Selfish … He doesn’t feel selfish.

There is nothing wrong with cherishing life, or this is the most important thing in this different world.
"I’ve been here for over an hour. It’s time to go."
Sell the last five units of saltpeter to Lin Yue, and collect 500 units of saltpeter robot dogs, medium-sized mobile whistle-stopping machine guns, solar-powered charging suits and shelter transfer departments. Finally, after locking the big doors of each giant warehouse and burying it, he and Xiaobai soar to the heights again!
And at this point,
The rolling dark clouds have soaked through a third of the area!
Chapter 362 Different painting styles! Choice moment!
Dark clouds rolled over the whole eastern sky.
The temperature did not drop because of the sudden arrival of this dark cloud, but made the whole land more sultry.
Xiaobai flapped her wings and flew straight to the shelter. Lin Yue looked back at the dark clouds and found that it was inexplicably fast. In a short time, it had changed from occupying a third to nearly half of the area!
Even the sun is covered, and part of the earth is divided into one black and one white.
"What the hell is this spectacle?" Lin Yue turned his head and knew that the disaster was really serious.
Once all the dark clouds cover the earth, the temperature will not decrease but increase!
The plastic shed has given the answer to this principle, or Venus on the other side of the earth has given the exact answer.
"I’m afraid it will be hotter … of course, if it’s a cloud that covers the wasteland, it won’t be so sad, but it’s a kind of thing that you have to do everything in a unified way, and you have to come to another world once."
Lin Yue turned his head and stopped looking at the dark clouds.
How can Tong not let the whole dark cloud cover the other world?
He can also foresee that more than ten hours later, dark clouds and high temperature scorched the earth like a hell, and fire tornado will connect heaven and earth with hell.
As Xiaobai gradually lowered the height, Lin Yue also saw the roof of the shelter, and at this time, the dark clouds had covered nearly half a day, and the speed was a little scary.
Jumping from the white body to Lin Yue, I saw Xiaomeng, and they all came out. It seemed as if they were welcoming them. It seemed quite happy.
"Go home, it’s almost 5 degrees Celsius outside." Lin Yue couldn’t help feeling horrible when he saw the eye wall thermometer.
At 5 degrees Celsius, this kind of weather on the earth can make people extremely uncomfortable and can’t wait to hold on to it.
And the way for most people in this different world to cool down may also be to hide in the underground room and use wood pieces as fans to spend this difficult time.
He just traded out about 17,000 pieces of saltpeter in the saltpeter mine, which also brought more than 9,000 alloys, waste devices and parts, and so on.
Therefore, these 9,000-odd refuge villages can survive this "extremely hot" first disaster.
Whether we can successfully survive the second huge hail and fire tornado depends on how strong they can build the shelter.
In case there are people who use ordinary wood as the main material of the shelter, the ruins are hotter than the ground. These two disasters will make them the people who have been eliminated from this disaster!
I believe no one should be so stupid.
It’s more than 30 days, but it’s really different from ordinary people if you can rely solely on wood for shelter materials.
Don’t say that fire tornado burned a huge hail with one hand, so you can’t stand it.
Lin Yue thought about these shelters and quickly checked the fence.
After the disappearance of the medium-sized warehouse, all the buildings in this huge refuge area except the melting furnace are now covered with a hard shell of alloy external stones, which can also resist the arrival of giant hail and fire tornado.
Of course, it is impossible for the melting furnace to be kept out in the wind and rain, and the integrated forging workshop has naturally been well protected by Lin Yue and directly put into a large warehouse.
Now, if there is any place that is still a little short, it is the stone fence outside.
However, Lin Yue does not intend to reinforce it. After this disaster, he wants to further expand around the main shelter!
With the increasing resources, the small area occupied by this shelter will become an obstacle. The auxiliary shelter has not yet been located and found a suitable place, so it is obvious that it must continue to expand.
Of course, if we can find a suitable location for the auxiliary shelter, Lin Yue will build it like this one.
If the stone fence is destroyed, it doesn’t mean much. Mutants are more sensitive to disasters. Today, he hasn’t seen any mutants. Yesterday, he buried the dead bodies of mutant sheep and didn’t attract any bugs. It seems that they have all hid in places that can withstand disasters as before.
And mutant creatures don’t even care about shelters at night. There is also a medium-sized mobile whistle and machine gun stand. It can also play a certain role if you have anything to say.
Lin Yue finally returned to the shelter after checking again to make sure there were no omissions.
The long-lost cool air instantly wrapped him up, which came from the convenience and comfort brought by technology, and made Lin Yue thank the sender again.
By the way, who was it again?
"Ga blare" Xiao Bai finally waited until his master came back to see him and went straight to the bathroom. He thought about it and went to the ice lizard hut to enjoy it.