He found that he seemed to have touched the system. What’s strange?

What’s going on here? This
Why are there so many updates?
However, there is one thing that makes Lin Yue really have some thoughts and fears
It changed during the disaster cycle!
This is indeed a great change in the process of survival. You know, every disaster before is a seven-day cycle.
Some people on the World Channel joked that this is a seven-day reincarnation disaster. This is a "seven-day killing".
But now this time the so-called "seven-day killing" has become a "fifteen-day killing" …
It’s the same as the diary!
Lin Yue found a refuge named "Doomsday Bunker" by the oil river at that time.
In the doomsday bunker, he saw a lot of bones and found a diary
This diary records the first time, that is, the first time the ball survived
And Lin Yue is quite interested in the fact that the "sixth round" disaster mentioned in the diary changed from the original seven days to fifteen days!
At that time, it also made him worried and speculated.
Should the second survival here still be once every seven days?
Or is it a 15-day cycle just like once?
As a result, the fact is that the second survival of human beings is really the same as the first survival. When the sixth round of disaster comes, it comes to fifteen days of reincarnation!
Is this a reincarnation …
Lin Yue couldn’t help shivering.
I don’t know if it’s because the door of the cold storage just didn’t open, or because he thought something was terrible.
Lin Yue will be in the sight of these canned income turned around and walked out of the factory after the cold storage door was closed.
It’s still blue outside
Blue crossing
But the temperature is really a bit like autumn on earth.
Lin Yue took a deep breath of relief.
Is this so-called upgrade really "just right"?
He started industrial equipment, produced canned food, and got an upgrade?
If he doesn’t start, will he also get an upgrade?
After all, this time to survive and this time to survive are both the sixth round, and there has been a great change in the cycle of disaster …
It’s hard not to be suspicious
Lin Yue always feels that he has done something else, such as reaching 10,000 cubic meters or the number of treasure boxes has reached tens of thousands, or killing lizard people or trading, or how many traders there are, or will he go out with his left foot or his right foot this morning for such an important upgrade?
Although there are some powerful and unconstrained styles
But Lin Yue always feels that this system seems to be full of malice all the time.
Rubbing hands, Lin Yue returned to the main shelter and changed his clothes from short sleeves to mountaineering
I still feel a little cold, so I went to the warehouse and threw it in some corner and took out a plaid scarf.
Go outside again. Lin Yue just met Xiaobai.
The little guy seemed keenly aware that Lin Yue was going to do something, so he followed him.
"Gollum …" Small white belly suddenly called a.
"hmm? Not full? I didn’t eat less there just now, did I? Can you say that you little guy gave them food? "
Small white paws touched his head as if he were really embarrassed like a human being.
Lin Yue in the mind is also some secretly surprised.
This ….. Fei Yue was like this yesterday. When I was embarrassed, I put my hand behind my head and grabbed two …
Xiaobai, this study is really good.
Lin Yue doesn’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
Xiao Bai hasn’t been like this since she once said "Lin" and then said "hungry" and covered her stomach.
Lin Yue always feels that Xiaobai’s intelligence has reached a certain level. Now this is also the little guy’s over-meaning. His expression and thoughts are pure and stupid.
But sometimes it will unconsciously show some anthropomorphic characteristics as it is now.
My mood is complicated
Lin Yue thinks that one day he will figure it out, but it will never be now.
"It’s easy to be hungry. I have something delicious. Come here." Lin Yue came to the kitchen with Xiaobai and found out a big pot and took out a lot of hot rice from the food.
"honk?" Xiaobai likes rice very much, but not to the extent that he can have a full meal by eating white rice dry.