Shallow water Qing slowly appeared from behind on a flying snow, revealing a handsome face of Zhang Xiuqing. Verak looked at him strangely with his eyes wide open. Is this the man who said that the wind was the butcher?

I didn’t expect him to be so young and look like a gentle young man.
Shallow water laughs. "Veteran, I’ll give you two choices. One is to kill me with a knife, and of course I may be killed by my soldiers. The other is to get drunk and drown me."
Verak opened his mouth and couldn’t close it properly again. Bi Qing shouted back, "Let’s take a break for half an hour and then go."
The atmosphere in the pub is a little weird. A large group of soldiers of Tianfeng Army are mixed with two water-stop soldiers. The style looks a bit nondescript.
Vilak was uncomfortable all over, thinking about the knife coming out and killing him, and knowing that he was humiliating himself, he could drink the wine alone, and the recruits’ eggs were still confused and looked at Tianfengjun with curious eyes.
Bi Qing smiled and came to Verak with a jar. "Hey, how about a few bowls of wine with us, veteran?"
Vilak rose from his throat and disdained cold hum.
He has a sense of honor and pride as a soldier, but he has no country to die. Stupid reason told him to ignore this guy in front of him, but his feelings made him unconsciously hold the wine bowl.
Bi Qing said with a smile, "Actually, I like your fighting. It’s a matter of face. Soldiers can do what they are told. Although they are enemies, they are limited to the battlefield. If they look good to each other, they may not be friends. Now you and I are not in the battlefield. How about being friends?"
Bi Qing brought the wine bowl to Verak’s side.
Villak thought about it and muttered, "This damn war."
Then drink off the wine bowl.
"That’s right!" Biqing shouted, "This is a damn war. It has killed many people, but peace will come soon, everyone. Have a drink to this damn war!"
"Hey!" At the same time, all the sergeant tianfeng in the pub picked up the wine in his hand and gulped it down.
At this moment, there is no enemy or enemy, and there is no common weariness and hatred of war.
Veteran Vilak’s eyes were a little moist and gradually filled his eyes. He drank heavily, so he went straight to his brain to anesthetize himself and forget everything, forget the war and forget everything.
They drank to their hearts’ content, denounced the war and spoke freely in this pub.
Veteran Vilak said that although you Tianfeng Army are brave, not all of us can stop the water. We also killed two Tianfeng Army in the battlefield, and we have seen Tianfeng Army soldiers who were so scared that they couldn’t pee their pants.
Bi Qing smiled and replied that the country was weak and brave, and so was Qiang Bing.
Verak sighed and thought about it, and now I don’t regret showing you the way.
Everyone laughed together and joked with each other.
Verak asked them how you came here, and they said we lost the battle. I didn’t expect you to stop the water better than we thought.
Villak smirked and everyone said it was a pity that you couldn’t keep your country after all.
Villak sighed deeply.
He looked at the shallow water and looked at his bright eyes and asked, "If I kill you now, will the war be over?"
Shallow water Qing leisurely replied, "It is not me who decides the outcome of this war, but the comprehensive strength of the two countries. I am shallow water Qing just to make this war appear earlier and should have an ending."
So Villak stopped talking, and he fell headlong into the jar and didn’t want to get up again.
When Vilak woke up, the Tianfeng Army had already left.
It’s dusk, but the veteran is sitting alone in the pub.
Many soldiers fled to Xiaolingou after the Tianfeng army attacked Daliangcheng, and now there are Verak and eggs.
Verak sat for a long time before getting up.
He walked out of the pub and came back in uniform.
Egg looked at Vilak stupefied. Vilak touched Egg’s head and said, "Egg, I have to go."
"Where are you going?"
Verak shook his head. "To be honest, I don’t know. After meeting these heavenly wind troops, I knew that we would never win again. The country was going to die. I didn’t want to die, but I couldn’t surrender to the enemy. I could choose to escape. I’m a soldier. I can’t do anything but fight in my life. I think it’s not bad to go to the urban alliance and be a free mercenary. Are you interested in coming with me?"
The egg just said, "No, I have to be on duty."
Verak wry smile "is really a silly child, the country is lost, the country is chaotic, and no one has sent you rations, and no one has sent you others. You are alone here. What else? I want to do my duty as a soldier like you, but what can we do when the wind army comes during the day? We have already done things. "
"Come on, kid, go to a place where there is no war and farm well."
Egg slowly shook his head. "My mother taught me to do my duty. I can’t leave without the transfer. Today is my rotation. I have to go to work. If you leave your class, I will be on duty for you."
Verak stared at the egg for a long time and finally sighed.