When Lin thought so, Lin found that the dark ray of communication disappeared

That’s because the battleship suffered a … heavy blow when it stopped firing rays at sea.
There seems to be a great force that makes its whole body tilt to one side.
And the source of power has also appeared … this ocean.
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and thirty-six Fracture
The thin ocean is still churning.
What happened this time … seems to be very powerful, with little power to shake the death battleship.
But from the outside, it is also made of water.
It looks like the ocean is moving again and … fighting back against the death battleship.
The surging sea raised thousands of meters of waves, and they beat against the death warships one after another.
These waves are also like the continuous impact of liquid mountains, which makes the death battleship shake. With this warship, it no longer stays in this place but floats away.
At the same time, nine other warships fired disintegration rays at the surging sea at the same time.
These monstrous waves were hit and suddenly burst to melt the heavy rain and spill it back to the sea, and it didn’t stop at all.
Obviously, the "quiet world" over there wants to prevent the death battleship from contacting the sea tunnel.
But strangely, it can affect a part of the sea surface, and it can’t extend to the bottom of the sea.
So it did not directly attack the tunnel species, but attacked the dead warships on the sea surface.
Death battleship seems to have a great … love for this world.
All the attacks they have launched so far have not directly caused harm to the thin-line world. Maybe the thin-line world is something special for them.
But it doesn’t seem so easy to attack.
At this time, the sea surface changed again, and the waves surged again. A lot of water condensed into tentacles again, and the sea was moving.
And these tentacles are not as straight as before, they all extend out of the sea.
This makes the thin line world look like a jungle of water columns at this moment.
However, when they were just standing in the forest … the warships scattered their rays again and rained them down. The dark rays instantly disintegrated the jungle, and when the rays touched the water column, they would break up and fall back to the sea.
This battle feels like … constant defense and attack.
Death warships kept attacking, while Fang kept trying to condense tentacles on the sea surface, but … every time they were defeated by death warships.
But it seems that both sides can do actual harm to each other just to see who … consumes it first.
Lin doesn’t know how many times the calm world can condense the sea surface, but the ammunition of the death battleship is limited
But even if these death warships run out of ammunition, they can exchange them for another batch.
The result is that I don’t know how long it will take.
And the death warships seem to realize this, and they don’t want to continue fighting.
Lin found that several death warships released a large number of … small ships from both sides.
These can be regarded as small death warships, each of which is only more than 30 meters long, but the number is as many as a thousand.
Ten death warships once again swept away all the changes on the sea surface, and these small ships rushed away at this moment.
They quickly flew into the sea and moved directly to the deep sea.
Their moving target is the location of the deep sea … tunnel breeding ground.
Although the surface of the sea soon condensed out tentacles again, covering the whole surface of the sea, it failed to stop the small ship from moving.
These small ships have long since left the tentacle coverage area, and they soon arrived at the tunnel breeding site.
Then Lynn found that every small ship radiated from the soft surface of the tunnel.
These small ships emit dark rays … which are really disintegrating rays.
Because the epidermis of the tunnel species is rapidly disintegrated when they are irradiated, if the radiation touches the position, a large number of fragments will float out, which feels like punching holes in the face, and the radiation will be deeper and deeper with the disintegration of the epidermis.
"No, what are you doing! Stop doing this! "
Small ships … don’t seem to be accepted by tunnel species. The floating thin lines around them spill a lot of protest dust on small ships.
However, the small ships continued to keep the rays, and at the same time they fired several AC rays from both sides.
In the AC ray, it says "the first step of trading now"
"No, you didn’t attend the meeting before!"
And those thin lines keep emitting anti-dust, but the small ships don’t say anything anymore. They take back the AC rays and concentrate on continuing to disintegrate the tunnel skin.