For the Soviet Union, this day’s disaster had just been destroyed by the German army in one breath. After attacking several Soviet troops, the black bomber appeared at the Soviet airport under cover.

On this day, the Soviets were preparing to attack. They expected that by this time, the army had destroyed the German airport and achieved a local battlefield system-but the returning Soviet pilots were bereaved before they could cry about their fiasco.
This day is destined to belong to the German army. After shooting down 97 Soviet fighters, the German army raided and paralyzed a whole 15 Soviet fighters on the ground. On April 7, the next day, the Soviet Union was able to take off to face the German fighters. There were 11 pitiful Soviet Union fighters, but they had to face a total of more than one German colleague .14213274.10010101016
Chapter 459 459 Easy
If the Battle of Heaven was one-sided by the German army, then the ground Soviet army played an outstanding performance that made the world stunned. The German armored forces did not expect various counterattack sites. On the contrary, the Soviet tank forces covered their infantry and broke through several German defensive positions.
Khrushchev, the head of the German front line, is discussing the offensive strategy of the Soviet Red Army with several generals. Several Soviet Red Army generals are all left in Woodenhead, and Khrushchev is almost alone.
Khrushchev, the political commissar of the frontline command, also summed up his own experience and lessons from the failure of attacking Poland that year. This experience and lesson is to make up a lot of military knowledge in the months before he came to the front.
From zhukov’s letter to the Soviet Supreme Command and his analysis, he remembered the analysis of the German team’s combat capability. He knew that Germany’s shortcoming was the defensive state and the artillery’s disadvantage. He knew the basic principle of German blitzkrieg. To put it bluntly, it seems that there is nothing wrong with blitzkrieg, that is, investing armored forces to tear each other’s defenses and then investing more troops to break into the enemy’s hinterland through this tear.
So Khrushchev felt that he could also fight a blitzkrieg with German spears to break through the German shields. He divided several main groups in his hands into five main attack areas and attacked the German defense lines in several directions at the same time.
The news he got just after the war today can be described as rejoicing. Five offensive groups have broken through the German defense line, and even a dozen feint battlefields have made amazing progress. The German defense line seems to be really vulnerable as predicted by zhukov.
But if zhukov were here, he would definitely slap Khrushchev. He said that German defense was weaker than attack. When did he say that German defense was vulnerable? This defensive location has given up several defensive lots, which is obvious enough. The Germans are going to fight a war of annihilation! You also put troops into these houses to set up pockets. Is it that there is paste in your head?
The Soviet Union attacked the northernmost part of the country and was in charge of the northern theater. The famous Soviet soldier Timoshenko disobeyed Khrushchev’s orders and ordered the troops to stop transferring troops to the German defensive areas. However, it was not the main force of the Soviet frontline troops who were willing to obey his command. There were about 20,000 troops in his hands.
At the same time, Marshal voroshilov, who is in charge of the south, has always been a famous good guy. He has maintained an alliance with Khrushchev, and his decision on Khrushchev is almost obedient. Khrushchev directly controls the central theater and the southern theater, and most of the Soviet main forces have poured into the encirclement that the Germans have already prepared.
It’s like someone brought a pillow when they were sleepy. It’s like digging a hole, and the prey jumped into Germany to direct the front-line war. The generals such as Liszt, Mo Deer and Bok were confused by the cooperation of the Soviet army. They didn’t believe that their goal would be achieved easily. They suspected that the Soviet army deliberately seduced the Germans.
"The 17th Infantry Army is setting up a new defense line in Kaliu Town in the east, and the 99th Infantry Division is fighting fiercely with the Soviet troops here." A war staff officer pointed to some areas of the map and said, "General guderian’s G Regiment is standing by here, and the 52nd Tank Battalion under the jurisdiction of the 3rd Armored Division of the SS is carrying out a limited counterattack against the Soviet tanks."
"The 74th Panzergrenadier Division is circuitous. There are about 190,000 Soviet Red Army soldiers in the first encirclement. Their tanks are running out of fuel and lack of artillery support and ammunition supply." Another staff officer is pointing to another map in the south not far away, introducing the battle to Bok. "The 6th Division lost five soldiers, but their defensive positions are still within the acceptable range."
"The left flank of the No.14 encirclement of the 3rd Panzer Corps fought back against the Soviet central attack group. They were stubbornly resisted by the Soviet Red Army, but the advancing speed was still satisfactory." Liszt introduced the latest situation of the central theater to Brauchic around him. "The Soviet Union has invested large-caliber artillery here, here and here and in these areas to destroy our positions. The military bombed and destroyed some Soviet weapons, but the other side still insisted on firing every half hour."
"How many Soviet troops have entered our army and laid an encirclement?" Blauchich pointed to those huge circular defensive positions like the entrance to hell and asked
"There may be 30,000 troops in the northern Soviet Red Army with Timoshenko in the seat, but they didn’t attack our pocket defense positions. General Mo Deer has already rushed to the north and personally sat in the central and southern Soviet Red Army. Almost half of the troops have entered our encirclement, and our army can fight back at any time." Liszt said behind his back.
