Although he is not very good to others, he always shakes others, but if he doesn’t recruit Dalong, he will lose himself

It seems that he feels what he is going to do. He sneers, "In the glory duel, you have to rely on your own external strength, but you have to be judged. Are you really going to do this?"
"How can Dalong be regarded as an external force?" Not far from Zhuang, he was thrown again, and his insides seemed to be thrown out, so he struggled to get up and grinned
It’s this sentence that makes him feel a little scared after all.
What if Zhao Dalong is really directly sentenced to negative?
He can be said to know the rules of this glorious duel.
He won’t dare to take risks unless there is a real way to go.
"treacherous guy!" Old Brown’s itchy teeth greatly limited Zhuang’s fighting capacity and made Zhuang not far more worried.
If possible, Old Brown really wants to have a big fight with the other side himself.
But now it’s not his duty.
One by one, the commands are not far from Weizhuang, and suddenly a dialog box pops up in front of the players around him.
"This time … should have?"
The players are surprised. Isn’t the most important thing now waiting for the duel to end?
However, they left the shadow manor one by one and disappeared into the darkness.
"Don’t lose, Master Zhuang!" When the last player disappeared into the darkness, I don’t know who sent a message on the channel.
Outside the shadow manor, in the darkness, the giant dogs belonging to the players slowly extended forward in turn.
Old Brown’s only hope to save the soldiers, simplicity and engineers in the manor palace is the good mothership Youyuan.
There is such a large bearing capacity as Youyuan.
There is also the Youyuan Manor Palace, which really disappears and falls before it can take on the responsibility of connecting and commanding the players’ legions.
The war has entered the half-time, and a good commander will not win but lose.
When you fail, if you keep your strength, that’s the point
If Zhuang is not far away and really fails, these giant dogs, Old Brown and Youyuan, may be the last line of defense for the earth.
He also found that the giant dogs had evacuated from the manor war, but he looked up and found that the manor house was still there, so there was no such thing as the manor.
He doesn’t care about people at all except Zhuang.
There is a joy in his heart that is almost uncontrollable.
My horse is going to win!
I’m finally the winner!
Once again, throw Zhuang not far away. hou zhuang is not far away from the edge of the outer ring
"Mom substitution" Zhuang has changed when he got up not far away.
He wore camouflage and hung a huge bullet chain, each holding a huge machine gun.
But this machine gun is not rusty gold, but perfect gold!
Yunjin gatling!
Gun prophet Olion!
"Da da da da bang bang!" The dense gold, silver and bicolor bullets shot out like a rainstorm.
The golden bullet was cast from cloud gold. I’m afraid it blew up the largest cloud gold mine in the exile era-Taojin Town, not far away to be so extravagant.
The silver bullet is naturally upgraded to oversized gatling, which is the first time to appear.
Orion’s two cannons tilted wildly, and the cloud gold bomb and the hour blood bomb converged into a torrent.
When cloud gold can tear, blood can be manipulated
The two merge into a torrent, such as the instantaneous detachment from time and the restriction of crazy dumping.
"Boom …" Min Yi was directly bombarded and left a deep trench upside down.
"Want to win?" Old Brown stared at Fang’s being hit in such a positive way. It’s not like the physical strength of the owner of Weili Manor, which can resist everything. Isn’t that dead?