During the Lesheng Palace, five pearls just condensed in Yangling Day are equivalent to just entering the realm of Shengwu.

Even later, when Kalinda met Chihiro, it was a little better than Chihiro. With the help of the power of the blood cross spell, the other side was able to counterattack.
Hu Yancheng knows this well.
However, a year after Yanglingtian disappeared, he appeared in front of everyone, not only sober up, but also in the early stage of the realm of God.
Of course, this is not the focus of Huyan’s surprise. After all, there may be any adventures when Yanglingtian disappeared for a year
The key point is that although he doesn’t know the cultivation method of Tianque Song, he once heard the magic statue of Tianque Song practitioner by chance. The peak of the five true yuan beads is the peak of the earth god, and the sixth true yuan bead can only be condensed after reaching the peak of the earth god realm.
But Yanglingtian reappeared himself and others, and it was only a short period of ten days until now, but how did he suddenly cross directly from the early days of the earth god to the peak of the earth god?
You know, although the two are two realms apart, they need great strength. If ordinary people practice, it usually takes thousands of years.
Did he also absorb some power when he started the method of devouring God?
No, that Shao Hao is also a top fighter. Even if the Ministry absorbs it, it is not enough. Even worse, it has made so many people increase their repairs.
I don’t know that the thunder of Yangling Tianli inspired some strength of blood beads in the body, and Hu Yancheng pondered "painfully"
And I don’t know that Yangling Day seems to be going to repair into Ximenji and others are staring at Yangling Tianfang window with excitement.
The fog in Wuming Mountain is getting thicker and thicker, gradually covering everyone’s eyes, and even people next to them can see a vague figure.
The dense fog gas is also mixed with several drops of liquid, but it is clear in everyone’s heart that it is definitely not a drop of water, but the phenomenon that the clear force is compressed and extremely compressed and liquefied. If Yangling takes these forces into the body, it can condense the sixth true pearl.
Suddenly, the heavens and the earth seemed to tremble gently, and the fog suddenly disappeared, and the line of sight of all people resumed.
"Did it work?"
Simon’s face was full of doubts. In his imagination, the fog melted by Qing Li should be slowly gathered and finally condensed into beads by Yanglingtian.
But in the sight of the fog is suddenly disappear.
See the present situation not only Simon extremely leng there is the nangongshan yan and HuYan into and is dull.
In their impression, whether the practitioner is successful or not, those pure forces of heaven and earth should be slowly dispersed.
In this case, there is one possibility-the practitioner is possessed.
But it is puzzling that if the practitioner is possessed, the real body will also be * *
Yanglingtian is the realm of the earth god. If it is true, the whole Lingtianlou has already been blown to dust, but now everything is calm as if nothing had happened.
Everyone in a trance almost recognizes that the situation just now is just a dream.
All doubts crunched a light ring to the wooden door of Lingtianlou and slowly hit Yanglingtian to walk out from the inside.
"Yang eldest brother you out? Just now? " Sun Ning smoke quickly greeted him.
"Nothing. I tried to condense the sixth real pearl, but I failed." Yanglingtian waved her hand unexpectedly.
"failed?" Nangong Yan frowned and looked worried about the silver-haired youth. Although it can be seen that there is no riot in Yangling celestial body, people with a little common sense know that practitioners will have a certain impact on their health when they fail to ascend to the realm.
"Ha ha ~ ~ Don’t worry" seems to see the doubts in Nangong Yan’s heart. Yanglingtian smiled. "Because I let myself enter a state of consciousness with the help of those resentful forces at the time of Lesheng Palace, I accidentally condensed the fifth true pearl. Although I succeeded, I failed this time, but because of my failure, I was different from ordinary practitioners and I didn’t bite myself."
"Oh!" Nangong Yan should move her lips slightly, as if she still wanted to say something, but after all, she still didn’t say anything. After all, if we want to solve the question in her heart, it will inevitably involve asking for the secret of cultivation.
"Nothing is good!" HuYanCheng and mind is not as delicate as Nangong Yan. For him, Yanglingtian is fine. Everything is so-called. Yanglingtian patted him on the shoulder excitedly. It seems that he suddenly remembered something. His face sank. "It’s a hassle for Yangxiao."
At the same time, his brow wrinkled involuntarily, and he looked bitter.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~" Yanglingtian smiled. "You say it’s five cases of alliance patriarch. How can this matter baffle us Huyan fiend?"
Unexpectedly, HuYanChengHe didn’t "heroic dry cloud" as usual, but Naidi gently sighed "Alas ~ ~ ~ Yang Xiao, you don’t know the ancient demon family ~ ~ ~"
"Isn’t it just a bodhi old zu in the realm of God?" Yanglingtian smiled unexpectedly.
"You know?" HuYanCheng and eyes a stare.
"I know!" Yanglingtian nodded, "When you talk about the cultivation state in our place, nothing can escape my perception."