Zhang Hao typed a line in case you don’t believe me. If you come to explain, you will be paid a month’s salary directly so that you can explain it with confidence.
"Well, I don’t believe it." Tang Qin Ling’s face turned red. I didn’t expect Zhang Hao to be very sophisticated when he was young. He actually had insight into people’s minds and kung fu was so good
Tang Qinling felt that her mind seemed to have been seen by Zhang Hao.
"That day will do."
"It’s channel 1155. Come and see if it’s getting late. Go to sleep."
Zhang Hao did not continue to drag his feet, but the decisive line no longer gave Tang Qinling the opportunity to go back on her word. In fact, it was also to avoid changes on the way to big sleep
On the second day of live broadcast, a new guy appeared in the management seat of sk.
Of course, this person is naturally Tang Qinling, but Zhang Hao hasn’t told the news to several people yet.
The rest of the guys looked at the new channel manager inexplicably when there was another guy, and it depends on the situation.
"Who is this?"
"Yeah, who? How did this become management?"
"Where did you come from?"
When, sk, several people speculated that several people were looking at Zhang Hao because of this ya in a wry smile.
Zhang Hao paused and said calmly, "Well, this is my newly hired commentator. I hope you like it."
"I don’t want money for the explanation." Erhong is also a language. It seems that Zhang Hao will enjoy it very much. He doesn’t understand it. Instead, he invited others to explain it. A few days ago, he invited a big shot, Sino and others
Although I didn’t invite a big shot today, it seems that I have a new goal
"Who is this Xiao Hao?" Gao Chengfeng was puzzled. Zhang Hao was very good at it. He actually invited an explanation. He had to say that this small is more ghosts.
"Guess this is an old acquaintance."
"Old acquaintances, we know a lot of people, so who?" Cai Liangyan was also curious about who Zhang Hao called this guy.
For a long time, the microphone finally said, "Hello everyone, I am like the wind. gril likes everyone to like it." Not only the audience, but also sk was full of words
"Tang Qinling" Chen Yi reacted first. This voice is too familiar.
And Gao Chengfeng is also incoherent. "Xiao Hao, this, this, this is coach Tang."
"Qin Ling, you’re here, my God." Cai Liangyan is messy at the moment.
"Well, I’m the 1155 Imperial Daughter who explained that my id in Guoyi is the same as the wind. girl, I hope everyone likes it."
The beauty of Tang Dynasty has made everyone remember him, and there are many older players, those who walked through s1s2.
Many people can still vaguely remember when they heard that the wind was the same as the girl.
"rank of s2 country has hit the first goddess of competition"
"When digging, sk is very capable. Anyone can find it."
"Maybe people are friends. That’s why they say they have connections."
"If you don’t say anything, you will take root in 1155. You won’t stop until you reach the king’s VIP."
The appearance of Tang Qinling provoked many old players to recall that rank was the first in this title, and a diamond VIP was born immediately after the appearance of Tang Qinling.
Congratulations on "Feng Nan" becoming a 1155 diamond VIP. Let’s worship A.
This news is even more messy. It seems that Tang Qinling appeared to directly pick out an admirer.
Zhang Hao suddenly got drunk.
The arrival of Tang Qinling directly attracted a local tyrant who had rewarded 10,000 yuan. Her salary this month was almost enough.
Chapter 374 On the eve of the fourth round of the campaign
"Ah, thank you, Mr. Feng. When the students are rewarded, sk will make persistent efforts and everyone will present the most wonderful battle."
Of course, Tang Qinling saw that Feng Nan rewarded him and lost no time to encourage him. At the same time, he enlarged the positive image of sk to give every audience a close feeling.
Tang Qinling’s good temperament and mature soft voice are enough to make most audiences crazy.
And the wind man broke his identity and typed on the channel, "Brother Feng, I am the man who often used to be with you before."
This Tang Qinling is a little unbelievable, because she seems to already know who the wind man is. It was the first queen of the country that year. Tang Qinling is naturally a good friend. The wind man is a good guy.
Many times, when Cai Liangyan is away, Tang Qinling will choose this guy who has never met before.