"After 24 hours, let the troops carry out the" Requiem Plan "to counterattack!" Brauchich looked at the huge sand table in the center of the whole command and said firmly, "Tell Catherine to move!"
"Boom!" Ryan leaned against the captain’s hatch of the Tiger tank and watched the muzzle of his car spew hot flames. An armor-piercing bullet destroyed a poor 26 tank 9 meters away, and then pressed the phone to order Bruce to continue loading ammunition. He knew that Wei Teman, a distant country, had drawn his 14th record for the barrel of the tank, and now he was only worthy of the sixth.
I don’t know if Karyus, the southern front line, was so lucky today that he could achieve the record of destroying the other side’s tanks on the first day. He raised his telescope and looked at the distant ridge where there were already three burning Soviet tanks. These tanks were all destroyed by them, which was no different from shooting training.
"Marcus! Fall back! Everyone is out of here! " Looked at his watch. This defensive battle has been going on for almost 2 minutes. Ryan felt that since he was already the commander of five Tiger tanks, he should be steady, so he withdrew his hand. "No.111 tank cover! 112 Marcus! Watch the side slopes, Bowman! Let’s back up, too! "
Teach the company to retreat in an orderly way and stay in the distance. They were stunned and turned to the Soviet armored forces. Their station was in chaos, and no effective offensive tactics have been arranged yet, and no one remembered to contact artillery for support or suppression.
"They are in the woods! I saw their muzzle smoke! " Behind the ridge is a mess. A Soviet conductor in a Soviet armored tank shouted hysterically.
"We didn’t have a chance to gun kv1 tank armor can’t deal with German tanks before it armor was broken down! It was penetrated! " Another tank commander showed his head and looked at a nearby car that had just emerged and was smashed by a German tiger tank. The wreckage intercom there was paralyzed and said
It was only a few minutes after Ryan and his tanks withdrew from the forest that Soviet artillery came late, and one after another large-caliber shells fell on the forest that had already been alone, hitting the broken branches and soil to several floors. It looked very powerful
"The Soviets looked angry." Marcus came from Ryan’s headphones, which made Alice laugh constantly. They crossed a road at the end of the forest and then set up a sniper point on the other side of the road. They carefully disguised their tanks, disguised branches and something to the tank turret.
The reconnaissance company motorcycle came not far away. A scout with a dusty face was carrying a p44 assault rifle on his chest. He taught the company to stop next to the tank, then pointed to the nearby forest and said, "Soviet tanks just entered the woodland. There are some infantry behind them. I can’t see the number clearly. I estimate there is a battalion."
"Is the infantry position behind ready?" Ryan asked.
"I don’t know about this, but you can still hold on for a while. Just hold on for a while. I’ll ask in the back and ask the company commander to call you if their position is ready."
"good! There’s nothing wrong with holding on here for 2 minutes. Go quickly. "Ryan nodded and then drilled out of his hatch. The tank turret took up the telescope and looked not far away. The Soviet troops didn’t know what he saw. After a few seconds, they squatted again." Andre aimed at the left wing at 11 o’clock. The other side may have to flank this time. "
As soon as his voice fell off the turret, he turned and gave a mechanical friction. He jumped into his hatch with one hand and adjusted his sitting posture. He shouted, "Teach the company to prepare for the battle. Car 111, car 112, Marcus tank 114, you are responsible for the frontal flank. Give me car 115, keep an eye on the right wing. If there is a place, the tank will catch fire."
"yes! Sir! " "white!" Several conductors in the earphone replied, and at the same time Marcus sounded, "What a friend! Know to leave the front for me. "These answers only took more than ten seconds, and the No.114 tank cannon spewed flames, and the second battle was so quickly kicked off.
It seems that this kind of fighting can be "easy" for the German soldiers of the 52 heavy tank destroyer battalion who have experienced many battles.
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Chapter 46 Highway 46
"Boom!" Once again, the tank turret cannon roared and sprayed an ugly spring camouflage. Even the turret number of this German tiger tank is somewhat unclear, but if someone is close enough to identify it carefully, the number 113 can still be seen.
This tank used to be the number one trump card of the German tank, destroying almost as many enemy tanks as a tank reinforcement battalion, and this tank commander is a murder machine. At this moment, he is holding a telescope to confirm his record as a gunner.
"About 91 meters! A kv1 heavy tank! Hit! Destroy the target! " He shouted, "Armor-piercing bullets are loaded with Alice … Watch out for the frontal infantry! They are firing at me! "
As soon as he commanded the tank to continue firing, a bullet hit the tank hatch behind him, splashing a piece of mars on the front. Soviet troops were firing in his direction, and some Soviet soldiers were aiming at shooting with their guns.
