A white smoke flew out of that bowl of water.

It’s a loach-like creature, khaki but wrapped in gray clouds. After flying out of that bowl of water, it turns its small eyes, curiously looks at the world and looks at its own Buddha and ghost.
"Ten kinds of gods and evil spirits who steal water to promote flood, cloud and rain"
The Buddha and the ghost will stare at it, and the little loach will stare at the Buddha and the ghost. At this time, the Fajiao brother who served here was surprised to see the evil spirit. What monster quickly came to help catch and kill the little loach?
But with a wave of his hand, the Buddha and the ghost stopped those who served their younger brothers and slowly turned their heads and stared at another wet corner.
A red toad crouched in the corner and stared at the room with two small eyes when he appeared.
"Hook note … cooktop essence can bring blessings to people. Ten kinds of gods and evil spirits"
The Buddha and the ghost stopped to meditate from the house. He came to the courtyard and saw a group of green geese in the courtyard. As soon as he went out, he turned to look at him.
"Funi, whenever the dam is built, it is inevitable that the dam will collapse at night, and the five-color rice dumplings will be thrown away … what the boatman is jealous of … the ten-party gods."
These evil spirits should appear in a specific place, not in the middle. The red toad crouches in the corner instead of the stove. There is no dam here in the South China Sea, not to mention the fact that a bowl of water worms in the water can actually transform ten evil spirits. This happened before my eyes.
He is too familiar with this kind of thing happening!
Although there is no sense of movement, there must be someone in this world who is immortal!
"Outside the border … but I didn’t see the immortal vision and the immortal power induction, but it expanded to the South China Sea, where it is difficult for the world to see the gods and evil spirits in succession …"
Buddha and ghost think that it must be a mess outside now.
Guangdong people in the South China Sea believe in these roadside wild gods, which is also the reason why Dharma is prosperous. No matter what gods and monsters want to protect the environment and the people, they can get orthodoxy. The people here believe that he is the true god, even if he has not been the true god for decades.
But ordinary people still don’t often see evil spirits.
Otherwise, someone will soon find the Buddha and the ghost. This is the law school of King Lei. Of course, he will come in person because he also has a strange feeling in his heart.
It’s like an air-filled chest that can’t be released, and he always feels that an opportunity has come, so he came to ask.
"The streets outside are all messed up, and there are gods and evil spirits everywhere. Good or ill luck belongs to the wild ghosts marching in the light of day and night. The ghosts in the sea are all out, and some people are very upset to see the dragons crossing the sea."
"I also have an impulse in my heart. What the hell is this …"
Said the thunder king suddenly a meal.
"What’s the matter?" The Buddha and the ghost saw that his face changed without asking, but King Lei’s tone became urgent.
"Here comes another kind of induction …"
"Well, it’s like urging me to make a decision as soon as possible."
"Ah … is this all affected here?"
"What do you mean by master?" King Lei’s eyes grew dignified. He didn’t know whether the answer that Buddha and ghost wanted to say was consistent with what he thought, but he got an accurate response later.
"If you have such a strong feeling, you can’t go wrong. This battle is terrible."
"There is no illusion of being immortal, but the influence of being immortal has affected who is this immortal in Guangzhou and where did it soar?"
"I’m afraid it’s not just you who are the leader of Chunyang at this time, but they must not be as strong as you because they haven’t reached the extreme."
Lei Wang’s eyes widened gradually.
"That is to say, my idea is not wrong!"
"Someone has become an immortal!"
After Zhang Tianshi’s descendants, the second real climber finally appeared, and judging from the Buddha and ghost, it seemed extremely scary.
"Like Zhang Tianshi?"
"It’s hard to say that I haven’t seen the Zhang Tianshi immortal now. If we can know the vision …"
After saying his word, the Dharma leader came in panic and they brought the news. It is said that the people from Biyou Palace came back with the help of the magic charm!
Skyquake covers a vast area, Skyquake! I don’t know that it stretches for hundreds of miles and I don’t know where it appears! The sky leans to the northwest, the sea of clouds is like a landslide, and the atmosphere is boiling. The gods and demons of the earth are running around, and the sea is surging, and the whole world is shaking!
The eyes of Buddha and ghost are gradually widening.
He has been a powerful Buddha since the Song Dynasty. He has seen many immortals, but he has never heard of or seen such a thing as’ Skyquake’.
"Terrible! I know who this person is! "
There is no doubt that you don’t have to wait for the Buddha and the ghost to tell the mystery. His face actually became a little scared, while King Lei frowned deeply.
"Is the court Lord? At this time, although the vision has not spread to us, the influence has arrived here, but Guangzhou is very far from the capital. If it is even affected here, is it recognizable … "
"He demonstrated to us?"
They have already waited for the court to reply and know that the court sent the Taoist Lord Nan to make such a big noise at this juncture … Isn’t this a disguised display of force?
This must be! Whose house is soaring to run to the enemy’s door? Where can’t I go to Mount Tai in Beijing?
The impulse in King Lei’s heart is getting more and more intense.
Buddha ghost a little thinking said to him
"In this case, it is better to respond to this induction. You are also the peak of the strong. Maybe at this time, the Taoist immortal is an opportunity to come … I will protect you."
"Is the immortal here now! There is no fairy in Xiannan, and it is difficult to compete. I hope that the old monk may not be able to do it. "
Buddhists and ghosts learned some big things not long ago, such as waiting for the Bodhisattva to cross the border and descend to the deity, which was almost torn by the Taoist master’s hand.
I haven’t reached the state of equal awareness yet. If Ji Xiangzhan can’t get any benefits, it’s better to let King Lei ascend to the immortals at this time, and because of great faith, all of Guangzhou can enjoy the paradise of King Lei’s immortals!
Far more powerful than ordinary immortals!
He looked at those who came here to discuss the Dharma leaders.
"If you all have a whim, who wants to be immortal can’t delay as soon as possible!"
If I fail, I’ll have another chance to ascend to the immortals in this life. Of course, if I don’t ascend now, I’m afraid I won’t ascend after that.
After the heavens and the earth pulled away and the people boiled, three immortal pillars soared into the sky, and one huge one was as tough as the other two, but the momentum was far less powerful than the first one, and there seemed to be a faint sense of collapse.
But pick it up
The South China Sea believes in thousands of incense and is willing to read these three pillars.
Over the past two hundred years, the people have accumulated their prayers and beliefs, and they are willing to read their minds and look to this pillar of heaven.
Bless the people!
Wudang Mountain also appeared in the same scene.
The distance from Wudang Mountain to Qing Dynasty is just like that from Qing Dynasty to Guangzhou. Skyquake has not been seen from the mountain, but it has also been affected. All ten gods and evil spirits have been startled.

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