He is still very confident about the ability of shielding information by the third talent. On that day, Zhu Gaozhi, the supervisor of the base, was able to see his information. At that time, the ability of the third talent was not enough. Now he wants to devour a small universe, forget the energy, and even the gods are refining and sacrificing. What’s worse, he is able to shield his information.

It turned out that he wanted to simulate the 11-level destroyer, but he was not sure whether he could succeed or not. He dared not take risks and finally decided that this ability was a passive effect to prevaricate.
After hearing him say this, Ling Xiu Zheng didn’t know whether Su Li said it was true or not. If it was true, it was true. If it was false, it meant that Su Li didn’t want others to know his information.
Ling Xiu, who is likely to achieve divine genius, dare not force or question him too much. No matter whether what he said is true or not, Ling Xiu nodded slightly to show his understanding.
Banbu and others confirmed that Su Li showed his strength in the dark riots. Later, Banbu witnessed Su Li’s great destruction. Now he beheaded Weidong.
In view of all this, it is impossible for Su Li to be a level 10 destroyer, because that means he can kill Weidong over level 4, which is too shocking.
According to the time, it is unlikely that the 12-level destroyer will break through the two levels in such a short time.
Chapter 743 Amazing newcomers of all ethnic groups
It should be an accurate mistake to infer that Su Li is an 11-level destroyer from these.
Although Ling Xiu also wanted to find someone with strong peeping ability to look at Su Li’s data, so far he knew that there was a saint in the whole old Terran who had peeping ability beyond himself.
It is this saint who has been arrested by the holy court and has not been released yet. It is impossible to invite this saint through Lord Wen Sheng.
"Su Li, let’s leave a contact with each other." Ling Xiu said as he turned his hand and took out a communication crystal. He had decided to take Su Li directly to the Purple Palace Parliament, but it suddenly occurred to him that it was necessary to report to Wen Sheng’s adult first, and it was up to Wen Sheng’s adult to decide everything.
Although he has believed that Su Li is an 11-level destroyer, after all, he can’t see his information. If Wen Sheng’s adult has doubts, there may be other changes in this matter.
Su Li nodded and took out the communication crystal. The two sides left each other a joint way.
Su Li suddenly thought of what way "yes, I heard that you caught the spotted cloth? In fact, he "
Ling Xiu smiled and laughed. "If he does, we won’t be difficult for him. You can rest assured that if there is any news, I will contact you immediately."
Say that finish lingxiu leave away.
This time, he came alone. The purple armored knights didn’t go with him. He also wanted to send some purple armored knights to protect Su Li, but he soon gave up the idea. Everything still depends on Wen Sheng’s meaning.
Looking at Lingxiu from Su Li lost in thought.
This Lingxiu reports to Wen Sheng’s adult. I wonder if Wen Sheng will report to the sacred face.
He remembered that the white-robed saint knew herself.
On the day of the southern base, she came to pick herself up with a golden chariot. The three of them must have known their names.
"If Wen Sheng will report my affairs to this holy one, he will surely know that I’m not dead … then I just changed from a newcomer to a tenth-level destroyer in a short time, which is a bit scary …"
"I have to think of an excuse in advance, but I don’t know if the third talent can simulate the 11 th level breaker. If only it could be simulated."
Su Li thoughtfully promoted from forgetting the war situation to the eleventh level. Although it is amazing, it is better to explain the former than the fourth level to slay the fourteenth Weidong.
After all, if you want to be promoted, you will have enough chances to get enough spiritual sources and realize that you are high enough to break the boundary without hindrance. It is not impossible to be promoted to the eleventh level in a short time.
After Su Li’s figure flashed towards the unknown ruins, he really entered the high-level field of vision from today, and it is impossible to hide as before. He must be as strong as possible to prevent any special circumstances and have self-protection.
Lingxiu left this area and soon returned to the fourth fortress.
After that, he let two purple armored knights guard the outside. He entered a room independently, and a force sealed off the surroundings to make sure that others overheard his conversation. Only then did he make a communication. Everything in Su Li is confidential at present, and Ling Xiu had to be cautious.
Of course, he knows that if foreigners know that there is such a holy genius who is likely to achieve success, there may be some minor moves that have to be prevented.
Soon Ling Xiulian joined Wen Sheng.
"My Lord …" Lingxiu sounds hard to hide a little excitement.
After hearing Lingxiuyin Wen Sheng’s heart move, he let everyone around him leave the woman with glasses.
Wen Sheng is in poor health and must have this woman to serve him with him.
"Are you sure?" Although Wen Sheng knew that outsiders had overheard everything here, he could still keep his voice down.
Lingxiu said it again after seeing Su Li in detail.
"I wanted to observe his information quietly, but I didn’t want his ability to peep even with my insight eyes. I guess it is only possible for a ghost Lord to see his information."
"I can’t even see through your insight?" Wen Sheng adults slightly surprised.
"This Su Li looks really not simple. Is that if you are sure that he is really an 11-level destroyer?"
"He was very clever and probably guessed my purpose. After asking, he admitted that he was an 11-level destroyer. I can be sure that the spot cloth should not lie. If the spot cloth says that everything is true, it can be preliminarily determined that he is an 11-level destroyer."
Listen, Ling Xiu reported that Wen Sheng’s adult didn’t immediately express his position, and he thought more thoroughly.
Although, as Ling Xiu said, it is common sense to speculate that Su Li should be suspected of being a level 11 destroyer, who can be sure that there will be no one in case?
"He’s already a tenth-level destroyer, but we know nothing about him. It’s really strange that there will be detailed records in the tenth-level purple palace parliament, but now it’s not recorded by him …"
Wen Sheng mused slightly, "Ling Xiu, don’t disturb him first. Now you go to the base headquarters in person and send his name and appearance to the major bases. You must find out everything about him."