"I play! Wait a minute! " Alice pressed the chain into the gun bore, slammed the bolt and re-aimed at the Soviet infantry in front. "All right! Give it to me right in front! " As she spoke, she rang the machine gun and spilled it like rain, knocking down Soviet infantry more than 200 meters away.
Then Alice pressed the machine gun and swung it sideways, and the bullets of the secret g42 machine swept into a sector, in which dozens of Soviet soldiers were knocked over to the ground and the firepower of the other side was immediately suppressed.
Ryan exposed his head to continue to observe the movement of Soviet troops in the distance. The flank of the Soviet Red Army has obviously failed in three directions. About two Soviet tanks braked smoke and paralyzed the forest edge and the road. None of the Soviet tanks could cross the road and drive. Of course, the Soviet infantry did cross the road, but they were suppressed by several tank machine guns and lost almost two people.
This small asphalt road on Highway No.9, which was called by the Germans, became a Soviet tank graveyard. These Soviet tank wrecks were burning with smoke, making it look like hell. If you add the ground and pour the bodies of Soviet Red Army infantry, the Soviet army has paid a heavy price for only two kilometers.
"Marcus! Smoke wings retreat first, Bowman! Keep reversing, get out of the fight and turn! 115 and 114 go first. "Ryan estimated for a moment while commanding the battle. He felt that he had an experience and that the Soviet shelling should come before this time, so he decisively reached the evacuation order.
Marcus didn’t joke this time. His tank smoke generator immediately spewed thick white smoke, which submerged his tank in more than ten seconds. Several German tanks retreated again, but after two consecutive sniper attacks, they got about 45 enemy tanks belonging to their company.
"Boom!" Otherwise, it was not long before their tanks retreated. It was not long before the first artillery shell from the Soviet Union landed on the original German tank position, which was dozens of meters away from the last retreating No.111 tank. However, the Soviet artillery obviously did not extend the shooting, and the shells fell densely near the German ambush position.
"Ryan! You feel really accurate now. "The commander of the No.114 tank looked at the enemy shells one after another at a distance of 100 meters behind him and couldn’t help but sigh," I admire you more and more. "
"My company commander quit and came to be his hand." Marcus was happy as if the other party was praising him.
"Bowman checked a fuel surplus" ignored everyone’s jokes and touted Ryan’s sudden mouth shaking the tank.
"There is still half way," replied the driver Bowman soon.
"Turn around and we’ll fight back!" Ryan smiled and pressed the throat phone and said, "See that grove? Go there and rest for fifteen minutes, fill the tank with that barrel of oil and then fight back."
"I knew it! It is absolutely exciting to follow you! " Marcus was afraid that things would be less and laughed. "Fight back! Fight back! Hit those sons of bitches and Soviets! "
Soon, with the roar of the engine, five German Tiger tanks returned to the road near the road, where they hit and were recovering the remnants of the 1 ST Soviet Guards Tank Regiment.
When the Soviet soldiers were exhausted and watched in horror as five German tanks rushed out of the rice fields over the fence and low walls and killed them in the Soviet tank station that had just stopped to rest, they finally knew how naive their German tanks were.
Without sending scouts and reconnaissance posts, the Soviet attack troops didn’t expect German tanks to go and return. Most Soviet tank men were far away from the tanks, toilet and cooking. This unit didn’t even arrange a tank, including the head. Everyone was on guard.
So a German tank massacre was like this. By the time Ryan received a call from Taiwan to order him to leave the battlefield and hand over the front to the reinforced German grenadiers, he and his five tanks had returned to the road and destroyed 29 Soviet tanks.
The most classic tactical arrangement of this battle, known as the No.9 Road War, destroyed 74 tanks of the Soviet offensive force. The whole teaching company 1 destroyed almost 15 tanks on average.
In this battle, the German armored forces first ambushed the Soviet armored forces in the forest area, and then quickly retreated near Highway 9. The Soviet Red Army once again ambushed the German ambush position because of its inexperience in the battlefield, and lost a lot of troops.
Then Ryan decisively retreated, and then unexpectedly led only five Tiger tanks to make a bold counterattack, so that the German army retreated again and ambushed itself. The Soviet troops were caught off guard and were repelled by the German armored forces, which had been at a disadvantage, and suffered heavy losses. Not to mention, they had already occupied roads and nearby areas.
From this battle, it can be clearly seen that the experience gap between the two sides’ most elite troops, the 52nd Heavy Tank Destroyer Battalion and the 1st Soviet Guards Tank Regiment, is still very huge. Although the Soviet troops suffered heavy losses in the battle, they still did not collapse, showing a very high determination to fight. However, the experienced Germans were only adding casualties.
This battle was reported by the military newspaper of the first tank regiment of the Soviet elite guards to the front-line supreme command Khrushchev, who was excited for a long time because he finally found the position of the elite German armored forces. He made the first tank regiment and the third tank regiment of the nearby guards flood into the rear of the German position to find the driver of the main German army for a decisive battle.