Chapter three hundred and fifty-three The scholar meets the soldier and calls for rain.

Zhou Tong eyebrows a pick on the Bai Gugong beside Bai Xuan ridicule way "old sorrow you always say that your sister Bai Mo Yan is rouge tiger seems to be suppressed this bing fierce tiger ….."
They are two noble families with similar tastes, and they are naturally free to talk to each other.
Bai Xuan sighed with melancholy eyes, "My younger sister is good at forbearing because her ancestors are the rebellious blood line of Huangquanling, so she is taboo by the people in the family, but she is taken by Huo Yu, the great marshal of great power, so she is in an awkward position in the family."
"This time, if it weren’t for Wei Xiong’s sending a few war beasts and the elders in the clan, Linggen wouldn’t stand out. She’s very refined and won’t easily clash with Wang Xuanqi …"
Wei Cheng Haizhou Gong Luo Fengnian looked at each other with a trace of regret in his eyes.
How can their layout be so rough?
It is not important that Bai Mo Yan can stop Wang Xuan, but it is important to take this opportunity to win over the great marshal Huo Yu.
Wang Xuan, of course, doesn’t know the secrets of the White House Department. If Mo Yan conflicts, whoever is injured will benefit.
But this white mo yan seems improper …
Zhou Tong saw that the two men passed their eyes and shook their heads. "I have another important thing to do this time. I will stop by and testify for you. Let’s go and meet that Wang Xuan without too much delay."
Said with a sneer at a way "some time ago, the palace suddenly made a name for this Wang Xuan, and it was praised by people."
"But if a man with a foundation gains fame and oppresses others like us, if he doesn’t dare to do it, the so-called’ knowing people’ will become a joke."
"If he dares to do it, you will start it together. Don’t say that if you enter the gluttonous army, you will lose this life!"
"Brother Zhou, don’t worry"
Wei Cheng smiled and said, "Don’t show up for a while. I’ll take care of it, so as not to scare away the fish."
"Ha ha ha … Brother Wei is poisonous enough!"
Several people have no heart at one another.
Before Wang Xuan entered the camp, a group of people waited outside.
"I have seen adults!"
"I have seen B-brother!"
Although the two sides confronted Liu Shun well, in the end, Wang Xuan was the backbone and returned to the camp, and everyone’s heart was instantly steadfast.
Wang Xuan smiled gently and nodded. "You should handle it well. Let’s go in and say again."
Entering chancellorsville, Wang Xuan naturally sat on the theme. First, he handed over to Li Chunniang Xiao Zhongmou, saying, "Thanks to the two helpers for this Wei family’s cross-border provocation."
Xiao Zhongmou did not say much in return.
Although he has taken refuge, some things have not been settled yet, and he is still an outsider.
Li Chunniang said with a smile, "Don’t say that I’m B-brother, and they cut people off in Lingyuan County. If I don’t respond, it will make people laugh."
The Wei family Sima Jia came to bing to make trouble, but the Chen family in Longzhou picked the fruit, and the Five Immortals Hall was also close to Longzhou. Wei Jia Lai did not deal with this support, so it was natural to go.