever can kill the old man today will be rewarded for his great achievements.
Xin Yuqing will never give this opportunity to others.
"good!" Listen to South Lu. I can see that XinYuQing seems to have some dissatisfaction and hostility to himself, and he doesn’t say much. He and XinYuQing have similar ideas.
Compared with Xin Yuqing and Champions League Luo and others, he has only entered the eye of the guide for key cultivation these days. He knows that the guide is very satisfied with himself and takes a fancy to what he has done. He must never let the guide down. This time, Xin Yuqing must not be robbed of the credit, and his mind has also gained his idea of striving for success.
Seeing that Lu Tingnan agreed with Xin Yuqing, he stopped talking nonsense and gave a drink "Everyone is ready to kill an old human in the ancient city."
As soon as he ordered the original to land, thousands of forgotten people immediately screamed in response to his orders, and the fighting spirit was like a rainbow, and they took out their weapons and equipment, and then ran towards the top of the mountain.
More than 2,000 forgotten people poured in from the broken hall.
Lu Tingnan rode a golden-ringed python from here to the west of the moon-watching peak, from which his team would climb to the top.
However, there is a huge crack in the northeast of the top of the mountain, and the ancient city is exposed from that crack.
This XinYuQing army occupies a favorable position, and it is much more difficult for Lu Tingnan’s team to attack from the west, even if it reaches the top of the mountain, there will be cracks in the northeast.
Two long-range squadrons and a defense squadron have already gathered at the crack edge of the top of the mountain, and there is also a long-range squadron and a defense squadron on the wall.
In the city square, it is even more elite to make a squadron of 100 people armed at any time.
Now everyone knows that there are two armies of forgotten people attacking, and the situation is grim. The atmosphere in the ancient city is very dignified.
Those logistics personnel all hid in their respective living places, and dared to listen far away from the square.
Groups of forgotten terrans shouted in their mouths, holding all kinds of weapons in their hands. Half of them already had spiritual weapons in their hands, and most of them held all kinds of ordinary weapons such as bone swords or staves.
On the general rate of Lingyuan weapons, they will surpass all the people in the ancient city
Among these people, six rushed fastest.
As they rushed to the crack on the top of the mountain, a piece of spiritual source equipment appeared on the surface of their bodies, and they soon covered up all their bodies, thirteen pieces of armor and a lot of them.
These six people are the six ambassadors of Yuding Mountain plus the first ambassador Xin Yuqing, a total of seven ambassadors.
Compared with Qingshan City, which once had 13 forgettable saints, Yudingshan has a smaller scale, and seven of them have achieved "equal" combat power, with the first saint Xin Yuqing and the remaining six saints all having "medium" combat power.
These six saints pulled out their own spiritual weapons from their chests and roared, leading the pack of forgotten Terrans, and their figures rushed to the forefront with the fastest speed.
Xin Yuqing fell to the last side and waited until all the three thousand forgotten Terran soldiers landed. There was no one in the broken hall before he jumped out of the top of the hall for more than ten meters.
As soon as he landed with a bang, the floating hall suddenly converged and narrowed, and the size of a fist suddenly fell into his palm.
Gently holding the fist-sized broken hall, he smiled and rushed towards the top of the mountain.
On the edge of the crack, two long-range squadrons are waiting for Gean to personally lead Xia Zhihan and Zhang Wei to protect him.
Gean saw these forgetful people rushing to the top of the mountain, and immediately poured out one hundred kinds of ranged attacks crazily and went halfway up the mountain.
In the face of hundreds of terrorist attacks coming from all over the sky, even the six great saints have to be careful.
They immediately retreated into the rear, and all the people held their own defenses one after another. More or less, all the people held some defensive means, and at the moment, they also played various defensive alliances to resist the attack from all over the sky.
All kinds of harsh explosion sounds have caused a large number of long-range attacks to fly towards the surface in these forgotten armies.
Compared with the monster army, these forgotten armies are obviously much more difficult to deal with.
Crack defense squadron immediately cast all kinds of defense to protect the people.
Su Li’s most attention is that the man who sat in the broken hall before watched him jump into the hall and the hall suddenly disappeared. When he saw him rushing into his "peep mark", he immediately hit the "peep mark".
Now his "peep symbol pattern" has been promoted to the defect level, and he can capture all kinds of information in a far range without entering the state of exceeding the limit.
He didn’t know that this man’s name was Xin Yuqing, but he could feel that he was different. It is very likely that the leader of this forgotten army, "Peeping at the symbol pattern", immediately captured his message.
"The name of the psychic teacher, the level 6 talent, the absolute treasure, the evaluation of the same level of combat power of the weapon frozen staff in Sumeru Ancient Temple, etc."
Feeling this message, Su Li’s face showed a dignified look.
He will solemnly wait for the strong.
"It turns out that the dilapidated hall is called Sumeru Ancient Temple, which is a treasure. It is amazing that this treasure can hold 3,000 people at one time."
Su Li built the city wall. Ding Longyun, Jiang Shuixuan, Gong Xiao, Xu Xuehui, Xu Haishui, Ding Shi and other key members of the Tiger Brigade gathered here.
There are Su Li, and they are not nervous but feel some excitement.
It’s the first time that a war between humans and forgotten terrans has taken place on this scale.
Before all the people attacked Qingshan City, the forgotten people were almost on the verge of collapse, but today this situation is obviously different. These forgotten terrans who attacked the ancient city on the top of the mountain look very powerful