Lin Yi walked to the front of the bed and slowly uncovered Su Jiner’s red veil.

Su Jiner’s beautiful face is even more red like a shy flower in the red glow.
Then she watched Lin Yi affectionately, and Lin Yi also looked at her affectionately.
Su Jiner said, "When you gave me cakes, did you know that I would be your wife in the future?"
Lin Yixiao said, "At that time, I didn’t even know if you were a man or a woman, but when you looked at the stream in Renshan and washed away those paints, I thought in my heart how good it would be if you could be my wife."
Su Jiner said, "Now I’m your wife, okay?"
Lin Yi said earnestly, "Good!"
Su Jiner looked shy. She attached Lin Yi’s ear and breathed softly. "Then what are you waiting for?"
So Lin Yi picked up his bride …
At this moment, a woman is sitting in a tree by the lake in the South Campus, holding a big jar of wine in her hand and pouring wine into her mouth. At this moment, she drinks more bitter than bitter, but her heart is more bitter. She is Mei Mei.
The night wind blew her white attire to fly.
And raise her hair.
She is so beautiful, especially the moonlight.
Fall into the mortal fairy
When Lin Yi and Su Jiner meet the bride, Meimei really wants to rush to tell everyone in public that she is also a woman of Lin Yi, and Lin Yi must give her a birthright. If she is not a goddess, she can do it, but she is a goddess, as Su Qinghou warned.
So she quietly left her seat with a sad heart. Although the guests were mixed, she was so lonely in the noisy crowd.
She left with a jar of wine in her arms.
Mei Mei lifted her neck and drank a mouthful of wine. She said to herself, "Xiao Lin, you must be enjoying sex with Miss Su now. Can you still think of me? Hehe, you know the Nangong song and dance Bei Gong is sad …"
Then suddenly a figure flew towards the lake.
It is Hu Ling who hides the soul.
Daughter went to the bridal chamber to hide the soul in Hu Ling, so there is no need to stay long. Of course, he won’t really fight with Wanghui. He hoped to return and drank half an altar of wine, so he held an altar of wine away.
When he left, he used to sincerely thank Su Qinghou.
If Su Qinghou hadn’t invited him, how could he have attended his daughter’s wedding? Now he not only drank her wedding banquet, but also was worshipped by her.
Hu Ling is satisfied with hiding his soul.
"The Duke of Su …" Hu Ling’s hidden spirits no longer call Su Qinghou by his first name, but are crowned as Su Qinghou. He asked him to come and let him be very grateful and admired. If he changed him, he really couldn’t do it. It can be seen that Su Qinghou’s mind is also very comparable. "Thank you for asking me to make my heart regret you and me. Let me talk about it in the future."
Su Qinghou nodded at that time and said, "Go ahead, King Zang."
Su Qinghou and Hu Ling are all white in their hearts, and today is the only time they live in harmony and drink together.
After Lin Yi’s wedding, it’s time for the North and South Wulin rivers and lakes to compete. It will be very cruel, and then the blood will dye the rivers and lakes and the bodies of every participant.
When you say that today’s talk is a life-and-death situation.
And the final result is hard to predict.
Either you die or I die.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul came out with wine. He wanted to go to Yilan’s grave tonight, but he found someone in the lakeside tree.
Who is it?
Hu Ling can’t let people make trouble by hiding souls.
Hu Ling hid the soul and ran towards the tree.
When he reached the tree, he let out a roar.
Meimei was shocked to find that Hu Ling’s hidden soul had reached the tree. Mei Mei had drunk a lot of wine at the moment, and she was dizzy and heavy. She was about to start from the tree. Hu Ling’s hidden soul figure had suddenly risen to the tree, and then she slapped Mei Mei, who was about to get up, and forced Mei Mei to sit in the same place.
Chapter 19 Midnight Soul Break (1)
Mei Mei was so surprised that she was half awake at the moment. She really didn’t expect to hide here and drink and hit Hu Ling’s hidden soul.
Mei Mei knew that the root was no match for Hu Ling’s soul-hiding, and now she could resign herself to fate.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul turned out to be someone hiding a tree, but it turned out to be the Goddess of Gone with the Wind who was drinking alone.
If Hu Ling hides his soul in peacetime, he will not let Mei Mei go.
But today is my daughter’s wedding day. Hu Ling, a murderous demon, won’t kill here. Besides, he is very kind today.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul is also somewhat drunk. He said, "Don’t worry that the Duke Su invited me to the wedding banquet. I am a guest and I should be a guest. I won’t give the Duke Su trouble and I won’t allow people to make trouble."
Mei Mei was at ease when he heard this. Although Hu Ling hides the soul, martial arts people are as terrible as the devil, but it is also a matter of arrogance and aboveboard.
But Hu Ling hid the soul and added, "I heard that you are interested in Lin Yi. Do you see Brocade married Lin Yi and feel depressed …"
Mei Mei in the mind a shock to Lin Yi interested in Hu Ling, how can anyone know?
On second thought, it’s not surprising.
Liu Yanliang and Qin Dingfang are very good. Liu Yan Liang must have told Qin Dingfang and Hu Ling’s hidden soul heard it from Qin Dingfang.
Mei Mei doesn’t answer is neither admit nor deny.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul warned, "Stay away from Lin Yi in the future. I regard Brocade as my own. If you make her unhappy, I will tear you apart! Tear into pieces … "
Hu Ling’s words of hiding souls make people shudder.
Mei Mei was even more bitter at this.
Su Qinghou threatened her, and Hu Ling hid her soul and threatened her.
Su Jiner has so many people who love her, but no one cares for her.
It’s really different lives for the same people
At this moment, a figure suddenly came to the tree, grabbed a palm and hit Hu Ling to hide the soul. At the same time, he shouted, "If you dare to touch a hair on the goddess, I will tear you first!"
People are looking forward to returning.