The guard captain turned his head and saw an extremely luxurious carriage stop at the gate of the blacksmith Senate.

Then the guard captain saw Jianbo coming from the car.
Jianbo is tall and slim, and there is no meat like a bone rack.
He was wearing an old gatekeeper’s suit, and when the wind blew, he floated around as if he had stolen clothes from someone else.
And he took that carriage more like stealing it from someone else
Almost everyone in Tieshi Town rides a mechanical giant dog and few people ride a carriage.
And it is rare to see such a luxurious carriage.
It happened that there were at least ten such luxurious carriages for such a gatekeeper, and it seemed that one had to be changed every day.
"Ah Jianbo went to the western suburb mine to shoot hamsters today." Another gatekeeper saw Jianbo’s way.
"How do you know?" The guard captain wondered
"When Jianbo sits on this silver wing, he must have gone to the western suburb mine to fight hamsters; If you see Jianbo riding in Golden Guanghua, you will go to the top of the mountain to sunbathe … "
Mom sold a batch of guards and the captain said that he wanted to swear!
A gatekeeper is so rich!
Chapter 331 Era routines deep I want to go back to the countryside
When the tall and thin figure appeared in the wall of Tieshi Town, the old fallen dragon talent across the street smiled and bowed slightly and said, "wise man’s adult."
The captain of the guard behind Jianbo looked stupid.
In the era of exile, the fallen dragon people are a great cancer. They have never seen the fallen dragon people so respectful to people.
Not to mention the fact that the people in front of us are the masters of the Black Triangle thieves, and everyone in three cities and ten towns is talking about the object of disgust.
And the respectful object is still such an ordinary gatekeeper.
Also called the so-called wise man?
Who is the wise man?
Is there this race?
Jianbo is indifferent and seems to be treated so respectfully, which is normal.
"I hope you have enough reason to bother me."
"I have something very important for you to have a look."
The elder ordered him to reluctantly move the muzzle and let the old fallen dragon man land on the giant dog of war.
Jianbo, the old fallen dragon man and the elders entered the wall room and ordered him to keep the door outside.
The captain of the guard outside the gate cocked his head and quietly looked in through the door.
Then I saw the fallen dragon man take a blue leaf out of his arms with great solemnity.
The leaves look like the most precious stones carved, and the whole body is crystal clear and reflects the surrounding light, which is particularly dazzling.
"This is!" The moment I saw the bluestone leaves, Jianbo’s indifferent expression disappeared.
He got up eagerly and held the blue leaf in his hands, both hands shaking.
"This is … bluestone leaf?" Next to the elder, he was also shocked. The tea in his hand was knocked over and spilled all over his legs without realizing it.
The old fallen dragon man didn’t talk. He looked at Jianbo and seemed to want to hear a positive answer from him.
Jianbo held the bluestone leaf for a long time and then walked to the window and lifted it up.
At this time, there happened to be a sunshine coming in obliquely from the window.
Sunlight shining on bluestone leaves instantly refracts and reflects like a disco ball, and several light spots fill the whole room.
"Light gathers like a beam of light and scatters like a broom. It’s such a magnificent light. It’s really a blue stone leaf!" Jian Boyin trembled and sounded like he was going to cry. "Where did this leaf come from? Have you found the Bluestone Leaf Manor? "
The captain of the guard thought that this leaf must be very expensive. Maybe if he got a leaf, he could get a promotion and a raise to marry Bai Fumei, and then he went to the peak of his life!
"This leaf was taken from an adventurer. We found a blue stone leaf. We don’t know who planted it, but we haven’t found the entrance to the manor yet. Please ask the wise adults to guide us in the maze …" The old fallen dragon humanity.
Jianbo took a deep breath and seemed to hesitate to say anything.
"Wise adult, I know you have no opinion of our fallen dragon people …" Old fallen dragon humanity "But for so many years, our fallen dragon people have never disturbed Stone Town …"
The captain of the guard heard the pie mouth straight outside the door and didn’t disturb Stone Town because you know there are going back and forth, right?
"The people of Narsonia who lived alone were robbed by your fallen dragons," said the elder next to them.
Old Fallen Dragon Humanity: "Although we Fallen Dragons were banished from the degenerate race by the manor owners, which one of you in the exile era is not the original sin?" Which one is koo? Life is so hard in the era of exile, how can we degenerate dragons feed ourselves if we don’t do something out of line? Fallen dragon door even if there is a little choice will not be reduced to this point … "
The captain of the guard said that it was the first time that someone had described the robbery so fresh and refined.
"But if we can find the Blue Stone Leaf Manor …" The old fallen dragon man sighed, "We fallen dragon people will have a place to settle down and a place like Tieshi Town, where experts will bless the fallen dragon people’s home. You are also the founder of Tieshi Town, and you know how the people of that country lived before Tieshi Town appeared …"
Jianbo hesitated. On the one hand, he felt that the words of the fallen dragon were reasonable, but on the other hand, they felt that the fallen dragon was not trustworthy.
"We hope that the wise adults can guide us and let us live a new life. You can come out if you have the conditions! We fallen dragons can pay the price! "