"Xiao Bai, you and Xiao Liu can have a rest here for a while. I have to go back to the shelter first."

Put a lot of food, Lin Yue settled down and two little guys drove straight to the shelter.
"It’s not for nothing this time. The natural sulfur ore mountain is much better than I thought, and then we need to continue to build a new sub-base here."
One main shelter and three sub-shelters.
At present, these shelters can be kept for a long time before the resources are collected by him.
And all kinds of resources obtained from these mines will also help him to live better in this different world.
"But we still have to get the track and the train out early. It takes an hour for the bus to go back. It’s really too rough to go back and forth for two hours."
Lin Yue muttered while looking at the scenery at the end of the distance.
If there is anything that is most important, it is safe to say that it is timely.
The main shelter is where he can do a lot of things simply because he can not move the waves.
Nowadays, when going to a sub-shelter for construction or collection, there will be a lot of time waves moving.
Even if you rely on Xiaobai to fly there, it won’t reduce the time to come out.
What’s worse, his body will be unbearable if he flies for a long time. Even if he wears a helmet, nothing is far from normal.
If possible, Lin Yue feels that unless he is going to some very far places, he should fly as little as possible.
At present, it seems that this track construction must be scheduled and as soon as possible.
Lin Yue thought about it.
"Rich in oxidation, drought, insect tide and sandstorm, it seems that this disaster really won’t cause any trouble for building tracks and trains. If there is an earthquake, this will be much worse."
A simple judgment-he now feels that this is the best time to build this short-distance track.
These disasters will not cause any trouble for the construction of tracks and trains. If there are enough materials, it is really time to build them.
Moreover, the viaduct needs not only steel, but also a lot of concrete. If possible, he also wants to get a protective cover on the outside of the track
These materials are really hard to find in this different world, and it is unrealistic to rely on Feiyue to collect them.
Lin Yue looked up to the front.
The shadow of the fence is already visible.
This time, I will take Xiao Meng to the secret gate to search it well. If possible, he hopes to bring back enough materials needed for building tracks and trains.
Tactical ATV with Lin Yue soon came to the battlefield, and Lin Yue once again saw more light spots.
However, it seems that most of the little ice lizards don’t search any more, but follow the robot dogs to carry lizard people and beggar fragments.
A large number of bodies and his things have been thrown into the big pit dug out before, which seems to be almost enough.
"Little ice lizards, go back to the shelter. You can’t find it here."
"poof!" The little ice lizards listened to Lin Yue’s orders and put their things in their hands one by one and headed for the shelter.
Lin Yue looked at forty robot dogs and smelled waves of decay coming out of the pit.
He took out a torch and threw it into the pit.
Those rotten things in the pit nearly ten meters deep were also ignited by the flame and finally burst into flames.
When the robot dogs finish picking up the residue, this place will come to an end
It’s not easy to clean up the battlefield, especially when facing the enemy.
Nearly 90 thousand people here have been cleaned up for two days, and 30 thousand lizard people at the door are almost the same
Lin Yue drove in the direction of the door. He felt that there were so many things to do.
"Without these two abilities, can I have a bunch of people to help me like Fiji Yue and them? No, wait, even if I don’t have this ability, I don’t like to get together with others so much. "
Lin Yue deeply grasped his own urgency.
Without these two abilities, he doesn’t like to get together with a lot of people.
Believe it or not, I am mainly afraid of trouble, and I don’t like being instructed by leaders, and I don’t like leaders to lead others.
Generally speaking, Lin Yue prefers freedom to a group of people acting together.
Yeah, just like this.
Although sometimes there is a mountain of work piled up like this, no one forces him to do it and no one is waiting for him to direct him, and he doesn’t need to worry about all kinds of problems of his subordinates